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GuessIt - a library for guessing information from video filenames.

Project description


Latest Version LGPLv3 License Build Status Codecov semantic-release

GuessIt is a python library that extracts as much information as possible from a video filename.

It has a very powerful matcher that allows to guess properties from a video using its filename only. This matcher works with both movies and tv shows episodes.

For example, GuessIt can do the following:

$ guessit "Treme.1x03.Right.Place,.Wrong.Time.HDTV.XviD-NoTV.avi"
For: Treme.1x03.Right.Place,.Wrong.Time.HDTV.XviD-NoTV.avi
GuessIt found: {
    "title": "Treme",
    "season": 1,
    "episode": 3,
    "episode_title": "Right Place, Wrong Time",
    "source": "HDTV",
    "video_codec": "Xvid",
    "release_group": "NoTV",
    "container": "avi",
    "mimetype": "video/x-msvideo",
    "type": "episode"

More information is available at


This project is hosted on GitHub. Feel free to open an issue if you think you have found a bug or something is missing in guessit.

GuessIt relies on Rebulk project for pattern and rules registration.


GuessIt is licensed under the LGPLv3 license.


v3.8.0 (2023-12-14)


  • chore: migrate setup.cfg to pyproject.toml (ee9bcbc)

  • chore: remove win_private_assemblies from pyinstaller spec (5404433)

  • chore(lint): Silence pylint

This fixes the following error:

************* Module guessit.rules.match_processors
guessit/rules/ R1710: Either all return statements in a function should return an expression, or none of them should. (inconsistent-return-statements)
``` ([`6a7bb9f`](

### Ci

* ci: use twine to upload packages on pypi ([`edf2916`](

* ci: add version bump in release task ([`ce62ca9`](

* ci: avoid mutating repository on semantic-release version command ([`e8273ca`](

* ci: add GH_TOKEN environment variables to semantic-release version commands ([`6d7cee7`](

* ci: remove verbose flag from semantic release commands ([`485d79e`](

* ci: add wheel to dev dependencies for bdist_wheel command to work ([`a49278d`](

* ci: fix semantic-release commands verbose flag ([`0cfb12f`](

* ci: upgrade checkout action ([`c39ebef`](

### Feature

* feat(other): detect "Dolby Vision" from "DV" ([`6e08770`](

* feat(streaming_service): add Paramount+ to Streaming Services ([`60920e3`](

* feat(streaming_service): add "amzn-cbr" ([`9207379`](

* feat: add python 3.12 and pypy 3.10 support ([`401bcc5`](

### Fix

* fix(deprecated): pathlib.Path.__enter__() is deprecated

pathlib.Path.__enter__() is deprecated and scheduled for removal
in Python 3.13; Path objects as a context manager is a no-op

References: ([`aa85b2e`](

* fix(deprecated): importlib.resources.read_text() is deprecated ([`cd36bad`](

### Style

* style: fix pylint false positive ([`f62ec8c`](

### Unknown

* Merge pull request #750 from milkers69/develop

feat(Streaming Service): Add Paramount+ ([`bd66746`](

* Merge pull request #755 from plotski/feat-dv

feat(other): Detect "Dolby Vision" from "DV" ([`342aec4`](

* Merge pull request #759 from plotski/deprecated/read_text

fix(deprecated): importlib.resources.read_text() is deprecated ([`0f40bbf`](

* Merge pull request #761 from plotski/deprecated/Path.__enter__

pathlib.Path.__enter__() is deprecated ([`ac846dc`](

* Merge pull request #758 from plotski/streaming-service/AMZN-CBR

feat(streaming_service): add "AMZN-CBR" ([`a619e8b`](

* Merge pull request #762 from guessit-io/python-3.12-support

feat: add python 3.12 and pypy 3.10 support ([`e947d1b`](

* Merge pull request #760 from plotski/lint/match_processors.strip

chore(lint): Silence pylint ([`3113f3e`](

## v3.7.1 (2023-02-20)

### Fix

* fix(episode): ignore absolute_episode guess when SxxExx match is available in filepart

Close #712 ([`4aa5012`](

* fix(title): fix title guessing for `Show Name/Season XX/episode.mkv` directories pattern

Note that it will grab Show Name as `title` property only if the `Season XX` directory match a season pattern exactly and fully.

Close #721 ([`e717928`](

### Refactor

* refactor(title): refactor rule to make pylint pass ([`d931c05`](

### Test

* test(episode): add 4400 test ([`1aa10b7`](

## v3.7.0 (2023-02-18)

### Documentation

* docs(contributing): update branch name ([`4af631d`](

### Feature

* feat(week): add week property ([`8309bf1`](

### Fix

* fix(episode): fix invalid episode range when a weak episode is present before the match

Close #719 ([`ff0a327`](

* fix(expected): build output from input string for expected_title/expected_group ([`90cc215`](

* fix(release_group): properly extract group name from format "Title (MediaInfo Individual) [Group]" ([`25bd367`](

### Test

* test: remove non-standard mimetype video/x-matroska assertions

Close #724 ([`9e4178c`](

### Unknown

* Merge pull request #740 from jonbenta/support-individual-crediting-groups

Properly extract group name from format `Title (MediaInfo Individual) [Group]`. ([`439ca59`](

* Merge branch 'master' into develop ([`9a1d33c`](

## v3.6.0 (2023-02-18)

### Chore

* chore(stack): upgrade stack ([`c6b41de`](

### Feature

* feat(audio_codec): detect "DTS:X" (closes #728) ([`2bdd8f5`](

### Fix

* fix(edition): improve remastered/restored detection ([`c3611b9`](

* fix(container): add m2ts to container extensions

fix #730 ([`05cca80`](

### Unknown

* Merge pull request #736 from plotski/detect-dtsx

feature(audio_codec): detect "DTS:X" (closes #728) ([`58e4fd2`](

* Merge pull request #734 from kannibalox/fix/

docs: scrub references to ([`b694a8b`](

* Merge pull request #735 from plotski/master

fix(edition): improve remastered/restored detection ([`fd9fa4a`](

* Scrub references to

Fixes #727 ([`ad5e442`](

## v3.5.0 (2022-11-01)

### Chore

* chore(pylint): fix pylint issues on current version ([`9f60c9c`](

### Feature

* feat(dependencies): drop Python 3.6 support ([`47f5718`](

### Fix

* fix(audio_codec): detect "E-AC-3" and "AC-3" ([`72dc12e`](

* fix(typo): fix common typo ([`42a80f0`](

## v3.4.3 (2021-11-20)

### Fix

* fix(setuptools): drop usage of test_requires and setup_requires (#720)

Close #720 ([`324b38c`](

## v3.4.2 (2021-11-08)

### Fix

* fix(dependencies): use babelfish>=0.6.0 (#711)

Close #711 ([`d2c1b01`](

### Refactor

* refactor(website): use files instead of open_text of importlib.resources (#716)

Close #716 ([`9ce7706`](

## v3.4.1 (2021-11-05)

### Fix

* fix(other): detect "Open Matte" with non-space separator ([`b52a9d9`](

* fix(packaging): use stdlib importlib.resources in py 3.7+

importlib.resources is available as a stdlib module since Python 3.7.
Use that if it's available, and fall back to the external
importlib_resources back for Python < 3.7. ([`1e7b000`](

## v3.4.0 (2021-11-04)

### Chore

* chore(oops): don't use format strings ([`cab06ff`](

### Ci

* ci: upgrade setuptools on python 3.5 and enable pylint on python 3.9 ([`4c06b0c`](

* ci(coverage): use Codecov and pytest-cov ([`f743298`](

* ci: enhance job names ([`a2f48e2`](

* ci(coveralls): add --service=github flag ([`c7d7dcb`](

* ci(coveralls): add GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable ([`c5a6e07`](

### Documentation

* docs: add new properties ([`f1d8f61`](

### Feature

* feat(other): add restored support and match 4k-* patterns ([`99c30eb`](

* feat(other): add 2in1 support ([`0cf07f4`](

* feat(python): add python 3.10 support, drop python 3.5 support ([`a8ea88d`](

* feat(audio_channels): add support for "1.0" audio channels ([`f22e33d`](

* feat(streaming_service): add more streaming services


Alternate APTV tag.





Channel 4:
Alternate ALL4 tag.


Discovery Plus:


Facebook Watch:


Fox Premium:







National Audiovisual Institute:

National Film Board:

Alternative NICKAPP tag


Oprah Winfrey Network:



Rakuten TV:

The Roku Channel:


Science Channel:



UFC Fight Pass: ([`40ce483`](

* feat(other): add ONA/OAD support ([`0823e37`](

* feat(other): add Repack and ReRip followed by a digit support (#653)

The digit following those tags now as the base value for `proper_count` property.

Close #653 ([`997c5c2`](

### Fix

* fix(source): avoid Shots to be guessed as Showtime and TS

Close #709
Close #710 ([`de85403`](

* fix(screen_size): add 540i ([`1a7db40`](

* fix(language): fix `language` and `subtitle_languages` in some situations (#696) ([`f19cfda`](

* fix(packaging): use importlib-resources instead of pkgutil ([`a679a6c`](

* fix(other): fix Open Matte when written as is (#689)

Close #689 ([`ddf8e77`](

* fix(frame_rate): enhance `frame_rate` when ending with `.000` or space separated (#693) ([`dba9cef`](

* fix(packaging): use importlib-resources instead of pkg_resources ([`6ef222e`](

* fix(edition): better support for "Criterion" ([`85ac52a`](

* fix(advanced-config): fix removal of custom rebulk rules (#692)

Close #692 ([`c2bc1ea`](

* fix(streaming_service): make SBS ambiguous

SBS is used ambiguously for both:
- Special Broadcasting Service (Australia)
- SBS Broadcasting Group (previously Scandinavian Broadcasting Systems)

White.Wall.S01E01.720p.SBS.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-GBone.mkv (Scandanavia)
Gourmet.Farmer.S05E01.720p.SBS.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-SOIL.mkv (AU) ([`777d2b5`](

* fix(streaming_service): keep pattern to avoid rebuilding rules

This causes the `advanced_config` and `self.advanced_config` to differ
without any changes to the default config in ``. ([`62f0c0e`](

* fix(proper_count): fix proper_count raw output to include all matches (#626)

Close #626 ([`1faea7e`](

* fix(website): fix website when it contains a digit (#659)

Close #659 ([`9e39b7e`](

### Refactor

* refactor(source): refactor `source` patterns to configuration ([`066a9dd`](

* refactor(pylint): fix pylint issue ([`6e75104`](

* refactor(other): refactor `other` patterns to configuration ([`18b355d`](

* refactor(film): move `film` patterns to configuration ([`ab770ef`](

* refactor(edition): move `edition` patterns to configuration ([`814a78e`](

* refactor(bonus): set bonus property name to rebulk defaults ([`e673a64`](

* refactor(cd): move `cd` patterns to configuration ([`2be8217`](

* refactor(bonus): move `bonus` patterns to configuration ([`60c1354`](

* refactor(bit_rate): move `bit_rate` patterns to configuration ([`f8c3bb6`](

* refactor(audio_codec): move `audio_codec` patterns to configuration ([`4ddc5f5`](

* refactor(audio_profile): move `audio_profile` patterns to configuration ([`30592b7`](

* refactor(audio_channels): move more patterns to configuration ([`d7d6732`](

* refactor(config): move loading of patterns from config to a function ([`80b97a4`](

## v3.3.1 (2021-02-06)

### Build

* build(ci): add windows and macos binary support ([`4b1fa77`](

* build(pyinstaller): add linux binary support ([`d0df79f`](

### Ci

* ci: configure git before bumping version ([`79014e0`](

### Documentation

* docs: lighten README and update doc index page ([`8e4ba6f`](

### Fix

* fix(options): fix custom options.json groups starting/ending (#671) ([`40f43b1`](

## v3.3.0 (2021-02-03)

### Chore

* chore(docs): update docs with new `streaming_service` values ([`53f822a`](

### Ci

* ci(release): use robotology/gh-action-nightly-merge@v1.3.2 ([`7d2b4bd`](

* ci(mkdocs): use github-pages-deploy-action to deploy docs ([`9ceb019`](

### Documentation

* docs(readme): avoid mixed-content in github pages ([`2e1f29c`](

### Feature

* feat: add `--output-input-string` option (#665) ([`bac6143`](

* feat(streaming_service): Add `Showtime`, `HBO` and `AppleTV` (#661) ([`dc55eaa`](

* feat(other): add `Hybrid` support (#669)

Close #669

Co-authored-by: plotski <> ([`522af53`](

### Fix

* fix(options): avoid appending `None` values to list when merging options (#658) ([`42978c9`](

* fix(streaming_service): add iT keyword support for iTunes (#669) ([`51e0021`](

* fix(streaming_service): fix regex patterns declared with `re:` prefix ([`e02323f`](

### Test

* test: make main test less verbose (#665)

Co-authored-by: Carey Metcalfe <> ([`04881fb`](

* test(streaming_service): fix tests for `streaming_service` ([`c635022`](

* test: enhance test entry result display ([`5136625`](

* test: pick both `.yml` and `.yaml` files for tests ([`3c46016`](

## v3.2.0 (2020-12-23)

### Chore

* chore(semantic-release): change release commit message for commitlint concistency ([`dc5f8ed`](

### Ci

* ci(commitlint): add commitlint to github actions ([`fe06966`](

* ci: drop TravisCI and ReadTheDocs, replaced by Github Actions and mkdocs ([`384545e`](

### Feature

* feat: add python 3.9 support, drop python 2.7 support ([`2c8b25e`](

### Fix

* fix(regex): use rebulk 3+ to have regex module disabled by default

Regex module is now disabled by default in rebulk 3+.

It can be enabled with REBULK_REGEX_ENABLED=1 in your environment. ([`28658b2`](

### Unknown

* Back to development: 3.1.2 ([`6e4ead1`](

* Preparing release 3.1.1 ([`dc8e90d`](

* Update classifiers with supported python version ([`6189bac`](

* Update history ([`b0ceada`](

* Drop python 3.4 support and fix pylint issues ([`59cf946`](

* Use SafeLoader for yaml.load()

Close #642 ([`67058b3`](

* Avoid relying on matroska mimetype in tests

This mimetype is not defined in python module internals, so tests may fail
in system where this mimetype is not defined in `/etc/mime.types` file.

Close #616 ([`ceb826c`](

* Back to development: 3.1.1 ([`bf85928`](

* Preparing release 3.1.0 ([`de53a35`](

* Update history ([`b90835b`](

* Use better version constraints for rebulk ([`bbf27cb`](

* Add `Variable Frame Rate` value to `other`

This replace invalid interpretation of `VFR` tag (French language). ([`250ce16`](

* Remove `v` from `subtitle_language` prefix in options.json

This also adds `vfr` as a synonym for French `language`, and
makes `Vita` keyword guessed as `PS Vita` only if match has neighbors.

Close #613 ([`553a015`](

* Fix title guessing with 3 fileparts containing language ([`2ea5f62`](

* Never exclude a website if it's in a group

Close #597 ([`c907a2c`](

* Find holes for episode_title with same behavior as main title

Close #603 ([`c64868e`](

* Fix source validation when more than one pattern match

Close #608 ([`b1ec23c`](

* Avoid trigger of useless rules consequences ([`ad5220e`](

* Validates streaming_service with higher priority

Close #602 ([`0e41d2a`](

* Use configured episode words in RemoveWeak rule ([`4886863`](

* Fix possible crash in weak episode removal

Close #598 ([`d056323`](

* Bring bak SxxExx tag in chain patterns ([`8511abd`](

* Disable pylint with python 3.8 ([`5644b9c`](

* Migrate to rebulk 2.0.0

This also enhance some rules in season/episodes handling ([`a43966a`](

* Merge pull request #614 from sharkykh/patch-1

Add missing `six` dependency ([`bc65e99`](

* Add missing `six` dependency ([`809e175`](

* Generate test cases dynamically from yml files ([`ca60ce6`](

* Add python 3.8 support ([`950ca79`](

* Back to development: 3.0.5 ([`1dc0a20`](

* Preparing release 3.0.4 ([`b1651ff`](

* Fix pyroma issues ([`15907c6`](

* Update history ([`758e487`](

* Use official python alpine for docker image ([`ce8a3ea`](

* Add more streaming sites (#595)

Add more streaming sites

This also adds 30/1.001 Framerate and sorts some options ([`fd8af5f`](

* #593: Added Extras detection as other property ([`74dbb0c`](

* Added suggested_expected method to the API to support apps that uses guessit as a library ([`5fbf3a8`](

* Fixes #358. Added 'This is Us' to the default expected_title configuration ([`217e7e4`](

* #590: 'Fixes Show Name/Season SS/Ep. EE - Title' pattern ([`4174267`](

* Fixes #591. Keeping separators for single characters ([`cdea674`](

* #408: Fixes REAL and PROPER tags scenarios ([`53e8e86`](

* Minor indentation fix ([`240ca61`](

* #588: Fixes wrong 3D detection ([`a6f234f`](

* #574: Improve language detection ([`44f7d60`](

* #587: Enhanced source detection to avoid wrong match of the word web ([`6a28a3a`](

* Fixes wrong lambda detected by pylint ([`a016b27`](

* #585: improve title detection when between brackets ([`0e1dc09`](

* #584: Added DC Universe to streaming_service. Making streaming_service configurable ([`9d422cc`](

* #551: Fixes wrong bonus detection ([`4c10925`](

* Updating documentation and history ([`05a0c96`](

* #547: Added 540p to screen_size ([`a164b6a`](

* Fixing pylint issues in python 2.7 ([`a8741fe`](

* Added regression tests for #583 ([`c0ffdc3`](

* Ignoring pylint issues that conflicts with python 2.7 and 3.4+ ([`e74cc1b`](

* #578: Add back common words that conflicts with existing allowed_languages. Added test scenarios for all previous common words. ([`4e874bc`](

* #556: Fixed 6.0 audio_channel detection. Make audio_channel detection configurable ([`315ae4d`](

* Back to development: 3.0.4 ([`5c2cfee`](

* Preparing release 3.0.3 ([`4deefbd`](

* Update history ([`bcc2985`](

* Add {season}e{episode} pattern

Close #579 ([`4811655`](

* Fix pylint errors ([`42f9791`](

* Move some patterns from Proper to Fix

Close #538 ([`319f698`](

* Add MP2 audio_codec value

Close #539 ([`22a70aa`](

* Fix missing property when episode_details keyword in title

Close #555 ([`add43a0`](

* Remove serie(s) from season marker and fix wrong season/year in episode mode

Close #561 ([`12dc120`](

* Fix parent folder ending with a digit detected as title

Close #565 ([`c5d938d`](

* Fix false release_group matches with --expected-title option

Close #564 ([`01591ae`](

* Fix configuration docs ([`b05aa64`](

* Back to development: 3.0.3 ([`b20d44e`](

* Preparing release 3.0.2 ([`946724d`](

* Fix regression when passing options as string to python module ([`80cae9b`](

* Add advanced property to Rebulk Match object

Close #282 ([`8fb54ee`](

* Add authors file

Close #567 ([`8d24c99`](

* Update usage in README ([`169cc80`](

* Fix python2 regression introduced in previous commit ([`2c67c1d`](

* Enhance configuration files and ensure consistent behavior CLI/module

This make loading of user default configuration file, configuration files, and custom configuration files easier to reason about.

This also allow overriding advanced_configuration at runtime through options dict.

Rebulk rules are now lazily rebuilt when advanced_configuration is changed since previous call.

Close #553 ([`74195f7`](

* Back to development: 3.0.2 ([`b00fea6`](

* Preparing release 3.0.1 ([`71c06a1`](

* Update changelog ([`7da07d8`](

* Fix issue with dotted titles

Close #546 ([`5abfbb0`](

* Fix issue with ES audio_profile breaking titles

Close #566 ([`43849f0`](

* Add more video_profile to avoid confusion with some release_group

Close #569 ([`2121da8`](

* Add support for mk3d container

Close #568 ([`c64c54d`](

* Fix possible crash for some release names

Close #573
Close #570 ([`c6701f9`](

* Remove Bonus and Extras from episode_details

Close #558 ([`ab1da59`](

* Merge pull request #576 from labrys/patch-1

Close resource after usage ([`fb0e55e`](

* Add python 3.7 support and fix pylint issues ([`85e0ab4`](

* Close resource after usage

This closes the resource 'tlds-alpha-by-domain.txt' after usage.
Fixes #575 ([`b1d3f6f`](

* Back to development: 3.0.1 ([`a54e8ac`](

* Preparing release 3.0.0 ([`ee409f4`](

* Update history ([`86c894a`](

* Rename "Analogue HDTV" to "Analog HDTV" ([`c5f788c`](

* Fix crash when using pathlib.Path object on python 3.4 & 3.5 ([`5ff3cc0`](

* Allow advanced guessit configuration

# Conflicts:
#	guessit/ ([`8db121b`](

* Add pypy3 to tox and TravisCI tests ([`29311bc`](

* Merge branch 'pulls/543' into develop ([`5c64714`](

* Adds support for path-like objects (e.g. pathlib.Path in python >=3.4) ([`6beca82`](

* Add .pytest_cache directory to .gitignore ([`8ae6b1b`](

* Fix spelling mistake in docs ([`04cc163`](

* Fixed rebase issue ([`e49d6f5`](

* Updating docs about advanced configuration ([`e357afb`](

* Fixes #505: don't blacklist languages inside a language group ([`f507608`](

* Reducing common_words to bare minimum ([`c527b83`](

* Fix last scenario from #342 ([`4d6c1e6`](

* Updating history ([`8581eae`](

* Adding language and subtitle affixes to advanced configuration ([`1f891c6`](

* Rename to advance configuration. Add common words to advanced configuration. Make sure that adv configuration is always loaded even if no-embedded-config is specified. ([`5480640`](

* Externalize guessit advanced configuration. Resolves #342 and #277 ([`f135c2e`](

* Merge pull request #536 from guessit-io/feature/additional-other-detections

Detect sample, proof, obfuscated and repost ([`994bdba`](

* Fixes #433 and #516: Detecting sample, proof, obfuscated and repost as other properties ([`9f90bc3`](

* Merge pull request #534 from guessit-io/feature/screen-size-see-conflict

Improving screen_size and SEE conflict resolution ([`07f4e23`](

* Fixes #533: Improving screen_size and SEE conflict resolution ([`52bef12`](

* Merge pull request #529 from guessit-io/feature/docker-locale

Docker locale configuration ([`3afb850`](

* Fixes #520: Docker locale configuration ([`9956426`](

* Update history and docs: frame_rate property added ([`c902963`](

* Merge pull request #528 from guessit-io/feature/frame_rate

Detect frame rate as frame_rate property ([`32b336a`](

* Detect frame rate as frame_rate property. Fixes #480 ([`e0f497d`](

* Fix yaml representation for Quantity objects + minor fix in bit_rate detection ([`bae97df`](

* Fixes #254: Incorrect detection with adult content ([`c9ef77f`](

* Keep order in yaml output ([`dc5398d`](

* Fixes for #519: Added 1440p screen_size, improved bit_rate detection and subtitle_language detection ([`1cc9b20`](

* Merge pull request #527 from guessit-io/feature/fix-episode-conflict-audio-channels

Fix episode not detected due to conflict with audio_channels ([`15f4368`](

* Fix #521: Episode not detected due to conflict with audio_channels ([`f52d525`](

* Merge pull request #526 from guessit-io/feature/fix-season-range-fileparts

Fix season range in multiple fileparts ([`d93c522`](

* Fixes #522: Season range in multiple fileparts ([`1487548`](

* Merge pull request #525 from guessit-io/feature/fix-line-detection

Fix Line detection ([`4140137`](

* Fixes #524: Line detection ([`0377fd0`](

* Merge pull request #513 from guessit-io/feature/enable-disable-properties

Proposal for enabling/disabling properties ([`819033f`](

* Update HISTORY.rst ([`919e839`](

* Updating documentation ([`9fabc29`](

* Merge pull request #517 from guessit-io/feature/fix-pylint-inconsistent-return-statements

Handle new pylint rule: inconsistent-return-statements ([`5e83529`](

* Adding tests for include/exclude option with required fixes ([`2ce6443`](

* Change is_enabled to is_disabled ([`0506a97`](

* Fixing failing tests ([`a70d5c9`](

* Proposal for #231 enabling/disabling properties ([`7987e29`](

* Also handle too-many-locals ([`53f6762`](

* Handle new pylint rule: inconsistent-return-statements ([`120809a`](

* Merge pull request #515 from guessit-io/feature/remove-mimetype-from-yaml-files

Removing mimetype from yaml files to prevent failing tests ([`eefa208`](

* Fixes #498: Removing mimetype from yaml files to prevent failing tests in different environments ([`56eb296`](

* Merge pull request #514 from guessit-io/feature/fix-maximum-recursion-depth-navigablestring

Fix maximum recursion depth exceeded ([`66f447f`](

* Fixes #247: Deep clone doesn't work with NavigableString from beautifulsoup4. Making sure guessit input is either binary or str. ([`e500169`](

* Merge pull request #512 from guessit-io/feature/enhance-language-country-detection

Further enhancement in countries/language detection ([`2e4ff8c`](

* Fixes #500 and partially fixes #505: Adding AU to default countries and dropping pt and au from blacklisted words since they're not needed anymore. ([`91a3bf9`](

* Merge pull request #511 from guessit-io/feature/ascii-error

Ascii error fix and dash separated release group detection fix ([`3ac61f1`](

* Fixes #492 and fixes dash separated release group detection ([`5b19fd8`](

* Merge pull request #510 from guessit-io/feature/fix-movie-with-season-word

Disable season pattern when type is movie ([`0129424`](

* Fix for #465: Disable season pattern when type is movie ([`6ce2ca6`](

* Removing duplicated values from streaming_services ([`7e8c12c`](

* Organizing streaming_services. Updating docs and history. ([`f577483`](

* Merge pull request #483 from fernandog/feature/stream_service_more

Add missing stream services ([`6dccecd`](

* Fix streaming_service validator rule ([`8db9ddc`](

* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into feature/stream_service_more

# Conflicts:
#	guessit/rules/properties/
#	guessit/test/episodes.yml ([`23da643`](

* Merge pull request #491 from guessit-io/feature/auto-episode-prefer-number

Automatically use --episode-prefer-number / absolute_episode ([`2a14375`](

* Merge pull request #487 from guessit-io/feature/dm-source

Detect Digital Master source ([`8d1bf08`](

* Fix merging issue + failing test ([`7b2e678`](

* Fix lambda expressions. Fix tag list shouldn't be modified to not affect subsequent calls. ([`827bdce`](

* Fix for #423: automatically use --episode-prefer-number. Added absolute_episode ([`e718802`](

* Fix for #384: Detect Digital Master source ([`16fd9ee`](

* Merge pull request #486 from guessit-io/feature/additional-audio-video-codecs

Additional audio and video codecs ([`774454b`](

* Fixing failing tests ([`66f4d19`](

* Merge pull request #485 from guessit-io/feature/disc-detection

Detect disc numbers ([`7bd17b9`](

* Fix failing test ([`f6f64a8`](

* Fix for #482: VP9 video codec. Plus additional common audio and video codecs. ([`1281d8c`](

* Fix for #401: Detect disc numbers ([`413d8f6`](

* Merge pull request #484 from guessit-io/feature/size-output

Enhance size output value / Detect bit rate ([`8598a54`](

* Adding bit rate detection. Fixes #251 and #477 ([`5505f74`](

* Using class Size instead of Quantity. ([`ed6db27`](

* Fix for #481: Enhance  output value ([`0bda2a7`](

* Merge pull request #476 from guessit-io/feature/default-allowed-languages-countries

Add default and configurable list of allowed languages and countries ([`d8f1c89`](

* Fixing failing test ([`0570dfe`](

* Add more test scenarios for #259 ([`02df006`](

* Add test scenario for #489 ([`44aa38b`](

* Improved release group detection to also fix #196 ([`035b4b9`](

* Country and languages can be disabled when allowed list is empty ([`4edadb3`](

* Added languages from #462: flemish and swiss german ([`0734d93`](

* Avoid language and country detection is allowed list is empty. Simplifying language converter ([`fa61e7b`](

* Fix and scenarios for #259 ([`e4a15d2`](

* Fix and scenarios for #258 ([`bc5559c`](

* Updating HISTORY.rst ([`3132fbc`](

* Fix for #458: Remove conflicting matches in release group ([`63a1779`](

* Fix for #296: Add default and configurable list of allowed languages and countries. ([`5df9ca3`](

* Merge pull request #479 from guessit-io/feature/aspect-ratio

Add aspect_ratio and validate screen_sizes ([`a4209c9`](

* Travis still not supporting py37 ([`4e8fab6`](

* Updating travis with supported python versions ([`f3b2d8b`](

* Updating supported python versions: dropped py33 and added py37 ([`4f7c468`](

* Fixing broken build due to pytest-capturelog. Its fork pytest-catchlog was merged into pytest core. ([`12a6328`](

* Merge pull request #488 from guessit-io/feature/prefer-rightmost-filepart

File and folder name: fine tuning marker comparator ([`9b07137`](

* Add Amazon keyword for Amazon Prime streaming service

Close #495 ([`6a74e05`](

* Added additional test scenario ([`5198832`](

* Fine tuning marker comparator: Prefer the rightmost filepart when same matches count. ([`a8bbc5e`](

* Merge pull request #490 from guessit-io/fix-travis-pypy

Attemp to fix failing pypy env after travis image upgrade ([`21b8358`](

* Attemp to fix failing pypy env after travis image upgrage ([`cc666b1`](

* Some more ([`c25bf0b`](

* Not detecting YHOO ([`0ed89bb`](

* Disable disable=too-many-statements ([`094003c`](

* Move some stream services tests to streaming_services.yaml + add more ([`1890705`](

* This shouldn't match 'streaming_services' property ([`6f9f4b2`](

* Add missing stream services ([`68a568c`](

* Merge pull request #478 from fernandog/feature/stream_service_it

Detect iT as iTunes stream service ([`ded8697`](

* Updating docs and changelog ([`78ac41f`](

* Fix for #276: Added aspect_ratio and validation for standard resolutions ([`cb3892b`](

* Remove duplicate ([`8d2cfaa`](

* Detect iT as iTunes ([`6fe4c4b`](

* Merge pull request #475 from guessit-io/feature/additional-audio-detection

Enhance audio detection ([`b73d30e`](

* Fix duplicated values in HISTORY.rst ([`102708e`](

* Merge pull request #474 from guessit-io/feature/edition-and-other-additions

Add IMAX and Upscaled detections ([`08bdc0e`](

* #471: Detect Opus audio codec ([`9447b9a`](

* #471: Detect Dolby Digital EX ([`c19e854`](

* #471: Detect DTS-ES ([`b18588e`](

* #471: Detect DTS-HD HRA ([`bf38978`](

* Adding Fan edition ([`6d63341`](

* Adding Ultimate edition ([`b1bd480`](

* #470: Added Upscaled as other property ([`1a613e1`](

* #470: Added new edition: IMAX ([`5041233`](

* Merge pull request #473 from guessit-io/feature/media-profile

HDR / SDR and color space detection ([`c8d3fac`](

* Merge pull request #472 from guessit-io/feature/uhd-bluray

Detect Ultra HD Bluray ([`35788b6`](

* Fix for #468: Added SDR, HDR10, Dolby Vision, 12-bit and BT.2020 detection ([`684c7c5`](

* #469: Detect Ultra HD Bluray ([`8fd004b`](

* Merge pull request #464 from guessit-io/feature/properties-values

Proposal for property values ([`2013f34`](

* Merge pull request #452 from guessit-io/feature/source

Proposal for #365: Deprecate 'format' in favor of 'source' property ([`bba7a2b`](

* Update documentation ([`3451188`](

* Move 8bit/10bit from 'video_profile' to 'color_depth' ([`834e2fe`](

* Refactored 'audio_codec' values ([`7bbbf76`](

* Fix wrong documentation about 'audio_codec: FLAC' ([`039191f`](

* Refactored 'video_codec' values ([`80cd9e1`](

* Refactored 'audio_profile' values. Added 'audio_codec: DTS-HD' ([`b9d6626`](

* Refactored 'video_profile' values ([`a2893bb`](

* Detecting interlaced resolutions. Changed '4K' to '2160p'. Added '4320p'. ([`cf8d4a3`](

* Refactored 'other' values as discussed in #459 ([`c3ce9b4`](

* Moved 'other: FINAL' to 'episode_details: Final' ([`0b2bb1b`](

* Changed 'episode_details: Omake' to 'episode_details: Extras' ([`f71d7c2`](

* Moved 'Ova' and 'Oav' from 'episode_details' to 'other' ([`fbdb17f`](

* Moved CC and DDC from 'other' to 'edition' ([`62d8d60`](

* Dropped 'Edition' suffix from 'edition' values ([`50f8f44`](

* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into feature/source ([`fdcc531`](

* Merge pull request #461 from guessit-io/feature/priority-validate-neighbor

'other' is detected with no neighbors ([`183f190`](

* Fix for #460: 'other' is detected with no neighbors ([`9e5fc60`](

* Adding migration instructions from 2.x to 3.x ([`4d6767d`](

* Updating docs ([`929c9c7`](

* Rename WEB to Web ([`38d7371`](

* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into feature/source ([`a6965b0`](

* Back to development: 3.0.0 ([`ac2de2d`](

* Preparing release 2.1.4 ([`b2ef20c`](

* Update history ([`93f58cd`](

* Fix failing test ([`2d02306`](

* Removing 'format' property. Renaming BluRay to Blu-ray ([`68548c9`](

* Add HD Camera/Telecine/Telesync. Rename PPV to Pay-per-view. Fix wrong HDRip detection. WEBCap is a synonym to WEBRip ([`03d88a9`](

* Fix for #365: Deprecate 'format' property in favor of 'source' ([`2bfac49`](

* Renamed 'format' python module to 'source' ([`83187b0`](

* Fix new options docs ([`53db177`](

* Merge pull request #455 from guessit-io/feature/rebulk-0.9

Make returned dict structure consistent between CLI and API ([`432f2c8`](

* Make returned dict structure consistent between CLI and API

This adds --enforce-list and --single-value options to CLI (enforce_list and single_value to API).

Close #274
Close #453 ([`dca90cb`](

* Merge pull request #451 from guessit-io/feature/edition

Move edition values from 'other' to 'edition' property ([`6b25b03`](

* Rename DolbyDigital to AC3

# Conflicts:
#	docs/properties.rst ([`9362a45`](

* Fix missing coma

Close #454 ([`0270507`](

* Back to development: 3.0.0 ([`39923b9`](

* Preparing release 2.1.3 ([`e61659f`](

* Fix for #421: Move edition values from 'other' to 'edition' property ([`f7c992d`](

* Merge pull request #450 from guessit-io/feature/python-3.6

Adding python 3.6 support ([`44ce700`](

* Updating history with python 3.6 support ([`d720086`](

* Adding python 3.6 support ([`d664d23`](

* Merge pull request #449 from guessit-io/feature/other-fullhd

Detecting FullHD ([`3bbb5f9`](

* Updating history ([`38aab7d`](

* Fix for #432: Detecting FullHD ([`1d331b8`](

* Merge pull request #448 from guessit-io/feature/update-properties-docs

Updating properties documentation ([`bcd18d7`](

* Updating properties.rst with missing values. Fixing rst format issues. Ordering properties values ([`6c73063`](

* Fix for #330: Rename DolbyDigital to AC3 ([`075538e`](

* Merge pull request #446 from guessit-io/feature/enhance-weak-movie-removal-logic

Fix `episode` type detection when series name contains `year` followed by SEE pattern ([`d96859d`](

* Add test scenario for #428 ([`eba607d`](

* Fix for #235 and #428: Do not remove 'weak-movie' after 'year' ([`72bd07f`](

* Merge pull request #445 from guessit-io/feature/eac3-audio-codec

EAC3 as audio_codec ([`d1c4841`](

* Adding EAC3 to audio_codec documentation ([`ae9a5a1`](

* Fixes #438 and ##431: EAC3 as audio_codec ([`416aa0e`](

* Merge pull request #444 from guessit-io/feature/enhance-container-detection

Enhance container detection ([`67164cf`](

* Updating changelog ([`fa24901`](

* Fixes #422: container values should be lowercase (as per documentation) ([`d1e8b06`](

* Updating container docs ([`3e25396`](

* Fix for #346: detect nzb as container ([`831fa87`](

* Merge pull request #443 from guessit-io/feature/enhance-episode-title-detection

'year' and 'part' shouldn't be detected when in 'episode_title' location ([`8d56c9f`](

* Updating changelog ([`d93705a`](

* Fixes #331, #435 and #440: 'year' and 'part' shouldn't be detected when in 'episode_title' location ([`09e9246`](

* Merge pull request #442 from guessit-io/feature/fix-unknown-lang-detection

Fix for #441: Unknown shouldn't be detected as language ([`268167b`](

* Dropping python 2.6 support ([`f630d85`](

* Fix for #441: Unknown shouldn't be detected as language ([`066de49`](

* Merge pull request #437 from guessit-io/feature/fix-disable-weak-episode-if-movie

Disable weak episode if type is movie ([`b4ed4b5`](

* Fixes #429: Disable weak episode if type is movie ([`ac0a66f`](

* Merge pull request #436 from guessit-io/feature/fix-wrong-audio-detection

Invalid audio detection ([`ad775aa`](

* Ignoring pylint false positives ([`6d6842d`](

* Fixing pylint issues ([`3d61863`](

* Fixes #434: Invalid audio detection ([`cc706e2`](

* Back to development: 2.1.3 ([`dc1f017`](

* Preparing release 2.1.2 ([`4c5114a`](

* Update manifest with configuration files ([`084875e`](

* Update changelog ([`9c5cc3c`](

* Merge pull request #420 from guessit-io/feature/reserved-words

Detecting tags/reserved words ([`db8e3fc`](

* Detecting WEST.FEED and EAST.FEED ([`70900a4`](

* Enhancing Special Edition detection ([`a2fb629`](

* Detecting OAR ([`01b6ad5`](

* Detecting LIMITED ([`d980f97`](

* Fix STV detection - Straight to Video ([`fe7bed0`](

* Adding UNCUT test scenario ([`24dc237`](

* Detecting UNCENSORED ([`01cf05d`](

* Detecting Theatrical Edition ([`e8c2b8f`](

* Detecting SAMPLEFIX ([`39a0459`](

* Detecting READNFO ([`d678e4a`](

* Detecting PROOFFIX ([`1cc067f`](

* Detecting Open Matte ([`3892b73`](

* Detecting NFOFIX ([`9cf2655`](

* Detecting INTERNAL ([`f716835`](

* Updating FINAL documentation ([`8bf5c4e`](

* Detecting FESTIVAL ([`660c99f`](

* Adding DUB test scenario ([`788d4b4`](

* Detecting Documentary ([`2426998`](

* Detecting DIRFIX ([`5a484d2`](

* Enhancing Director's cut detection ([`caa6b76`](

* Detecting COLORIZED ([`239383f`](

* Detecting CONVERT ([`7721986`](

* Detecting season in dutch ([`2c1df3a`](

* Detecting ALTERNATIVE CUT ([`a89c98e`](

* Merge pull request #419 from guessit-io/feature/detection-improvements

Detection improvements: format, video_profile, audio_channels, streaming_service, UltraHD ([`dc05118`](

* Minor performance improvement ([`715c0f6`](

* Proper audio_channels detection and validation ([`c4184af`](

* Fixing audio_channels detection ([`f2a460f`](

* Fix indentation issue ([`098179b`](

* Updating docs ([`047279f`](

* Fixing lint issues ([`3f72b09`](

* Enhancing streaming_service detection/other without separators. Added several test scenarios ([`ee0ee54`](

* Enhancing video_profile detection ([`cc113db`](

* Enhancing audio_channels detection ([`d1ef82c`](

* UHD 'other' detection ([`5c2a797`](

* UHDTV format detection ([`ac054b4`](

* Merge pull request #418 from guessit-io/feature/screen-size-conflicts

Remove season/episode matches which conflicts with screen_size ([`6c8159f`](

* Enhancing screen_size conflict detection ([`ae6e906`](

* Enhancing TV format detection and dubbed detection ([`32d98cf`](

* Minor enhancement in video_profile detection ([`49c9b8e`](

* Fix for #308: Remove season/episode matches which conflicts with screen_size ([`e39c4d2`](

* Merge pull request #416 from guessit-io/feature/remove-invalid-season-episode-matches

Discarding invalid season/episode matches ([`9b2e0a4`](

* Fix for #415, #383, #352: Discarding invalid season/episode matches ([`8a62d4c`](

* Merge pull request #412 from guessit-io/feature/enhance-language-support

Fix for #321: Enhancing language support ([`89a01b0`](

* Fix for #321: Enhancing language support ([`ab60717`](

* Merge pull request #414 from guessit-io/feature/title-episode_details-conflict

episode_details should be removed when conflicting with title ([`d317553`](

* Fix for #413: episode_details should be removed when conflicting with title ([`2aa362f`](

* Merge pull request #404 from guessit-io/feature/fix-ofwords-regex

Fix for detached episode/season count regex ([`e94af2b`](

* Merge branch 'develop' into feature/fix-ofwords-regex ([`3d1e767`](

* Merge pull request #407 from guessit-io/feature/hardcoded-subs

Detect hardcoded subtitles ([`d0f1183`](

* Merge branch 'develop' into feature/hardcoded-subs ([`55b3948`](

* Merge pull request #403 from guessit-io/feature/website-prefixes

Handling website prefixes ([`a6bbd83`](

* Merge branch 'develop' into feature/website-prefixes ([`bfaad93`](

* Merge pull request #402 from guessit-io/feature/enhance-filepart-2-episode-title

Enhances Filepart2EpisodeTitle logic to properly guess episode_title ([`8b5df70`](

* Merge branch 'develop' into feature/enhance-filepart-2-episode-title ([`0e36413`](

* Merge pull request #405 from guessit-io/feature/prefer-sxxexx

SxxExx pattern should be preferred over weak matches ([`6a850b3`](

* Don't parse options from process arguments when using guessit API ([`3fd27df`](

* Pylint fixes ([`d0c845b`](

* Detect hardcoded subtitles. Fix for #318 ([`36abccf`](

* Regression tests for #394 and #399 ([`ad068a4`](

* Pylint fixes ([`3101a07`](

* Regression tests for #398 ([`604f24a`](

* Fixes #396: SxxExx pattern should be preferred over weak matches ([`30afedf`](

* Fixes #400: Minor issue in regex ([`df57a9e`](

* Fixes #392: Handling website prefixes ([`2505640`](

* Fixes #393: Enhances Filepart2EpisodeTitle logic to properly guess episode_title ([`8caa3cf`](

* Merge branch 'patch-1' into develop ([`1a9cf06`](

* Add additional Streaming Services ([`62c8194`](

* Fix testing issue on python 2 when input string is not unicode but some values are ([`b8520f1`](

* Merge pull request #382 from guessit-io/feature/default-configuration

Add default configuration ([`d51cf8a`](

* Add default configuration with OSS 117 ([`1bcbc7a`](

* Merge pull request #386 from guessit-io/feature/enhance-clean-groupname

Do not strip out parts of release groups ([`7dc9be4`](

* Merge pull request #387 from guessit-io/feature/handle-empty-groups

Handling empty groups ([`2cdc836`](

* Closes #385: Handle empty groups ([`9569538`](

* Closes #297: Do not strip out parts of release groups. ([`b11108a`](

* Update usage in README ([`acfbf08`](

* Merge pull request #380 from guessit-io/feature/configuration-file

Add configuration file feature ([`7a42a25`](

* Add configuration file feature

Close #374 ([`1f7b1f0`](

* Merge branch 'feature/expected' into develop

# Conflicts:
#	guessit/test/episodes.yml ([`4262ade`](

* Merge pull request #379 from guessit-io/feature/fix-377

Fix for #377 ([`9b53cdb`](

* Ensure expected_title and expected_group is surrounded with separators ([`7634f7f`](

* Use search input as value for expected properties ([`2c7c631`](

* Fix episode and year conflict ([`5f47363`](

* Disable RemoveWeakIfMovie rule when context type=episode

Close #377 ([`491a732`](

* Enhance expected_title and expected_group

Close #376 ([`b720697`](

* Merge pull request #375 from guessit-io/feature/mux

Implement mux detection ([`527c0ab`](

* Updating docs ([`060897c`](

* Relative imports should be used ([`f18f00b`](

* Detect AVC as h264 video codec ([`73d48d0`](

* Mux detection. Closes #307 ([`cacda62`](

* Added ReEncoded to other

# Conflicts:
#	guessit/test/episodes.yml ([`20c4cec`](

* Merge pull request #372 from guessit-io/feature/size

Added size property ([`6c8746c`](

* Add missing docstring ([`f82706e`](

* Fixing imports in ([`8021531`](

* Updating properties docs ([`3fe136e`](

* Adding size detection. Closes #299 ([`f7db0eb`](

* Updating properties docs ([`644c8b8`](

* Implementing Re-Encoded guessing. Closes #300 ([`6fe63d2`](

* Docker images are now available in guessit organization ([`a8a80cc`](

* Back to development: 2.1.2 ([`fcd1747`](

* Preparing release 2.1.1 ([`039f0f5`](

* Update changelog ([`1df4099`](

* Merge pull request #370 from guessit-io/feature/strip-separators-processor

Strip separators from matches ([`74b64d3`](

* Strip separators from matches

This is useful in advanced mode for raw values like title, episode_title and release_group to have separators stripped off. ([`605526e`](

* Detect DDP (Dolby Digital Plus) as DolbyDigital ([`d434514`](

* Enhance guessit performance by using rebulk 0.8.2 ([`6dc8ece`](

* Remove twine dependency constraint ([`1fcbe88`](

* Upgrade to rebulk 0.8.1 to support python 2.6 ([`92bf41d`](

* Fix for #357: Episode is not detected in a less relevant filepart

# Conflicts:
#	guessit/test/episodes.yml ([`017649e`](

* Keep more specific season/episode

# Conflicts:
#	guessit/test/episodes.yml ([`5e50449`](

* Fix episode range starting from 1 prefixed by episodes word ([`b6b3a00`](

* Detecting date followed by screen_size

# Conflicts:
#	guessit/test/episodes.yml ([`742f6fa`](

* Fix pylint issue ([`cb4a31e`](

* Upgrade to rebulk 0.8.0 and use chain_breaker to avoid generating too long ranges

Close #353 ([`243f8f8`](

* Guess full name streaming services ([`efd37f7`](

* Add streaming_service property to docs ([`d326689`](

* Merge pull request #361 from ratoaq2/feature/add-streaming-service

Adding streaming_service property ([`e84459a`](

* Upgrade to rebulk 0.7.7 to fix chain patterns in certain scenarios

Close #359 ([`cbda121`](

* Fix for #357 ([`ae7d133`](

* Fixes #360: Keep more specific season/episode ([`7ff4aca`](

* Merge pull request #364 from ratoaq2/feature/detect-more-formats

More formats to be detected ([`d1dce4d`](

* Merge pull request #363 from ratoaq2/feature/improve-video-profile-detection

Improving video_profile detection ([`878d857`](

* Fixes #315: More formats to be detected ([`30ef63b`](

* Fixes #350: improving video_profile detection ([`3c2269d`](

* Fix #351: detecting date followed by screen_size ([`56dc4f3`](

* Adding streaming_service property ([`4744552`](

* Remove unused import ([`35e1ac6`](

* Fix website validation

Close #345 ([`54bed86`](

* Prefer release group over second title inside filepart

Close #343 ([`e760fe2`](

* Fix validation of film property

Close #294 ([`98b0991`](

* Enhance episode/season range and sequence guessing

Close #311 ([`a4fb286`](

* Fix invalid comparator in audio_codec conflict solver ([`57fe78f`](

* Fix HDD release group detected as DolbyDigital

Close #317 ([`232ef2b`](

* Add name parameter to build_or_pattern re utils ([`c48edbd`](

* Ensure roman numbers are surrounded with separators

Close #304 ([`07aeb52`](

* Enhance season/episode guess validation ([`606fe40`](

* Fix Title not properly guessed when 'Complete' appears with 'The' article.

Requires new rebulk version (0.7.5)

Close #340 ([`0a04fd3`](

* Avoid guessing of to as episode title when ([`0045b7d`](

* Enhance season/episode guessing ([`6c0f8d4`](

* Add ~ to episode/season range separators ([`c7e0ff6`](

* Enhance complete guessing

Close #310 ([`d954db0`](

* Fix tests on python 3 ([`09b9c17`](

* Encode options like input_string

Close #326 ([`e3dd732`](

* Enhance season/episode range guessing

Close #339
Close #287 ([`7e71e66`](

* Fix cd_count issue with x264-CD...

Close #316 ([`e8b91af`](

* Fix part property ([`215bad6`](

* Better release_group guessing.

Close #313 ([`7636ed3`](

* Fix pylint issue. ([`8423caf`](

* Drop unicode conversion for -T/-G options

Close #326 ([`ea95691`](

* Add support for SxxEPxx pattern

Close #338 ([`0b73fec`](

* Add #328 unit test ([`2750b7b`](

* Better audio_channels guess when suffixed with ch

Close #328 ([`acc5061`](

* Enhance season list support

Close #336 ([`852cbaa`](

* Upgrade rebulk to 0.7.4

Close #306 ([`eae627b`](

* Fix invalid guess with --type episode

Close #335 ([`733b746`](

* Add workaround for zest.releaser twine issue

See ([`cc7b59c`](

* Back to development: 2.1.1 ([`ed8a57c`](

* Preparing release 2.1.0 ([`e1dc01e`](

* Update changelog ([`93d4367`](

* Add Rebulk version when running guessit --version

Close #322 ([`99cb5b3`](

* Remove python-dateutils dependency version constraint

Close #329 ([`484f308`](

* Fix pylint issue with python 2 ([`66fe4ce`](

* Drop regex native module support ([`11658fa`](

* Fix pylint issues ([`9943db5`](

* Merge pull request #325 from ratoaq2/format_video_codec_without_seps

Enhances format and video_codec detection when no separators between … ([`bb6e778`](

* Merge pull request #324 from ratoaq2/enhance_screen_size

Enhance screen_size to detect 720pHD and 1080pHD ([`2adce40`](

* Upgrade rebulk to 0.7.3 ([`5aabd3e`](

* Enhances format and video_codec detection when no separators between themselves ([`b5c6632`](

* Enhance screen_size to detect 720pHD and 1080pHD ([`dc52959`](

* Avoid season/episode to guessed when pattern is included inside other word

Close #242 ([`67b8ac7`](

* Avoid title to be guessed as website.

Close #298 ([`57966ab`](

* Guess Dolby keyword as DolbyDigital audio_codec

Close #295 ([`b8be99b`](

* Fix issue when running guessit in non-interactive shell with python 2

Close #293 ([`7615788`](

* Fix invalid conflict solving occuring between SssEee and ssXee patterns.

Close #286 ([`eb8229f`](

* Add docs to pytest ignore ([`f130254`](

* Merge pull request #320 from ratoaq2/subtitle_language_fix

Fix subtitle language detection when using subtitle_suffixes ([`977bf25`](

* Fix subtitle language detection when using subtitle_suffixes ([`45e5e85`](

* Merge pull request #314 from ratoaq2/release_group_fix_313

Fix for #313 ([`de2bf05`](

* Adding container, other and language as previous scene_names for SceneReleaseGroup rule ([`2e20069`](

* Update changelog ([`61303fa`](

* Keep langage if it exactly match the hole

Close #269 ([`5bd2ccb`](

* Remove properties ignore next to title when they are uppercase ([`77c2c7e`](

* Add subbed, custom sub and custom subbed as subtitle markers ([`baf7f93`](

* Back to development: 2.1.0 ([`1163c2c`](

* Preparing release 2.0.5 ([`4e9ee0a`](

* Update changelog ([`3276ff6`](

* Make audio_codec AC3D a synonym of AC3 ([`55ba043`](

* Fix pylint issues ([`3cf2391`](

* Add support for titles containing dots

Close #278 ([`91f7441`](

* Lock python-dateutil version


Close #284 ([`7d3a22a`](

* Fix docstring ([`2b54491`](

* Fix docs invalid properties and guessit -p listing

Close #283 ([`a18f827`](

* Update docs with guessit-io organization ([`28b6789`](

* Remove unicode stuff from docs ([`7d7f9c0`](

* Upgrade rebulk to 0.7.1 ([`8192668`](

* Back to development: 2.1.0 ([`c298cc0`](

* Preparing release 2.0.4 ([`d9ea60d`](

* Add GuessitException Report to get information when guessit crash on a guess. ([`58e27fc`](

* Fix issues related to backslashes

Close #265
Close #266 ([`3ee4ac0`](

* Remove possible path separators from patterns

Close #264 ([`27bc2b3`](

* Back to development: 2.1.0 ([`3f7284a`](

* Preparing release 2.0.3 ([`0f72c3d`](

* Update history ([`d3aa378`](

* Back to development: 2.1.0 ([`b2b43ab`](

* Preparing release 2.0.2 ([`e3d665f`](

* Update history ([`5109e63`](

* It now works with pypy ([`4fe0926`](

* Use utf-8 to decode/encode input unicode string ([`c9e5efd`](

* Back to development: 2.1.0 ([`be0586e`](

* Preparing release 2.0.1 ([`d2edcac`](

* Add support for all type of string with python 2 and python 3 ([`e24a4b0`](

* Back to development: 2.1.0 ([`04839ac`](

* Preparing release 2.0.0 ([`2dd6ce2`](

* Fix invalid RST description on Pypi ([`50ddb30`](

* Add more builds ([`122b1f8`](

* Back to development: 2.0rc9 ([`36af0b5`](

* Preparing release 2.0rc8 ([`6ea0851`](

* Make regex module optional using rebulk chain feature

Close #257 ([`fc3ada8`](

* Better and requirements ([`a0e95db`](

* Add HuBoard badge ([`963bdc3`](

* Back to development: 2.0rc8 ([`9e9f36e`](

* Preparing release 2.0rc7 ([`bd1f50c`](

* Fix packaging issue on Python 2 ([`2b7c4d7`](

* Back to development: 2.0rc7 ([`74ee5c1`](

* Preparing release 2.0rc6 ([`058e7d2`](

* Update history ([`a4b5705`](

* Oops, invalid python version check ([`e3693a7`](

* Add more short words to exclusion list for language guessing

Close #256 ([`d0bd6c0`](

* Handle UTF-8 encoding in (README/HISTORY) ([`1782213`](

* Back to development: 2.0rc6 ([`2e246c8`](

* Preparing release 2.0rc5 ([`23d74f6`](

* Update history ([`39efe20`](

* Add Jordan to excluded words for language guessing ([`0c805cd`](

* Add more possible values in other property (and AVCHD as h264)

Close #243 ([`898cb3d`](

* Guess film number only if less than 100

Close #245 ([`a693b69`](

* Add priority to Screener validation to avoid Scrubs collision

Close #246 ([`57c18a5`](

* Add XXX tag value to other property

Close #246 ([`b4b3341`](

* Add more words to common words for language guessing

Close #250 ([`a76b23e`](

* Add mimetype property to the docs

Close #252 ([`fd522b0`](

* Rename alternativeTitle to alternative_title and add it to docs

Close #253 ([`8114ae6`](

* Capitalize container property

Close #255 ([`95dd3c4`](

* Add Dolby Atmos audio_codec support

Close #249 ([`a39e019`](

* Remove country in title rule ([`e6de767`](

* Remove old repository references ([`43830f6`](

* Add docker section to README ([`0aaf76b`](

* Back to development: 2.0rc5 ([`bbf35e0`](

* Preparing release 2.0rc4 ([`2cf39ce`](

* Enhance and add some ignore to check-manifest ([`02d26fd`](

* Rename `audio_codec` value `true-HD` to `trueHD` ([`6a96441`](

* Add exotic `screen_size` patterns support like `720hd` and `720p50`. ([`34d0d6a`](

* Dockerize ([`0981eba`](

* Fix pylint issues ([`5c9003b`](

* Fix travis CI pylint call ([`f998105`](

* Upgrade to pylint 1.5.0 ([`88c6376`](

* Add docs and prepare switch to master branch ([`d560755`](

* Back to development: 2.0rc4 ([`c74aa1c`](

* Preparing release 2.0rc3 ([`d5dbf27`](

* Add version to main module ([`66413d5`](

* Back to development: 2.0rc3 ([`9dc375b`](

* Preparing release 2.0rc2 ([`19eb96a`](

* Update history ([`091f399`](

* Fix possible NoneType error ([`ea139f0`](

* Remove ; from titles separators and & from separators ([`59a99a2`](

* Single digit episodes are now guessed for --type episode instead of --episode-prefer-number ([`bfd21d3`](

* Back to development: 2.0rc2 ([`f1df1e3`](

* Preparing release 2.0rc1 ([`05d64c1`](

* Update README for Release Candidate ([`e473dc3`](

* Fallback to default title guessing when expected title doesn't match ([`301a9bd`](

* Back to development: 2.0b5 ([`3151faa`](

* Preparing release 2.0b4 ([`5e99e5e`](

* Update history ([`479ee4d`](

* Fix pylint issues ([`d24a3a9`](

* Add better support for -T option ([`27898a9`](

* Add support for unicode in -T/-G options ([`2f74c35`](

* Fix expected title

Close #238 ([`95b1f71`](

* Give priority to explicit title ([`2d8b53f`](

* Implement --verbose option ([`94fb398`](

* Add validation rule for single digit episode to avoid false positives. ([`4570eaa`](

* Add --expected-group option ([`9c7f7b7`](

* Back to development: 2.0b4 ([`c1beb0e`](

* Preparing release 2.0b3 ([`e84b645`](

* Fix IndexError when input has a closing group character with no opening one before. ([`c303db6`](

* Ensure date is found when conflicting with episode/season ([`2fb1c64`](

* Add better space support in episode/season properties ([`b6ce12b`](

* Update usage in README.rst ([`e4e2827`](

* Avoid uuid and crc32 collision with episode/season properties ([`a56a7f3`](

* Update history ([`3ab8726`](

* Update Development Status classifier ([`9a05b28`](

* Force implicit option in CLI ([`2ad4c4d`](

* Add --type option ([`7ba5ae3`](

* Add rebulk implicit option support ([`ed08358`](

* Add support for Part with no space before number ([`043a032`](

* Back to development: 2.0b3 ([`ca65d05`](

* Preparing release 2.0b2 ([`dd8a7bf`](

* Remove pypy environment from tox configuration ([`07725f3`](

* Add python 2.6 support ([`4dcc48a`](

* Remove rebulk master from dev requirements ([`3b4c467`](

* Back to development: 2.0b2 ([`6284423`](

* Preparing release 2.0b1 ([`356006a`](

* Update history ([`f8f25de`](

* Bump rebulk 0.6.1 and enhance title guessing ([`ca469a9`](

* Update migration ([`6733b78`](

* Avoid crash when displaying properties and yaml module is not available. ([`af68081`](

* Increase code coverage ([`f657685`](

* Rename properCount to proper_count and add it to introspector ([`0fe54b6`](

* We are in Beta now ([`f78b201`](

* Back to development: 2.0b1 ([`324adb8`](

* Preparing release 2.0a4 ([`11d4e51`](

* Update history ([`07b7f90`](

* Bump rebulk 0.6.0 and add -p/-V options ([`929e499`](

* Update HISTORY format to match zest.releaser ([`62b0b08`](

* Fix pylint issue on python 2.7 ([`12dba88`](

* Back to development: 2.0a4 ([`87eeb21`](

* Preparing release 2.0a3 ([`a701818`](

* Refactor api and rules to use builder pattern and allow customization ([`fb36ecc`](

* Back to development ([`d3c01e5`](

* Add zest.releaser[recommended] support ([`adc5b78`](

* Release 2.0a2 ([`cc6e34b`](

* Raise TypeError instead of AssertionError when non text is given to guessit API.

Thanks @diaoul ([`dfe0d10`](

* Release 2.0a1 ([`7010401`](

* Rename properties and update MIGRATION docs ([`eaee32e`](

* Fix pylint issue in benchmark test ([`224c398`](

* Use latest pip on TravisCI and use released version of rebulk ([`245fadf`](

* Add benchmark test ([`c62b45c`](

* Fix doctests for python 2.7 ([`125bfc1`](

* Fix issues related to str/unicode in python 2.7 ([`e02060c`](

* Add docs and better migration path ([`1ae6ca0`](

* Remame extension property to container with extension tag ([`ee57672`](

* Add mimetype property ([`aba054a`](

* Rename type series value to episode ([`b5cf22f`](

* bump rebulk version ([`b2c6917`](

* Add type property, more test cases and fixes ([`53c5522`](

* Add more episode tests along with small fixes ([`08e7c5e`](

* Add container property ([`9100d52`](

* Make python test works on an new environment ([`dfbfc0c`](

* Guess version property when version is detached from episodeNumber ([`938b851`](

* Add more series tests ([`6e4cc68`](

* Add more audioCodec tests ([`7fb7da7`](

* Fix possible NoneType error ([`158eaf3`](

* Add + as a separator for episodeNumber list ([`af488c5`](

* Fix possible conflict between audioChannel and episodeNumber ([`5157b41`](

* Add more series test cases ([`b4d54aa`](

* Bump rebulk version ([`418a552`](

* Add expected-title option and refactor title/episodeTitle guessing ([`eeb5fe1`](

* Add better conflict solver between screenSize and episodeNumber/season ([`da98979`](

* Enhance country, language and title properties ([`69e7d11`](

* Add enhancements for episodeNumber guessing ([`ad60eb6`](

* Add better season and episode list and count ([`a480741`](

* Add episode version property ([`76e6d5a`](

* Fix title guessing when title is not the first available hole ([`289b92a`](

* Add support for weak-duplicates (the.100.109.hdtv-lol.mp4 case) ([`876cb68`](

* Add season_year post_processor to add year property when season value is a valid year. ([`14e8444`](

* Add range support for episodeNumber (- character as range) ([`b7a7c2d`](

* Add equivalent holes post_processor to include equivalent parts of guessed files in matches list and retrieve best title case. ([`ab700ec`](

* Upgrade babelfish to 0.5.5 and add country property support ([`f98c8b7`](

* Add better anime releaseGroup support ([`a1d41c8`](

* Bump rebulk version ([`419c116`](

* Use more toposort for rebulk rules and fix issues with title ([`2a0aca1`](

* Use latest rebulk Rule API ([`9131068`](

* Simplify language prefix/suffix rules ([`496c508`](

* Avoid using Rebulk Match object in functionnal patterns ([`0a733e4`](

* Add crc32 property ([`dd232c8`](

* Add episodeNumber list support ([`09b7888`](

* Add remove_ambiguous post processor and support better guessing of titles ([`97491e4`](

* Add more episodes patterns and properties support ([`140f2fa`](

* Add alternativeTitle property ([`5c63b96`](

* Convert language to subtitleLanguage when extension is a subtitle ([`ce169dd`](

* Add private_parent=True to episodes regex to fix various issues ([`dabaa7f`](

* Add more season/episodeNumber support ([`485ac71`](

* Add weak episodeNumber/season patterns ([`94c6700`](

* Add reorder title feature ([`49f7971`](

* Update to latest Rebulk changes ([`01c7751`](

* Add name-only option ([`42aceda`](

* Keep ",:;-" when cleaning value ([`c318455`](

* Solve conflict with 'HQ' pattern from audioProfile and other properties ([`df56d69`](

* Enhance subtitleLanguage guessing with groups ([`3c7bfa9`](

* Add scr to excluded word for language guessing ([`4614116`](

* Enhance title/language guessing ([`7ae2bb4`](

* Update conflict_solver Rebulk API ([`66064aa`](

* Keep ",;" when cleaning value and ensure bonus is surrounded by separators ([`2938574`](

* Enhance title/language ([`aa518c2`](

* Add idNumber property and enhance audio properties conditions ([`1636ade`](

* Ignore language if included in title ([`ec8e429`](

* Add videoApi property ([`8d50a10`](

* Enhance cleanup formatter to remove duplicate spaces ([`62bca67`](

* Enhance year property when multiple match are found ([`331105c`](

* Add more tests for part property ([`ff7e1a4`](

* Optimize imports ([`f4fb6a8`](

* Refactor rules module ([`6bc2e95`](

* Fix bonusNumber and filmNumber properties ([`bbd7375`](

* Add part property support ([`729ca40`](

* Add filmSeries and filmNumber properties ([`149e344`](

* Fix an issue in bonus property ([`0ac46cf`](

* Add bonusNumber and bonusTitle properties ([`d935606`](

* Add audioChannels property ([`ae700f2`](

* Enhance code coverage ([`29ad170`](

* Fix parse_options for python 2.7 ([`4191b42`](

* Fix pylint issues ([`3c0c2b4`](

* Add more movies tests ([`9e73e69`](

* Fix language tests ([`26aad3a`](

* Fix releaseGroup to remove forbidden words at end of match ([`e2d9afc`](

* Add babelfish Contry/Language support in json dumps ([`2637723`](

* Let dot belong to extension ([`9435bf9`](

* Add command line support and relax releaseGroup guessing ([`b5de364`](

* Add date property ([`2d68c75`](

* Add unicode support for python 2.7 ([`ca3cfe7`](

* Fix pylint issue ([`88b29f2`](

* If multiple title are found, prefer one where filepart contains year ([`d4d57bc`](

* Fix cdNumberTotal property ([`cf01e1f`](

* Ignore an anime releaseGroup if scene releaseGroup is found ([`6ef3f7b`](

* Sort the longuer marker before when matches count is equal ([`9dff7d3`](

* Enhance releaseGroup guessing ([`881fd3e`](

* Fix an issue in format validation rule ([`7deae1a`](

* Add support of entries where most information are not in filename. ([`b12682e`](

* Add more movies tests ([`d8f6338`](

* Add cdNumber and cdNumberTotal properties ([`cfe5102`](

* Add edition property ([`3a62d43`](

* Add other and propertCount properties ([`a25e828`](

* Add videoProfile and audioProfile properties ([`88c46ba`](

* Enhance releaseGroup guessing ([`de3acb1`](

* Enhance language and subtitleLanguage guessing ([`9db5127`](

* Enhance releaseGroup guessing ([`14374bd`](

* Fix issue in subtitle suffix support ([`8b7cc69`](

* Add groups markers (...), [...] and {...} ([`4be239b`](

* Add language and subtitleLanguage property ([`d369634`](

* Add episodeTitle property ([`8d4dbcd`](

* Add releaseGroup property as Rule ([`6bd3864`](

* Use Rule class for title property ([`abeda01`](

* Fix badges to point to 2.x branch build ([`20e4280`](

* Add title property ([`7a545ad`](

* Add extension patterns ([`40106df`](

* Add path markers and give priority on last path element ([`e90225f`](

* Add format, screenSize, videoCodec, audioCodec, website and year patterns ([`9e640e9`](

* Add test for __main__ entry point ([`95a759d`](

* Add HuBoard link ([`9b988a7`](

* Initial commit ([`dab80bd`](

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