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Open vSwitch Mnipulation Library

Project description


Open vSwitch Library written in Python

ovspy · PyPI

Supported Operation

  • Bridge
    • Get(name, uuid, port)
    • Add
    • Delete
  • Port
    • Get(name, uuid, vlan)
    • Add(with VLAN)
    • Delete


pip install ovspy

Getting Started

Configure Open vSwitch Manager

This library manipulate Open vSwitch by access OVSDB
You need to configure OVSDB manager port to manipulate OVSDB from ovspy via TCP.

sudo ovs-vsctl set-manager ptcp:5678


import ovspy.client

ovs = ovspy.client.OvsClient(5678)

#Get exist all bridges
#This function return list of OvsBridge instance
for br in ovs.get_bridges():

#Find bridge by bridge name
#This function return OvsBridge instance
#If specified bridge is not found, the function return None
bridge = ovs.find_bridge("br0")

#Add bridge
#If specified bridge is already exist, This function raise ovspy.ovs_error.Duplicate

#Delete bridge
#If specified bridge is not exist, This function raise ovspy.ovs_error.NotFound


import ovspy.client

ovs = ovspy.client.OvsClient(5678)

#Get Bridge instance
bridge = ovs.find_bridge("br0")

#Get all ports which is associate to birgde
for p in bridge.get_ports():
    print("%s:(%s)" % (p.get_name(), p.get_vlan_info()))

#Find port by name
port =  bridge.find_port("p0")

#Add port(Access port)
bridge.add_port("p1", 10)

#Add port(Trunk port)
bridge.add_port("p3", [])

#Add port(Trunk port with restrict vlan)
bridge.add_port("p4", [10, 20])

#Delete port


ovspy has following class as custom exception

  • ovspy.ovs_error.OvspyError
    • Super class of custom exceptions
  • ovspy.ovs_error.Duplicate
    • The error is raise when user operation cause duplicate status(e.g. Case of try to create port with same name as existing port)
  • ovspy.ovs_error.NotFound
    • The error is raise when user specified resource is not exist. (e.g. Case of try to delete port but the port is not existing)
  • ovspy.ovs_error.TransactionError
    • The error is raise when failed to transaction with OVSDB. (e.g. Timeout for connection)
  • ovspy.ovs_error.Unsupported
    • The error is raise when user try to unsupported operation with ovspy.

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