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iCalendar parser/generator

Project description

The icalendar package is a RFC 5545 compatible parser/generator for iCalendar files.



Mailing list:


python-dateutil and pytz.

Compatible with:

Python 2.7 and 3.4+



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Quick Guide

To install the package, run:

pip install icalendar

You can open an .ics file and see all the events:

>>> import icalendar
>>> path_to_ics_file = "src/icalendar/tests/calendars/example.ics"
>>> with open(path_to_ics_file) as f:
...     calendar = icalendar.Calendar.from_ical(
>>> for event in calendar.walk('VEVENT'):
...     print(event.get("SUMMARY"))
New Year's Day
Orthodox Christmas
International Women's Day

Using this package, you can also create calendars from scratch or edit existing ones.

Versions and Compatibility

icalendar is a critical project used by many. It has been there for a long time and maintaining long-term compatibility with projects conflicts partially with providing and using the features that the latest Python versions bring.

Since we pour more effort into maintaining and developing icalendar, we split the project into two:

  • Branch 4.x with maximum compatibility to Python versions 2.7 and 3.4+, PyPy2 and PyPy3.

  • Branch master with the compatibility to Python versions 3.7+ and PyPy3.

We expect the master branch with versions 5+ receive the latest updates and features, and the 4.x branch the subset of security and bug fixes only. We recommend migrating to later Python versions and also providing feedback if you depend on the 4.x features.

You want to help and contribute? Perfect!

These are some contribution examples

For pull requests, keep this in mind

  • Add a test which proves your fix and make it pass.

  • Describe your change in CHANGES.rst

  • Add yourself to the docs/credits.rst

Development Setup

If you would like to setup icalendar to contribute changes, the Installation Section should help you further.


5.0.13 (2024-06-20)

Minor changes:

  • Guide to delete the build folder before running tests

  • Add funding information

  • Make documentation build with Python 3.12

  • Update windows to olson conversion for Greenland Standard Time

  • Extend examples in Usage with alarm and recurrence

  • Document how to serve the built documentation to view with the browser

  • Improve test coverage

Breaking changes:

New features:

  • Create GitHub releases for each tag.

Bug fixes:

  • Parse calendars with X-COMMENT properties at the end the file by ignoring these properites

5.0.12 (2024-03-19)

Minor changes:

  • Analyse code coverage of test files

  • Added corpus to fuzzing directory

  • Added exclusion of fuzzing corpus in

  • Augmented fuzzer to optionally convert multiple calendars from a source string

  • Add script to convert OSS FUZZ test cases to Python/pytest test cases

  • Added additional exception handling of defined errors to fuzzer, to allow fuzzer to explore deeper

  • Added more instrumentation to fuzz-harness

  • Rename “contributor” to “collaborator” in documentation

  • Correct the outdated “icalendar view myfile.ics” command in documentation. #588

  • Update GitHub Actions steps versions

  • Keep GitHub Actions up to date with GitHub’s Dependabot

Breaking changes:

New features:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed index error in when attempting to pop from an empty stack

  • Fixed type error in when attempting to join strings into a byte-string

  • Caught Wrong Date Format in ical_fuzzer to resolve fuzzing coverage blocker

5.0.11 (2023-11-03)

Minor changes:

  • The cli utility now displays start and end datetimes in the user’s local timezone. Ref: #561 [vimpostor]

New features:

  • Added fuzzing harnesses, for integration to OSSFuzz.

  • icalendar releases are deployed to Github releases Fixes: #563 [jacadzaca]

Bug fixes:

  • CATEGORIES field now accepts a string as argument Ref: #322 [jacadzaca]

  • Multivalue FREEBUSY property is now parsed properly Ref: #27 [jacadzaca]

  • Compare equality and inequality of calendars more completely Ref: #570

  • Use non legacy timezone name. Ref: #567

  • Add some compare functions. Ref: #568

  • Change OSS Fuzz build script to point to harnesses in fuzzing directory Ref: #574

5.0.10 (2023-09-26)

Bug fixes:

  • Component._encode stops ignoring parameters argument on native values, now merges them Fixes: #557 [zocker1999net]

5.0.9 (2023-09-24)

Bug fixes:

  • PERIOD values now set the timezone of their start and end. #556

5.0.8 (2023-09-18)

Minor changes:

  • Update build configuration to build readthedocs. #538

  • No longer run the tests.

  • Add documentation on how to parse .ics files. #152

  • Move pip caching into Python setup action.

  • Check that issue #165 can be closed.

  • Updated about.rst for issue #527

  • Avoid vText.__repr__ BytesWarning.

Bug fixes:

  • Calendar components are now properly compared Ref: #550 Fixes: #526 [jacadzaca]

5.0.7 (2023-05-29)

Bug fixes:

  • to_ical() now accepts RRULE BYDAY values>=10 #518

5.0.6 (2023-05-26)

Minor changes:

  • Adjusted duration regex

5.0.5 (2023-04-13)

Minor changes:

  • Added support for BYWEEKDAY in vRecur ref: #268

Bug fixes:

  • Fix problem with ORGANIZER in FREE/BUSY #348

5.0.4 (2022-12-29)

Minor changes:

  • Improved documentation Ref: #503, #504

Bug fixes:

  • vBoolean can now be used as an parameter Ref: #501 Fixes: #500 [jacadzaca]

5.0.3 (2022-11-23)

New features:

  • vDDDTypes is hashable #487 #492 [niccokunzmann]

Bug fixes:

  • vDDDTypes’ equality also checks the dt attribute #497 #492 [niccokunzmann]

5.0.2 (2022-11-03)

Minor changes:

  • Refactored, and completed remaining minimal refactoring in Ref: #481 [pronoym99]

  • Calendar.from_ical no longer throws long errors Ref: #473 Fixes: #472 [jacadzaca]

  • Make datetime value shorter by removing the value parameter where possible. Fixes: #318 [jacadzaca], [niccokunzmann]

New features:

  • source code in documentation is tested using doctest #445 [niccokunzmann]

Bug fixes:

  • broken properties are not added to the parent component Ref: #471 Fixes: #464 [jacadzaca]

5.0.1 (2022-10-22)

Minor changes:

  • fixed setuptools deprecation warnings [mgorny]

Bug fixes:

  • a well-known timezone timezone prefixed with a / is treated as if the slash wasn’t present Ref: #467 Fixes: #466 [jacadzaca]

5.0.0 (2022-10-17)

Minor changes:

  • removed deprecated test checks [tuergeist]

  • Fix: cli does not support DURATION #354 [mamico]

  • Add changelog and contributing to readthedocs documentation #428 [peleccom]

  • fixed small typos #323 [rohnsha0]

  • unittest to parametrized pytest refactoring [jacadzaca]

Breaking changes:

  • Require Python 3.7 as minimum Python version. [maurits] [niccokunzmann]

  • icalendar now takes a ics file directly as an input

  • icalendar’s CLI utility program’s output is different

  • Drop Support for Python 3.6. Versions 3.7 - 3.11 are supported and tested.

New features:

  • icalendar utility outputs a ‘Duration’ row

  • icalendar can take multiple ics files as an input

Bug fixes:

  • Changed tools.UIDGenerator instance methods to static methods Ref: #345 [spralja]

  • proper handling of datetime objects with tzinfo generated through zoneinfo.ZoneInfo. Ref: #334 Fixes: #333 [tobixen]

  • Timestamps in UTC does not need tzid Ref: #338 Fixes: #335 [tobixen]

  • add __eq__ to icalendar.prop.vDDDTypes #391 [jacadzaca]

  • Refactor deprecated unittest aliases for Python 3.11 compatibility #330 [tirkarthi]

5.0.0a1 (2022-07-11)

Breaking changes:

  • Drop support for Python 3.4, 3.5 and PyPy2. [maurits]

New features:

  • Document development setup Ref: #358 [niccokunzmann]

Bug fixes:

  • Test with GitHub Actions. [maurits]

4.1.0 (2022-07-11)

New features:

  • No longer test on Python 3.4, 3.5 and PyPy2, because we cannot get it to work. Technically it should still work, it is just no longer tested. Do not expect much development on branch 4.x anymore. The master branch will be for the remaining Python versions that we support. [maurits]

Bug fixes:

  • Test with GitHub Actions. [maurits]

4.0.9 (2021-10-16)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix vCategories for correct en/de coding. [thet]

  • vDuration property value: Fix changing duration sign after multiple to_ical calls. Ref: #320 Fixes: #319 [barlik]

4.0.8 (2021-10-07)

Bug fixes:

  • Support added for Python 3.9 and 3.10 (no code changes needed).

  • Replace bare ‘except:’ with ‘except Exception:’ (#281)

4.0.7 (2020-09-07)

Bug fixes:

  • fixed rrule handling, re-enabled test_create_america_new_york()

4.0.6 (2020-05-06)

Bug fixes:

  • Use vText as default type, when convert recurrence definition to ical string. [kam193]

4.0.5 (2020-03-21)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a docs issue related to building on Read the Docs [davidfischer]

4.0.4 (2019-11-25)

Bug fixes:

  • Reduce Hypothesis iterations to speed up testing, allowing PRs to pass [UniversalSuperBox]

4.0.3 (2018-10-10)

Bug fixes:

  • Categories are comma separated not 1 per line #265. [cleder]

  • mark test with mixed timezoneaware and naive datetimes as an expected failure. [cleder]

4.0.2 (2018-06-20)

Bug fixes:

  • Update all URLs to [jon.dufresne]

4.0.1 (2018-02-11)

  • Added rudimentary command line interface. [jfjlaros]

  • Readme, setup and travis updates. [jdufresne, PabloCastellano]

4.0.0 (2017-11-08)

Breaking changes:

  • Drop support for Python 2.6 and 3.3.

3.12 (2017-11-07)

New features:

  • Accept Windows timezone identifiers as valid. #242 [geier]

Bug fixes:

  • Fix ResourceWarnings in when Python warnings are enabled. #244 [jdufresne]

  • Fix invalid escape sequences in string and bytes literals. #245 [jdufresne]

  • Include license file in the generated wheel package. #243 [jdufresne]

  • Fix non-ASCII TZID and TZNAME parameter handling. #238 [clivest]

  • Docs: update install instructions. #240 [Ekran]

3.11.7 (2017-08-27)

New features:

  • added vUTCOffset.ignore_exceptions to allow surpressing of failed TZOFFSET parsing (for now this ignores the check for offsets > 24h) [geier]

3.11.6 (2017-08-04)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix VTIMEZONEs including RDATEs #234. [geier]

3.11.5 (2017-07-03)

Bug fixes:

  • added an assertion that VTIMEZONE sub-components’ DTSTART must be of type DATETIME [geier]

  • Fix handling of VTIMEZONEs with subcomponents with the same DTSTARTs and OFFSETs but which are of different types [geier]

3.11.4 (2017-05-10)

Bug fixes:

  • Don’t break on parameter values which contain equal signs, e.g. base64 encoded binary data [geier]

  • Fix handling of VTIMEZONEs with subcomponents with the same DTSTARTs. [geier]

3.11.3 (2017-02-15)

Bug fixes:

  • Removed setuptools as a dependency as it was only required by and not by the package.

  • Don’t split content lines on the unicode LINE SEPARATOR character \u2028 but only on CRLF or LF.

3.11.2 (2017-01-12)

Bug fixes:

  • Run tests with python 3.5 and 3.6. [geier]

  • Allow tests failing with pypy3 on [geier]

3.11.1 (2016-12-19)

Bug fixes:

  • Encode error message before adding it to the stack of collected error messages.

3.11 (2016-11-18)


  • Successfully test with pypy and pypy3. [gforcada]

  • Minor documentation update. [tpltnt]

3.10 (2016-05-26)


  • Updated components description to better comply with RFC 5545. Refs #183. [stlaz]

  • Added PERIOD value type to date types. Also fixes incompatibilities described in #184. Refs #189. [stlaz]


  • Fix testsuite for use with dateutil>=2.5. Refs #195. [untitaker]

  • Reintroduce cal.Component.is_broken that was removed with 3.9.2. Refs #185. [geier]

3.9.2 (2016-02-05)


  • Defined test_suite in Now tests can be run via python test. [geier]


  • Fixed cal.Component.from_ical() representing an unknown component as one of the known. [stlaz]

  • Fixed possible IndexError exception during parsing of an ical string. [stlaz]

  • When doing a boolean test on, always return True. Before it was returning False due to CaselessDict, if it didn’t contain any items. [stlaz]

  • Fixed date-time being recognized as date or time during parsing. Added better error handling to parsing from ical strings. [stlaz]

  • Added __version__ attribute to [TomTry]

  • Documentation fixes. [TomTry]

  • Pep 8, UTF 8 headers, dict/list calls to literals. [thet]

3.9.1 (2015-09-08)

  • Fix vPeriod.__repr__. [spacekpe]

  • Improve foldline() performance. This improves the foldline performance, especially for large strings like base64-encoded inline attachements. In some cases (1MB string) from 7 Minutes to less than 20ms for ASCII data and 500ms for non-ASCII data. Ref: #163. [emfree]

3.9.0 (2015-03-24)

  • Creating timezone objects from VTIMEZONE components. [geier]

  • Make python-dateutil a dependency. [geier]

  • Made RRULE tolerant of trailing semicolons. [sleeper]

  • Documentation fixes. [t-8ch, thet]

3.8.4 (2014-11-01)

  • Add missing BYWEEKNO to recurrence rules. [russkel]

3.8.3 (2014-08-26)

  • PERCENT property in VTODO renamed to PERCENT-COMPLETE, according to RFC5545. [thomascube]

3.8.2 (2014-07-22)

  • Exclude editor backup files from egg distributions. Fixes #144. [thet]

3.8.1 (2014-07-17)

  • The representation of CaselessDicts in 3.8 changed the name attribute of Components and therefore broke the external API. This has been fixed. [untitaker]

3.8 (2014-07-17)

  • Allow dots in property names (Needed for vCard compatibility). Refs #143. [untitaker]

  • Change class representation for CaselessDict objects to always include the class name or the class’ name attribute, if available. Also show subcomponents for Component objects. [thet]

  • Don’t use data_encode for CaselessDict class representation but use dict’s __repr__ method. [t-8ch]

  • Handle parameters with multiple values, which is needed for vCard 3.0. Refs #142. [t-8ch]

3.7 (2014-06-02)

  • For components with ignore_exceptions set to True, mark unparseable lines as broken instead rising a ValueError. VEVENT components have ignore_exceptions set to True by default. Ref #131. Fixes #104. [jkiang13]

  • Make python-dateutil a soft-dependency. [boltnev]

  • Add optional sorted parameter to Component.to_ical. Setting it to false allows the user to preserve the original property and parameter order. Ref #136. Fixes #133. [untitaker]

  • Fix tests for latest pytz. Don’t set tzinfo directly on datetime objects, but use pytz’s localize function. Ref #138. [untitaker, thet]

  • Remove incorrect use of __all__. We don’t encourage using from package import * imports. Fixes #129. [eric-wieser]

3.6.2 (2014-04-05)

  • Pep8 and cleanup. [lasudry]

3.6.1 (2014-01-13)

  • Open text files referenced by as utf-8, no matter what the locale settings are set to. Fixes #122. [sochotnicky]

  • Add tox.ini to source tarball, which simplifies testing for in distributions. [sochotnicky]

3.6 (2014-01-06)

  • Python3 (3.3+) + Python 2 (2.6+) support [geier]

  • Made sure to_ical() always returns bytes [geier]

  • Support adding lists to a component property, which value already was a list and remove the Component.set method, which was only used by the add method. [thet]

  • Remove ability to add property parameters via a value’s params attribute when adding via cal.add (that was only possible for custom value objects and makes up a strange API), but support a parameter attribute on cal.add’s method signature to pass a dictionary with property parameter key/value pairs. Fixes #116. [thet]

  • Backport some of Regebro’s changes from his regebro-refactor branch. [thet]

  • Raise explicit error on another malformed content line case. [hajdbo]

  • Correctly parse datetime component property values with timezone information when parsed from ical strings. [untitaker]

3.5 (2013-07-03)

  • Let to_unicode be more graceful for non-unicode strings, as like CMFPlone’s safe_unicode does it. [thet]

3.4 (2013-04-24)

  • Switch to unicode internally. This should fix all en/decoding errors. [thet]

  • Support for non-ascii parameter values. Fixes #88. [warvariuc]

  • Added functions to transform chars in string with ‘' + any of r’,;:’ chars into ‘%{:02X}’ form to avoid splitting on chars escaped with ‘'. [warvariuc]

  • Allow seconds in vUTCOffset properties. Fixes #55. [thet]

  • Let Component.decode better handle vRecur and vDDDLists properties. Fixes #70. [thet]

  • Don’t let Component.add re-encode already encoded values. This simplifies the API, since there is no need explicitly pass encode=False. Fixes #82. [thet]

  • Rename tzinfo_from_dt to tzid_from_dt, which is what it does. [thet]

  • More support for dateutil parsed tzinfo objects. Fixes #89. [leo-naeka]

  • Remove python-dateutil version fix at all. Current python-dateutil has Py3 and Py2 compatibility. [thet]

  • Declare the required python-dateutil dependency in Fixes #90. [kleink]

  • Raise test coverage. [thet]

  • Remove interfaces module, as it is unused. [thet]

  • Remove, test suite already created properly in [rnix]

  • Transformed doctests into unittests, Test fixes and cleanup. [warvariuc]

3.3 (2013-02-08)

  • Drop support for Python < 2.6. [thet]

  • Allow vGeo to be instantiated with list and not only tuples of geo coordinates. Fixes #83. [thet]

  • Don’t force to pass a list to vDDDLists and allow setting individual RDATE and EXDATE values without having to wrap them in a list. [thet]

  • Fix encoding function to allow setting RDATE and EXDATE values and not to have bypass encoding with an icalendar property. [thet]

  • Allow setting of timezone for vDDDLists and support timezone properties for RDATE and EXDATE component properties. [thet]

  • Move setting of TZID properties to vDDDTypes, where it belongs to. [thet]

  • Use @staticmethod decorator instead of wrapper function. [warvariuc, thet]

  • Extend quoting of parameter values to all of those characters: “,;: ’’”. This fixes an outlook incompatibility with some characters. Fixes: #79, Fixes: #81. [warvariuc]

  • Define VTIMETZONE subcomponents STANDARD and DAYLIGHT for RFC5545 compliance. [thet]

3.2 (2012-11-27)

  • Documentation file layout restructuring. [thet]

  • Fix time support. vTime events can be instantiated with a datetime.time object, and do not inherit from datetime.time itself. [rdunklau]

  • Correctly handle tzinfo objects parsed with dateutil. Fixes #77. [warvariuc, thet]

  • Text values are escaped correclty. Fixes #74. [warvariuc]

  • Returned old folding algorithm, as the current implementation fails in some cases. Fixes #72, Fixes #73. [warvariuc]

  • Supports to_ical() on date/time properties for dates prior to 1900. [cdevienne]

3.1 (2012-09-05)

  • Make sure parameters to certain properties propagate to the ical output. [kanarip]

  • Re-include doctests. [rnix]

  • Ensure correct datatype at instance creation time in prop.vCalAddress and prop.vText. [rnix]

  • Apply TZID parameter to datetimes parsed from RECURRENCE-ID [dbstovall]

  • Localize datetimes for timezones to avoid DST transition errors. [dbstovall]

  • Allow UTC-OFFSET property value data types in seconds, which follows RFC5545 specification. [nikolaeff]

  • Remove utctz and normalized_timezone methods to simplify the codebase. The methods were too tiny to be useful and just used at one place. [thet]

  • When using Component.add() to add icalendar properties, force a value conversion to UTC for CREATED, DTSTART and LAST-MODIFIED. The RFC expects UTC for those properties. [thet]

  • Removed last occurrences of old API (from_string). [Rembane]

  • Add ‘recursive’ argument to property_items() to switch recursive listing. For example when parsing a text/calendar text including multiple components (e.g. a VCALENDAR with 5 VEVENTs), the previous situation required us to look over all properties in VEVENTs even if we just want the properties under the VCALENDAR component (VERSION, PRODID, CALSCALE, METHOD). [dmikurube]

  • All unit tests fixed. [mikaelfrykholm]

3.0.1b2 (2012-03-01)

  • For all TZID parameters in DATE-TIME properties, use timezone identifiers (e.g. Europe/Vienna) instead of timezone names (e.g. CET), as required by RFC5545. Timezone names are used together with timezone identifiers in the Timezone components. [thet]

  • Timezone parsing, issues and test fixes. [mikaelfrykholm, garbas, tgecho]

  • Since we use pytz for timezones, also use UTC tzinfo object from the pytz library instead of own implementation. [thet]

3.0.1b1 (2012-02-24)

  • Update Release information. [thet]


  • Add API for proper Timezone support. Allow creating ical DATE-TIME strings with timezone information from Python datetimes with pytz based timezone information and vice versa. [thet]

  • Unify API to only use to_ical and from_ical and remove string casting as a requirement for Python 3 compatibility: New: to_ical. Old: ical, string, as_string and string casting via __str__ and str. New: from_ical. Old: from_string. [thet]

2.2 (2011-08-24)

2.1 (2009-12-14)

  • Fix deprecation warnings about object.__init__ taking no parameters.

  • Set the VALUE parameter correctly for date values.

  • Long binary data would be base64 encoded with newlines, which made the iCalendar files incorrect. (This still needs testing).

  • Correctly handle content lines which include newlines.

2.0.1 (2008-07-11)

  • Made the tests run under Python 2.5+

  • Renamed the UTC class to Utc, so it would not clash with the UTC object, since that rendered the UTC object unpicklable.

2.0 (2008-07-11)

  • EXDATE and RDATE now returns a vDDDLists object, which contains a list of vDDDTypes objects. This is do that EXDATE and RDATE can contain lists of dates, as per RFC.

    *Note!*: This change is incompatible with earlier behavior, so if you handle EXDATE and RDATE you will need to update your code.

  • When createing a vDuration of -5 hours (which in itself is nonsensical), the ical output of that was -P1DT19H, which is correct, but ugly. Now it’s ‘-PT5H’, which is prettier.

1.2 (2006-11-25)

  • Fixed a string index out of range error in the new folding code.

1.1 (2006-11-23)

  • Fixed a bug in caselessdicts popitem. (thanks to Michael Smith <>)

  • The RFC 2445 was a bit unclear on how to handle line folding when it happened to be in the middle of a UTF-8 character. This has been clarified in the following discussion: And this is now implemented in iCalendar. It will not fold in the middle of a UTF-8 character, but may fold in the middle of a UTF-8 composing character sequence.

1.0 (2006-08-03)

  • make get_inline and set_inline support non ascii codes.

  • Added support for creating a python egg distribution.

0.11 (2005-11-08)

  • Changed component .from_string to use types_factory instead of hardcoding entries to ‘inline’

  • Changed UTC tzinfo to a singleton so the same one is used everywhere

  • Made the parser more strict by using regular expressions for key name, param name and quoted/unquoted safe char as per the RFC

  • Added some tests from the schooltool icalendar parser for better coverage

  • Be more forgiving on the regex for folding lines

  • Allow for multiple top-level components on .from_string

  • Fix vWeekdays, wasn’t accepting relative param (eg: -3SA vs -SA)

  • vDDDTypes didn’t accept negative period (eg: -P30M)

  • ‘N’ is also acceptable as newline on content lines, per RFC

0.10 (2005-04-28)

  • moved code to subversion.

  • reorganized package structure so that source code is under ‘src’ directory. Non-package files remain in distribution root.

  • redid doc/.py files as doc/.txt, using more modern doctest. Before they were .py files with big docstrings.

  • added testrunner, and tests/ that picks up all doctests in source code and doc directory, and runs them, when typing:

  • renamed iCalendar to lower case package name, lowercased, de-pluralized and shorted module names, which are mostly implementation detail.

  • changed tests so they generate .ics files in a temp directory, not in the structure itself.


Copyright (c) 2012-2013, Plone Foundation All rights reserved.

Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:

  • Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.

  • Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.


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