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threefive is The Leading SCTE-35 Parsing Lib for Mpeg-TS Video Streams, and Base64 or Hex Encoded Messages. threefive is Used in Production By Three of The Largest Broadcast Networks in The World..

Project description

:rocket: threefive

threefive is a SCTE35 Parser library in Python3.

  • All 2019 SCTE-35 Splice Commands and Splice Descriptors are fully Supported.

  • threefive is simple and easy to use.

Why so many releases?

  • I generate a lot releases, however the interface to classes and functions rarely changes.
  • Releases are made for incremental improvements. This keeps pip and the git repo in sync.
  • Having several relases makes it much easier to resolve issues.

Heads Up! Changes as of 11/27/2020


  • Stream.decode_next() will be removed in 2.2.37.

    • The decode_next() method has proven to be problematic since the switch to parsing MPEG-TS tables directly.
    • Use Stream.decode(func=myfunc) instead. It works just like a callback function.
  • As of version 2.1.95, threefive.version returns a string for the current version.

  >>> import threefive
  >>> threefive.version()

Fast _Start


  • Python 3.6+ or pypy3
  • bitn


  • git
git clone

cd SCTE-threefive

# you need root to install for the system

make install

# for pypy3 

make pypy3
  • pip
pip3 install threefive

# for pypy3

pypy3 -mpip install threefive

#If you don't have pip installed, try this.

pypy3 -mensurepip install pip 

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Easy threefive

The decode Function

  • source
  • threefive.decode is an all purpose function to decode SCTE 35 messages from a file or string.
import threefive
  • MpegTS
  • Base64
  • Hex

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Advanced threefive

Cue Class

  • source
  • The threefive.Cue class decodes a SCTE35 binary, base64, or hex encoded string.
  • threefive.Cue provides several methods to access the parsed data.
from threefive import Cue


cue = Cue(B64)
Return cue as dict

# Splice Info Section

# Splice Command

# Splice Descriptors
Return cue as JSON
jason = cue.get_json()
Print cue as JSON

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Stream Class

 threefive.Stream(tsdata, show_null = False)
  • source

  • The threefive.Stream class parses SCTE35 messages from a file or stream.

    • tsdata is an open file handle.

    • show_null if set to True, enables showing SCTE 35 null commands.

Method Description Prints all recognized Programs and streams by pid and type.
Stream.decode(func = show_cue) Prints SCTE-35 cues for SCTE-35 packets. Accepts an optional function, func, as arg.
Stream.decode_program(the_program,func = show_cue) Same as Stream.decode except only packets where program == the_program
Stream.decode_proxy(func = show_cue) Same as Stream.decode except raw packets are written to stdout for piping to another program.

List programs and streams for a video.

# pypy3
>>>> from threefive import Stream, version
>>>> version
>>>> with open('video.ts','rb') as tsdata:
....     st = Stream(tsdata)

Program: 1030 (pcr pid: 1031)
	   1031: [0x1b] Video
	   1032: [0x3] ISO/IEC 11172 Audio
	   1034: [0x6] ITU-T Rec. H.222.0 | ISO/IEC 13818-1 PES packets with private data
	   1035: [0x86] SCTE 35

Program: 1100 (pcr pid: 1101)
	   1101: [0x1b] Video
	   1102: [0x3] ISO/IEC 11172 Audio
	   1104: [0x6] ITU-T Rec. H.222.0 | ISO/IEC 13818-1 PES packets with private data
	   1105: [0x86] SCTE 35

Program: 1080 (pcr pid: 1081)
	   1081: [0x1b] Video
	   1082: [0x3] ISO/IEC 11172 Audio
	   1084: [0x6] ITU-T Rec. H.222.0 | ISO/IEC 13818-1 PES packets with private data


import sys
from threefive import Stream

if __name__ =='__main__':
   with open(sys.argv[1],'rb') as tsdata:
       sp = Stream(tsdata)
  • Pass in custom function

  • func should match the interface func(cue)

  • example

import sys
import threefive

def display(cue):

def do():
   with open(sys.argv[1],'rb') as tsdata:
    sp = threefive.Stream(tsdata)
    sp.decode(func = display)       

if __name__ == '__main__':

Stream.decode_program(the_program, func = show_cue)

  • Use Stream.decode_program() instead of Stream.decode() to decode SCTE-35 from packets where program == the_program
import threefive

with open('../35.ts','rb') as tsdata:

Stream.decode_proxy(func = show_cue)

  • Writes all packets to sys.stdout.

  • Writes scte35 data to sys.stderr.

   import threefive

   with open('vid.ts','rb') as tsdata:
      sp = threefive.Stream(tsdata)
  • Pipe to mplayer
python3 | mplayer -

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Project details

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