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PasteScript template to create a Python project with distribute and buildout support

Project description


modern-package-template is a PasteScript template to create an initial layout for your Python projects using modern tools and practices followed in the Python community. Thus, your projects will have the following characteristics:

  1. Use Distribute instead of setuptools as the BDFL himself supports it.

  2. Buildout support, though you are not required to make use of it.

  3. README.txt and NEWS.txt automatically included in your package metadata as long_description, thus making them appear in the PyPI page for your project.

  4. Automatic script (or .exe) creation using Distribute

Here is a sample project created using modern-package-template.

See the section titled “Roadmap” below for planned features.

Getting started

First install modern-package-template using PyPM or pip:

$ pypm install modern-package-template


$ pip install modern-package-template

To create a Python project called “helloworld”, run the following command in your terminal:

$ paster create -t modern_package helloworld

You can also, optionally, create namespace packages:

$ paster create -t modern_package

Once you create the project layout, the very first thing you must do is to review the contents of README.txt and edit it accordingly.


Source code is derived from the advanced_package template - which is also licensed under GPLv3.



Release date: 11-Apr-2010

  • #20: Include .gitignore

  • #19: Rename README.txt to README.rst so it renders on Github


Release date: 02-Apr-2010

  • #18: Fix missing .hgignore


Release date: 30-Mar-2010

  • Add a ‘Credits’ section to README.txt

  • #2: Include a sample entry point

  • #13: Include .hgignore

  • #11: Include dev howtos in HACKING.txt

  • Remove setup.cfg – simple to have no .dev marker


Release date: 15-Mar-2010

  • #10: Remove dependency on Distribute

  • #9: Remove


Release date: 14-Mar-2010

  • #6: Remove zip_safe from the template questionnaire

  • #3: Add README.txt and NEWS.txt as a replacement for long_description

  • #1: Add to the template


Release date: 14-Feb-2010

  • Provide a complete buildout.cfg that is usable

  • Use buildout by default

  • Use Distribute instead of Setuptools

  • Inherit from harobed.paster_template.advanced_package 0.2

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