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Merge known translations between .po files.

Project description

Script to merge translations from a set of po files to other set of po files.

pomerge does not care about .po file names, a translation from one file can land in another as long as their msgid are identical.


Basic usage is pomerge --from source.po --to dest.po, see pomerge --help for more.

--from and --to are optional, when not given, pomerge will use a temporay file. So:

pomerge --from a/**/*.po --to b/**/*.po

is strictly equivalent to:

pomerge --from a/**/*.po
pomerge --to b/**/*.po

The wrapping of your .po files is not kept by pomerge, completly destroying the readability of git diffs, to fix this I use poindent.


Propagating translations from a directory to another

When you’re having two directories with .po files and want to copy translations (msgstr) from one to another, even if the hiearchy is not the same, run:

pomerge --from ../contributors/**/*.po --to **/*.po

In this case, two options can be useful:

  • --no-overwrite: Avoid touching already translated strings.

  • --mark-as-fuzzy: Mark all new translations as fuzzy, usefull when you know you’ll have to proofread the translations.

Propagating known translations

In big projects, there may be multiple occurrences of the same string in different .po files, to automatically fill blanks with already translated ones, use:

pomerge --no-overwrite --from **/*.po --to **/*.po

The --no-overwrite is usefull if the same msgstr has already been translated twice, but differently (depending on the context maybe), the --no-overwrite will prevent one to be overwritten by the other.

Synchronizing translation between git branches

If you’re having multiple branches of your documentation to track multiple branches of your project, you may want to synchronize known translations between branches, you can do it like this:

git checkout master  # The place where your contributors work
pomerge --from **/*.po  # Make pomerge "learn" this set of translations
git checkout old_version  # The translation for an old branch
pomerge --to **/*.po

This way you can still make old translation progress a bit while focusing only on the current master.

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