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Joybien mmWave (Batman-101/201/301/501/601) library

Project description

mmWave Package


This is a mmWave data parsing library package work with Joybien mmWave EVM Kit.

libray include:

  1. vitalsign v0.0.10
  2. highAccuraccy v0.0.4
  3. peopleMB v0.0.4
  4. srradar v0.0.1
  5. people3D v0.0.2
  6. pc3d v0.0.3
  7. pc3d_kv v0.0.2
  8. lpdISK v0.0.1
  9. lpdISK_kv v0.0.1
  10. vehicleOD v0.0.1 (deprecated)
  11. trafficMD_kv v0.0.2
  12. surfaceVD v0.0.1
  13. trafficMD v0.1.0 update:2021/04/21
  14. droneRN v0.0.2
  15. pc3 v0.1.4 update:2021/10/12(doppler & range swap: seq:eadrs)
  16. vehicleODHeatMap v0.0.1
  17. vitalsign_kv v0.0.1
  18. vehicleODR v0.0.1 (VOD: Vehicle Occupancy Detection)
  19. roadwayTMD_kv v0.1.2 update:2021/05/04 (TRS: Traffic monitoring detection Roadway Sensing )
  20. pc3OVH v0.1.2 2021/08/12(OVH: OVerHead)
  21. lpdFDS v0.1.2 updated:2021/05/26 (FDS: Falling Detection Sensing)
  22. trafficMD_I480 v0.1.0 2021/09/16 (Traffic Monitoring Detection version:I480) v0.1.1 2022/03/10 bug fix v2.0.1 2022/04/28 (output data posZ,velZ,accZ position change)
  23. mrRadar v0.0.1 2021/12/31 released (MRR: Medium Range Radar) v0.0.2 2022/02/07 format revised v0.1.0 2022/06/02 fit v3 data v1.0.0 2022/06/08 change data get method v1.0.1 :2022/06/09 added headerShowAll()
  24. pc3_oob v0.0.1 2022/03/01 first released v0.0.2 2022/03/01 bug fix v0.0.3 2022/03/03
  25. pc3_vsd v0.0.1 2022/03/10 Bata version
  26. pc3_v2 v2 2022/04/19 first released v2.0.1 2022/06/10 pc3_v2 v6 add sx,sy,sz
    v2.0.2 2022/06/13 pc3_v2 add azimuth offset
  27. trafficMD_I480 v2.0.1 2022/04/28 (output data posZ,velZ,accZ position change) v2.0.2/3 added tlvRead status, chk: {0:'EMPTY',1:'inData',10:'IDLE',99:'FALSE'} v2.0.4 added tlvRead status, chk: {0:'EMPTY',1:'inData',10:'IDLE',99:'FALSE'}

Example code

  • Example code you can down load from GitHub if you found any bugs or have any suggestions Please submit issues to Github


pip3 install mmWave

update history

  1. 2021/09/16 pc3OVH v0.1.2 : @v7 dataFrame colume change. 'tid' move to front of 'ec0'

  2. 2021/10/12 pc3 v0.1.4 update:(doppler & range swap: seq:eadrs)

  3. mmWave-0.1.62 2021/12/31 MRR v0.0.1 added MRR

  4. mmWave-0.1.63 2022/02/07 MRR v0.0.2 update(format revised)

  5. mmWave-0.1.64 2022/03/01 pc3_oob v0.0.1 added pc3_oob

  6. mmWave-0.1.65 2022/03/01 pc3_oob v0.0.2 bug fix 2022/03/03 pc3_oob v0.0.3 bug fix

  7. mmWave-1.0.68
    2022/03/10 pc3_vsd v0.0.1 beta version

  8. mmWave-1.0.70
    2022/04/19 pc3_v2 v2.0 @copy from pc3OVH

  9. mmWave-1.0.71
    2022/04/28 trafficMD_I480 v2.0.1 (output data posZ,velZ,accZ position change)

  10. mmWave-1.0.72 (remove)

  11. mmWave-1.0.73
    2022/05/12 trafficMD_I480 v2.0.2 "added tlvRead status, chk: {0:'EMPTY',1:'inData',10:'IDLE',99:'FALSE'}

  12. mmWave-1.0.74
    2022/05/15 trafficMD_I480 v2.0.4 revised v8,v9 as dictionay data type

  13. mmWave-1.0.75
    2022/06/02 mrRadar revised to fit v3

  14. mmWave-1.0.76
    2022/06/08 mrRadar revised data get method

  15. mmWave-1.0.77
    2022/06/09 mrRadar added headerShowAll()

  16. mmWave-1.0.78 2022/06/10 pc3_v2 v2.0.1 (v6 data update) add sx,sy,sz v2.0.2 2022/06/13 pc3_v2 add azimuth offset

  17. mmWave-1.0.79 v2.0.2 2022/06/13 pc3_v2 add azimuth offset

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