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fortls - Fortran Language Server

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fortls - Fortran Language Server

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fortls is an implementation of the Language Server Protocol (LSP) for Fortran using Python (3.7+).

All code editors that support LSP can integrate with fortls see the section Editor Integration in the documentation. Some supported code editors include: Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime Text, (Neo)Vim, and Emacs.


  • Project-wide and Document symbol detection and Renaming
  • Hover support, Signature help and Auto-completion
  • GoTo/Peek implementation and Find/Peek references
  • Preprocessor support
  • Documentation parsing (Doxygen and FORD styles)
  • Access to multiple intrinsic modules and functions
    • ISO_FORTRAN_ENV GCC 11.2.0
    • IOS_C_BINDING GCC 11.2.0
    • OpenMP OMP_LIB, OMP_LIB_KINDS v5.0
  • Diagnostics
    • Multiple definitions with the same variable name
    • Variable definition masks definition from parent scope
    • Missing subroutine/function arguments
    • Unknown user-defined type used in TYPE/CLASS definition (only if visible in project)
    • Unclosed blocks/scopes
    • Invalid scope nesting
    • Unknown modules in USE statement
    • Unimplemented deferred type-bound procedures
    • Use of non-imported variables/objects in interface blocks
    • Statement placement errors (CONTAINS, IMPLICIT, IMPORT)
  • Code actions
    • Generate type-bound procedures and implementation templates for deferred procedures


  • Signature help and hover does not handle elegantly overloaded functions i.e. interfaces

fortls vs fortran-language-server

This project was originally based on fortran-language-server LSP implementation, but the two projects have since diverged.

fortls (this project) is now developed independently of the upstream hansec/fortran-language-server project and contains numerous new features and bug fixes the original fortran-language-server does not.

For a complete and detailed list of the differences between the two Language Servers see the Documentation section: Unique fortls features (not in fortran-language-server)

The name of executable for this project has been chosen to remain fortls to allow for integration with pre-existing plugins and workflows, but it could change in the future.



pip install fortls


conda install -c conda-forge fortls

for more information about the Anaconda installation see

Common installation problems

It is NOT recommended having fortls and fortran-language-server simultaneously installed, since they use the same binary name. If you are having trouble getting fortls to work try uninstalling fortran-language-server and reinstalling fortls.

With pip

pip uninstall fortran-language-server
pip install fortls --upgrade

or with Anaconda

conda uninstall fortran-language-server
conda install -c conda-forge fortls


fortls can be configured through both the command line e.g. fortls --hover_signature or through a Configuration json file. The two interfaces are identical and a full list of the available options can be found in the Documentation or through fortls -h

An example for a Configuration file is given below

  "incremental_sync": true,
  "lowercase_intrinsics": true,
  "hover_signature": true,
  "use_signature_help": true,
  "excl_paths": ["tests/**", "tools/**"],
  "excl_suffixes": ["_skip.f90"],
  "include_dirs": ["include/**"],
  "pp_suffixes": [".F90", ".h"],
  "pp_defs": { "HAVE_HDF5": "", "MPI_Comm": "integer" }

Implemented server requests

Request Description
workspace/symbol Get workspace-wide symbols
textDocument/documentSymbol Get document symbols e.g. functions, subroutines, etc.
textDocument/completion Suggested tab-completion when typing
textDocument/signatureHelp Get signature information at a given cursor position
textDocument/definition GoTo definition/Peek definition
textDocument/references Find all/Peek references
textDocument/documentHighlight Same as textDocument/references
textDocument/hover Show messages and signatures upon hover
textDocument/implementation GoTo implementation/Peek implementation
textDocument/rename Rename a symbol across the workspace
textDocument/didOpen Document synchronisation upon opening
textDocument/didSave Document synchronisation upon saving
textDocument/didClose Document synchronisation upon closing
textDocument/didChange Document synchronisation upon changes to the document
textDocument/codeAction Experimental Generate code


This project would not have been possible without the original work of @hansec in fortran-language-server

Bug reports

When filing bugs please provide example code to reproduce the observed issue.

Security Policy

To report a security vulnerability please follow the instructions in our Security page.


This project is made available under the MIT License.

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