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Play sound beeps corresponding to musical notes.

Project description

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A python package to play sound beeps corresponding to musical notes from the command line or another python program.

This package uses the numpy and simplaudio packages.

How to use it from another python program:

import musicalbeeps

player = musicalbeeps.Player(volume = 0.3,
                            mute_output = False)

# Examples:

# To play an A on default octave n°4 for 0.2 seconds
player.play_note("A", 0.2)

# To play a G flat on octave n°3 for 2.5 seconds
player.play_note("G3b", 2.5)

# To play a F sharp on octave n°5 for the default duration of 0.5 seconds

# To pause the player for 3.5 seconds
player.play_note("pause", 3.5)

Initialization parameters for the Player class:

Name Type Default Description
volume float 0.3 Set the volume. Must be between 0 and 1
mute_output bool False Mute the output displayed when a note is played

How to use it from the command line:

musicalbeeps --help

usage: musicalbeeps [-h] [--silent] [--volume VOLUME] [file]

Play sound beeps corresponding to musical notes.

positional arguments:
  file             a file containing musical notes

optional arguments:
  -h, --help       show this help message and exit
  --silent         disable player output
  --volume VOLUME  volume between 0 and 1 (default=0.3)

how to play notes:
    Notes are read from a file passed as argument, or directly from the
    standard input. Each note must be on a new line.

note format:
    Each note must be formatted like so: 'A5#:1.5' (without quotes)
        - 'A' is the note (between A and G, can be lowercase)
        - '5' is the octave (between 0 and 8, default=4)
        - '#' (or 'b') is optional and used to play a sharp or flat note
        - ':1.5' is the duration of the note (1.5 seconds here, default=0.5)

    You can pause the player by replacing the note by the 'pause' word.
    For exemple, 'pause:5' will pause the player for 5 seconds.


  • To play a B sharp on octave n°5 for 1.2 seconds: echo "B5#:1.2" | musicalbeeps

  • To play the content of a file: musicalbeeps file_to_play.txt

Example files are provided in the music_scores directory of the GitHub repository.

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