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Supabase client for Python.

Project description


Python client for Supabase

Set up a Local Development Environment

Clone the Repository

git clone
cd supabase-py

Create and Activate a Virtual Environment

We recommend activating your virtual environment. For example, we like poetry and conda! Click here for more about Python virtual environments and working with conda and poetry.

Using venv (Python 3 built-in):

python3 -m venv env
source env/bin/activate  # On Windows, use .\env\Scripts\activate

Using conda:

conda create --name supabase-py
conda activate supabase-py

PyPi installation

Install the package (for > Python 3.7):

# with pip
pip install supabase

# with conda
conda install -c conda-forge supabase

Local installation

You can also install locally after cloning this repo. Install Development mode with pip install -e, which makes it so when you edit the source code the changes will be reflected in your python module.


Set your Supabase environment variables in a dotenv file, or using the shell:

export SUPABASE_URL="my-url-to-my-awesome-supabase-instance"
export SUPABASE_KEY="my-supa-dupa-secret-supabase-api-key"

Init client:

import os
from supabase import create_client, Client

url: str = os.environ.get("SUPABASE_URL")
key: str = os.environ.get("SUPABASE_KEY")
supabase: Client = create_client(url, key)

Use the supabase client to interface with your database.


user = supabase.auth.sign_up({ "email": users_email, "password": users_password })


user = supabase.auth.sign_in_with_password({ "email": users_email, "password": users_password })

Insert Data

data = supabase.table("countries").insert({"name":"Germany"}).execute()

# Assert we pulled real data.
assert len( > 0

Select Data

data = supabase.table("countries").select("*").eq("country", "IL").execute()

# Assert we pulled real data.
assert len( > 0

Update Data

data = supabase.table("countries").update({"country": "Indonesia", "capital_city": "Jakarta"}).eq("id", 1).execute()

Update data with duplicate keys

country = {
  "country": "United Kingdom",
  "capital_city": "London" # this was missing when it was added

data = supabase.table("countries").upsert(country).execute()
assert len( > 0

Delete Data

data = supabase.table("countries").delete().eq("id", 1).execute()

Call Edge Functions

def test_func():
    resp = supabase.functions.invoke("hello-world", invoke_options={'body':{}})
    return resp
  except (FunctionsRelayError, FunctionsHttpError) as exception:
    err = exception.to_dict()

Download a file from Storage

bucket_name: str = "photos"

data ="photo1.png")

Upload a file

bucket_name: str = "photos"
new_file = getUserFile()

data ="/user1/profile.png", new_file)

Remove a file

bucket_name: str = "photos"

data =["old_photo.png", "image5.jpg"])

List all files

bucket_name: str = "charts"

data =

Move and rename files

bucket_name: str = "charts"
old_file_path: str = "generic/graph1.png"
new_file_path: str = "important/revenue.png"

data =, new_file_path)


  • Wrap Postgrest-py
    • Add remaining filters
    • Add support for EXPLAIN
    • Add proper error handling
  • Wrap Realtime-py
    • Integrate with Supabase-py
    • Support WALRUS
    • Support broadcast (to check if already supported)
  • Wrap auth-py
    • Remove references to GoTrue-js v1 and do a proper release
    • Test and document common flows (e.g. sign in with OAuth, sign in with OTP)
    • Add MFA methods and SSO methods
    • Add Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) methods. Unlike the JS library, we do not currently plan to support Magic Link (PKCE). Please use the token hash in tandem with verifyOTP instead.
  • Wrap storage-py
    • Support resumable uploads
    • Setup testing environment
    • Document how to properly upload different file types (e.g. jpeg/png and download it)
  • Wrap functions-py

Overall Tasks

  • Add async support across the entire library
  • Add FastAPI helper library (external to supabase-py)
  • Add django-supabase-postgrest (external to supabase-py)


Contributing to the Python libraries are a great way to get involved with the Supabase community. Reach out to us on Discord or on our Github Discussions page if you want to get involved.

Running Tests

Currently the test suites are in a state of flux. We are expanding our clients tests to ensure things are working, and for now can connect to this test instance, that is populated with the following table:

The above test database is a blank supabase instance that has populated the countries table with the built in countries script that can be found in the supabase UI. You can launch the test scripts and point to the above test database by running



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