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tcconfig is a tc command wrapper. Make it easy to set up traffic control of network bandwidth/latency/packet-loss/packet-corruption/etc. to a network-interface/Docker-container(veth).

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tcconfig is a tc command wrapper. Make it easy to set up traffic control of network bandwidth/latency/packet-loss/packet-corruption/etc. to a network-interface/Docker-container(veth).

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Traffic control

Setup traffic shaping rules

Easy to apply traffic shaping rules to specific networks:

  • Outgoing/Incoming packets

  • Source/Destination IP-address/network (IPv4/IPv6)

  • Source/Destination ports

Available parameters

The following parameters can be set to network interfaces:

  • Network bandwidth rate [G/M/K bps]

  • Network latency [microseconds/milliseconds/seconds/minutes]

  • Packet loss rate [%]

  • Packet corruption rate [%]

  • Packet duplicate rate [%]

  • Packet reordering rate [%]


  • Network interfaces: e.g. eth0

  • Docker container (veth corresponding with a container)



Set traffic control (tcset command)

tcset is a command to add a traffic control rule to a network interface (device).

e.g. Set a limit on bandwidth up to 100Kbps

# tcset eth0 --rate 100Kbps

e.g. Set network latency

You can use time units (such as us/sec/min/etc.) to designate delay time.

Set 100 milliseconds of network latency
# tcset eth0 --delay 100ms
Set 10 seconds of network latency
# tcset eth0 --delay 10sec
Set 0.5 minutes (30 seconds) network latency
# tcset eth0 --delay 0.5min

You can also use the following time units:


Available specifiers (str)











e.g. Set 0.1% packet loss

# tcset eth0 --loss 0.1%

e.g. All of the above settings at once

# tcset eth0 --rate 100Kbps --delay 100ms --loss 0.1%

e.g. Specify the IP address of the traffic control

# tcset eth0 --delay 100ms --network

e.g. Specify the IP network and port of traffic control

# tcset eth0 --delay 100ms --network --port 80

Set traffic control to a docker container

Execute tcconfig with --docker option on a Docker host:

# tcset <container name or ID> --docker ...

You could use --src-container/--dst-container options to specify the source/destination container.

Set traffic control within a docker container

You need to run a container with --cap-add NET_ADMIN option if you would like to set a tc rule within a container:

docker run -d --cap-add NET_ADMIN -t <docker image>

A container image that builtin tcconfig can be available at

Delete traffic control (tcdel command)

tcdel is a command to delete traffic shaping rules from a network interface (device).

e.g. Delete traffic control of eth0

You can delete all of the shaping rules for the eth0 with -a/--all option:

# tcdel eth0 --all

Display traffic control configurations (tcshow command)

tcshow is a command to display the current traffic control settings for network interface(s).


# tcset eth0 --delay 10ms --delay-distro 2  --loss 0.01% --rate 0.25Mbps --network --port 8080
# tcset eth0 --delay 1ms --loss 0.02% --rate 500Kbps --direction incoming
# tcshow eth0
    "eth0": {
        "outgoing": {
            "dst-network=, dst-port=8080, protocol=ip": {
                "filter_id": "800::800",
                "delay": "10.0ms",
                "delay-distro": "2.0ms",
                "loss": "0.01%",
                "rate": "250Kbps"
        "incoming": {
            "protocol=ip": {
                "filter_id": "800::800",
                "delay": "1.0ms",
                "loss": "0.02%",
                "rate": "500Kbps"

For more information

More examples are available at


Installation: pip

tcconfig can be installed from PyPI via pip (Python package manager) command.

sudo pip install tcconfig

Installation: dpkg (Debian/Ubuntu)

curl -sSL | sudo bash


Linux packages

  • mandatory: required for tc command:
    • Ubuntu/Debian: iproute2

    • Fedora/RHEL: iproute-tc

  • optional: required when you use the --iptables option:
    • iptables

Linux kernel module

  • sch_netem

Optional Python packages



Docker image


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