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Sexy fonts for the console

Project description

  ██████╗ ███████╗  ██████╗  ███╗   ██╗ ████████╗ ███████╗
 ██╔════╝ ██╔════╝ ██╔═══██╗ ████╗  ██║ ╚══██╔══╝ ██╔════╝
 ██║      █████╗   ██║   ██║ ██╔██╗ ██║    ██║    ███████╗
 ██║      ██╔══╝   ██║   ██║ ██║╚██╗██║    ██║    ╚════██║
 ╚██████╗ ██║      ╚██████╔╝ ██║ ╚████║    ██║    ███████║
  ╚═════╝ ╚═╝       ╚═════╝  ╚═╝  ╚═══╝    ╚═╝    ╚══════╝


This is a Python port of cfonts. Thanks for the original code and beautiful console fonts!

NOTE: This project supports Python 3.6+


$ pip install python-cfonts



Command line interface:

usage: cfonts [-h] [-V]
              [-f {console,block,simpleBlock,simple,3d,simple3d,chrome,huge,grid,pallet,shade,slick}]
              [-c COLORS] [-b BACKGROUND] [-a {left,center,right}]
              [-l LETTER_SPACING] [-z LINE_HEIGHT] [-s] [-m MAX_LENGTH]
              [-g GRADIENT] [-i] [-t]

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -V, --version         show program's version number and exit
  -f {console,block,simpleBlock,simple,3d,simple3d,chrome,huge,grid,pallet,shade,slick}, --font {console,block,simpleBlock,simple,3d,simple3d,chrome,huge,grid,pallet,shade,slick}
                        Use to define the font face
  -c COLORS, --colors COLORS
                        Use to define the font color
  -b BACKGROUND, --background BACKGROUND
                        Use to define the background color
  -a {left,center,right}, --align {left,center,right}
                        Use to align the text output
  -l LETTER_SPACING, --letter-spacing LETTER_SPACING
                        Use to define the letter spacing
  -z LINE_HEIGHT, --line-height LINE_HEIGHT
                        Use to define the line height
  -s, --spaceless       Use to define the background color
  -m MAX_LENGTH, --max-length MAX_LENGTH
                        Use to define the amount of maximum characters per
  -g GRADIENT, --gradient GRADIENT
                        Define gradient colors(separated by comma)
  -i, --independent-gradient
                        Set this option to re-calculate the gradient colors
                        for each new line.Only works in combination with the
                        gradient option.
  -t, --transition-gradient
                        Set this option to generate your own gradients. Each
                        color set in the gradient option will then be
                        transitioned to directly.

Or generate the fonts pragramatically:

from cfonts import render, say

output = render('Hello world', colors=['red', 'yellow'], align='center')

Supported Characters

A O 2 2 =
B P 3 3 @
C Q 4 4 #
D R 5 5 $
E S 6 6 %
F T 7 7 &
G U 8 8 (
H V 9 9 )
I W ! ! /
J X ? ? :
K Y . . ;
L Z + + ,
M 0 - - '
N 1 _ _ `` (space)


python-cfonts is managed by pdm, first install it:

pipx install pdm

Then, install a dependencies:

pdm install -d

Run tests:

$ pdm run pytest tests


The project is originated by @dominikwilkowski, under GPLv2 license. Ported by @frostming, under MIT license. See LICENSE for details


  • v1.5.2 Fix the RGB color codes for truecolor system.
  • v1.5.1
    • Fix the truecolor display on Windows.
    • Enable truecolor by default for Windows Terminal.
    • Add type hints for the codebase.
  • v1.5.0 Officially drop support of Python 2.7
  • v1.4.0 Officially drop support of Python 3.5
  • v1.3.1 Fix the sdist.
  • v1.3.0 Relicense to MIT.
  • v1.2.0 Add font tiny.
  • v1.1.0 Switch to argparse to drop dependency click.
  • v1.0.0 Support gradient colors and transition gradient.
  • v0.5.0 Add four new fonts and double quote as supported charater.
  • v0.3.1 Fix a bug that the background doesn't span the full width.
  • v0.3.0 Supports Python 2.7.
  • v0.2.0 Initial commit and testing.

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