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GuessIt - REST WebService

Project description

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GuessIt is a python library that extracts as much information as possible from a video filename.

This is the REST WebService for GuessIt.

Install with pip

Python package is available on PyPI.

$ pip install guessit-rest

Then run guessit rest API using entry point.

$ guessit-rest

Install from sources

$ git clone
$ cd guessit-rest

Then configure a virtualenv with pyenv or any virtualenv manager you may like.

$ pyenv virtualenv ...

Then install dependencies in the virtualenv.

$ pip install -e .

Then run guessit rest API using main module.

$ python guessitrest

Run with Docker

An automated build is available at Docker Hub.

$ docker run -p 5000:80 -it guessit/guessit-rest


Connect your browser to http://localhost:5000/?filename=test.avi

API Documentation is available on Swagger UI

A test server is available on This server has a small API rate limit, so if you really need a GuessIt REST API, you have to host it on your own server.

usage: guessitrest [-h] [-l LISTENING_ADRESS] [-p LISTENING_PORT]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Listening IP Adress of the HTTP Server.
  -p LISTENING_PORT, --listening-port LISTENING_PORT
                        Listening TCP Port of the HTTP Server.


This project currently use a fork of flask-restful. See flask-restful/flask-restful#645.

As a workaround, we use a copy of the forked flask-restul module to make it available from sources.

You can still run REST API with original flask-restful, but using POST with multiple filenames on `/list/` resource is broken.


GuessIt is licensed under the LGPLv3 license.

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