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Google Drive direct download of big files.

Project description


Download a large file from Google Drive.


Download a large file from Google Drive.
If you use curl/wget, it fails with a large file because of the security warning from Google Drive. Supports downloading from Google Drive folders (max 50 files per folder).


pip install gdown

# to upgrade
pip install --upgrade gdown


From Command Line

$ gdown --help
usage: gdown [-h] [-V] [-O OUTPUT] [-q] [--fuzzy] [--id] [--proxy PROXY]
             [--speed SPEED] [--no-cookies] [--no-check-certificate]
             [--continue] [--folder] [--remaining-ok]

$ # a large file (~500MB)
$ gdown
$ md5sum fcn8s_from_caffe.npz

$ # same as the above but with the file ID
$ gdown 1l_5RK28JRL19wpT22B-DY9We3TVXnnQQ

$ # a small file
$ gdown
$ cat spam.txt

$ # download with fuzzy extraction of a file ID
$ gdown --fuzzy ''
$ cat spam.txt

$ # --fuzzy option also works with Microsoft Powerpoint files
$ gdown --fuzzy ""

$ # a folder
$ gdown -O /tmp/folder --folder

$ # as an alternative to curl/wget
$ gdown -O ip.json
$ cat ip.json
  "origin": ""

$ # write stdout and pipe to extract
$ gdown -O - --quiet | tar zxvf -
$ ls gdown-4.0.0/
gdown  github2pypi  LICENSE  pyproject.toml  setup.cfg  tests

From Python

import gdown

# a file
url = ""
output = "fcn8s_from_caffe.npz", output, quiet=False)

# same as the above, but with the file ID
id = "0B9P1L--7Wd2vNm9zMTJWOGxobkU", output=output, quiet=False)

# same as the above, and you can copy-and-paste a URL from Google Drive with fuzzy=True
url = "", output=output, quiet=False, fuzzy=True)

# cached download with identity check via MD5
md5 = "fa837a88f0c40c513d975104edf3da17"
gdown.cached_download(url, output, md5=md5, postprocess=gdown.extractall)

# a folder
url = ""
gdown.download_folder(url, quiet=True, use_cookies=False)

# same as the above, but with the folder ID
id = "15uNXeRBIhVvZJIhL4yTw4IsStMhUaaxl"
gdown.download_folder(id=id, quiet=True, use_cookies=False)



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