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Summarize geospatial raster datasets based on vector geometries

Project description


rasterstats is a Python module for summarizing geospatial raster datasets based on vector geometries. It includes functions for zonal statistics and interpolated point queries. The command-line interface allows for easy interoperability with other GeoJSON tools.


For details on installation and usage, visit the documentation at

What does it do?

Given a vector layer and a raster band, calculate the summary statistics of each vector geometry. For example, with a polygon vector layer and a digital elevation model (DEM) raster, compute the mean elevation of each polygon.

zones elevation

Command Line Quick Start

The command line interfaces to zonalstats and point_query are rio subcommands which read and write geojson features

$ fio cat polygon.shp | rio zonalstats -r elevation.tif

$ fio cat points.shp | rio pointquery -r elevation.tif

See the CLI Docs. for more detail.

Python Quick Start

For zonal statistics

>>> from rasterstats import zonal_stats
>>> stats = zonal_stats("tests/data/polygons.shp", "tests/data/slope.tif")
>>> stats[0].keys()
dict_keys(['min', 'max', 'mean', 'count'])
>>> [f['mean'] for f in stats]
[14.660084635416666, 56.60576171875]

and for point queries

>>> from rasterstats import point_query
>>> point = {'type': 'Point', 'coordinates': (245309.0, 1000064.0)}
>>> point_query(point, "tests/data/slope.tif")


Find a bug? Report it via github issues by providing

  • a link to download the smallest possible raster and vector dataset necessary to reproduce the error

  • python code or command to reproduce the error

  • information on your environment: versions of python, gdal and numpy and system memory

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