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The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of SCTE-35.

Project description

It's not just me saying threefive is the best SCTE-35 parser.

threefive is the highest rated SCTE-35 parser. Ever.

cli tool and library for encoding and decoding SCTE-35.

Parses SCTE-35 from multiple streams in MPEGTS and Multiple Program Transport Streams
Parses SCTE-35 from Cues encoded inBase64, Bytes, Hex, Integers.
Parses SCTE-35 from files, http(s), Multicast, UDP and even stdin ( you can pipe to it).
Parses SCTE-35 from streams converted to bin data ( type 0x06 ) by ffmpeg.

Latest threefive release is 2.4.35

New stuff in threefive

  • threefive cli tool now accepts keywords image

  • threefive supports the latest SCTE-35 specification SCTE-35 2023r1

  • NEW! threefive now has experimental DVB DAS Support ETSI TS 103 752-1

SCTE-35 code examples

Encoding and Encoding | more


Supported Platforms
  • threefive is expected to work on any platform that runs python3.6 and up.
  • There are no known platform specific issues.
Versions and Releases

Every time I fix a bug or add a feature, I do a new release. I only support the latest version. Stay up with me.

a@fu:~$ pypy3
Python 3.9.17 (7.3.12+dfsg-1, Jun 16 2023, 18:55:49)
[PyPy 7.3.12 with GCC 12.3.0] on linux
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>>> import threefive
>>>> threefive.version
  • Release versions are odd.
  • Unstable testing versions are even.
Parse SCTE-35 on the command line.
  • Parse base64
  • Parse a hex value
threefive 0xFC302F000000000000FFFFF014054800008F7FEFFE7369C02EFE0052CCF500000000000A0008435545490000013562DBA30A
  • Parse MPEGTS from stdin
cat video.ts | threefive
  • Parse MPEGTS video over https
  • Parse multicast
threefive udp://@
  • display realtime program -> pts
a@fu:~$ threefive pts /home/a/msnbc.ts

1-> 3164.442756
1-> 3164.409422
1-> 3164.476089
1-> 3164.476089
1-> 3164.476089
1-> 3164.642756
1-> 3164.576089
  • display mpegts stream info
a@fu:~$ threefive show

Program: 1
   Service:	Service01
   Provider:	FFmpeg
   Pid:	4096
   Pcr Pid:	256
   	Pid: 134[0x86]	Type: 0x86 SCTE35 Data
   	Pid: 256[0x100]	Type: 0x1b AVC Video
   	Pid: 257[0x101]	Type: 0xf AAC Audio
Parse SCTE-35 programmatically with a few lines of code.
Mpegts Multicast in three lines of code.
import threefive

strm = threefive.Stream('udp://@')

(need an easy multicast server? gumd )

Mpegts over Https in three lines of code.
import threefive
strm = threefive.Stream('')


 <details><summary>Base64 in five lines of code.</summary>

>>> from threefive import Cue
>>> cue=Cue(stuff)
>>> cue.decode()

Bytes in five lines of code.
>>> import threefive

>>> stuff = b'\xfc0\x11\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\xff\xff\xff\x00\x00\x00O%3\x96'
>>> cue=Cue(stuff)
>>> cue.decode()

Hex in 4 lines of code.
import threefive

cue = threefive.Cue("0XFC301100000000000000FFFFFF0000004F253396")
Easy SCTE-35 encoding with threefive.
  • Need SCTE-35 Packet Injection? SuperKabuki, powered by threefive.

  • Helper functions for SCTE35 Cue encoding

Python 3.8.13 (7.3.9+dfsg-5, Oct 30 2022, 09:55:31)
[PyPy 7.3.9 with GCC 12.2.0] on linux
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>>> import threefive.encode
>>>> help(threefive.encode)

Help on module threefive.encode in threefive:

    threefive.encode -

    threefive.encode has helper functions for Cue encoding.

    mk_splice_insert(event_id, pts=None, duration=None, out=False)
        mk_cue returns a Cue with a Splice Insert.

        The args set the SpliceInsert vars.

        splice_event_id = event_id

        if pts is None (default):
            splice_immediate_flag      True
            time_specified_flag        False

        if pts:
            splice_immediate_flag      False
            time_specified_flag        True
            pts_time                   pts

        If duration is None (default)
            duration_flag              False

        if duration IS set:
            out_of_network_indicator   True
            duration_flag              True
            break_auto_return          True
            break_duration             duration
            pts_time                   pts

        if out is True:
            out_of_network_indicator   True

        if out is False (default):
            out_of_network_indicator   False

        mk_splice_null returns a Cue
        with a Splice Null

         mk_time_signal returns a Cue
         with a Time Signal
        if pts is None:
             time_specified_flag   False

        if pts IS set:
             time_specified_flag   True
             pts_time              pts
Cue Class
  • src
  • The threefive.Cue class decodes a SCTE35 binary, base64, or hex encoded string.
class Cue(threefive.base.SCTE35Base)
 |  Cue(data=None, packet_data=None)
 |  __init__(self, data=None, packet_data=None)
 |      data may be packet bites or encoded string
 |      packet_data is a instance passed from a Stream instance
  • Cue.decode()
 |  decode(self)
 |      Cue.decode() parses for SCTE35 data
  • After Calling cue.decode() the instance variables can be accessed via dot notation.
    >>>> cue.command
    {'calculated_length': 5, 'name': 'Time Signal', 'time_specified_flag': True, 'pts_time': 21695.740089}

    >>>> cue.command.pts_time

    >>>> cue.info_section.table_id

  • Cue.get()
 |  get(self)
 |      Cue.get returns the SCTE-35 Cue
 |      data as a dict of dicts.

Cue.get() Example

>>> from threefive import Cue
>>> cue = Cue('0XFC301100000000000000FFFFFF0000004F253396')
>>> cue.decode()
>>> cue
{'bites': b'\xfc0\x11\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\xff\xff\xff\x00\x00\x00O%3\x96',
'info_section': {'table_id': '0xfc', 'section_syntax_indicator': False, 'private': False, 'sap_type': '0x3',
'sap_details': 'No Sap Type', 'section_length': 17, 'protocol_version': 0, 'encrypted_packet': False,
'encryption_algorithm': 0, 'pts_adjustment_ticks': 0, 'pts_adjustment': 0.0, 'cw_index': '0x0', 'tier': '0xfff',
'splice_command_length': 4095, 'splice_command_type': 0, 'descriptor_loop_length': 0, 'crc': '0x4f253396'},
'command': {'command_length': None, 'command_type': 0, 'name': 'Splice Null'},
'descriptors': [], 'packet_data': None}
  • Cue.get() omits cue.bites and empty values
>>> cue.get()
{'info_section': {'table_id': '0xfc', 'section_syntax_indicator': False,'private': False, 'sap_type': '0x3',
'sap_details': 'No Sap Type', 'section_length': 17, 'protocol_version': 0, 'encrypted_packet': False,
'encryption_algorithm': 0, 'pts_adjustment_ticks': 0, 'pts_adjustment': 0.0, 'cw_index': '0x0', 'tier': '0xfff',
'splice_command_length': 4095, 'splice_command_type': 0, 'descriptor_loop_length': 0, 'crc': '0x4f253396'},
'command': {'command_type': 0, 'name': 'Splice Null'},
'descriptors': []}
  • Cue.get_descriptors()
 |  get_descriptors(self)
 |      Cue.get_descriptors returns a list of
 |      SCTE 35 splice descriptors as dicts.
  • Cue.get_json()
 |  get_json(self)
 |      Cue.get_json returns the Cue instance
 |      data in json.
 |  show(self)
 | prints the Cue as JSON
  • Cue.to_stderr()
 |  to_stderr(self)
 |      Cue.to_stderr prints the Cue
Stream Class
  • src

  • The threefive.Stream class parses SCTE35 from Mpegts.

  • Supports:

    • File and Http(s) and Udp and Multicast protocols.
    • Multiple Programs.
    • Multi-Packet PAT, PMT, and SCTE35 tables.
  • threefive tries to include pid, program, anf pts of the SCTE-35 packet.

class Stream(builtins.object)
 |  Stream(tsdata, show_null=True)
 |  Stream class for parsing MPEG-TS data.
|  __init__(self, tsdata, show_null=True)
|      tsdata is a file or http, https,
|       udp or multicast url.
|      set show_null=False to exclude Splice Nulls
  • Stream.decode(func=show_cue)
|  decode(self, func=show_cue)
|      Stream.decode reads self.tsdata to find SCTE35 packets.
|      func can be set to a custom function that accepts
|      a threefive.Cue instance as it's only argument.

Stream.decode Example

import sys
from threefive import Stream
>>>> Stream('plp0.ts').decode()
  • Pass in custom function

  • func should match the interface func(cue)

Stream.decode with custom function Example

import sys
import threefive

def display(cue):

def do():
   sp = threefive.Stream(tsdata)
   sp.decode(func = display)

if __name__ == '__main__':

  • Stream.decode_next()
|  decode_next(self)
|      Stream.decode_next returns the next
|      SCTE35 cue as a threefive.Cue instance.

Stream.decode_next Example

import sys
import threefive

def do():
    arg = sys.argv[1]
    with open(arg,'rb',encoding="utf-8") as tsdata:
        st = threefive.Stream(tsdata)
        while True:
            cue = st.decode_next()
            if not cue:
                return False
            if cue:

if __name__ == "__main__":
  • Stream.proxy(func = show_cue)

    • Writes all packets to sys.stdout.

    • Writes scte35 data to sys.stderr.

|  decode(self, func=show_cue_stderr)
|      Stream.decode_proxy writes all ts packets are written to stdout
|      for piping into another program like mplayer.
|      SCTE-35 cues are printed to stderr.

Stream.proxy Example

import threefive
sp = threefive.Stream('')
  • Pipe to mplayer
$ python3 | mplayer -

|  show(self)
|   List programs and streams and info for MPEGTS Example

>>>> from threefive import Stream
>>>> Stream('').show()
    Service:    fancy ˹
    Provider:   fu-corp
    Pcr Pid:    1051[0x41b]
                Pid: 1051[0x41b]        Type: 0x1b AVC Video
                Pid: 1052[0x41c]        Type: 0x3 MP2 Audio
                Pid: 1054[0x41e]        Type: 0x6 PES Packets/Private Data
                Pid: 1055[0x41f]        Type: 0x86 SCTE35 Data
Need to verify your splice points?
  • Try in the examples.

    • creates webvtt subtitles out of SCTE-35 Cue data
  • use it like this

pypy3 video.ts | mplayer video.ts -sub -


threefive cli tool now accepts version, show and pts keywords.
  • version
a@fu:~$ threefive version
  • show
a@fu:~$ threefive show f10.ts

Program: 1
    Service:	Service01
    Provider:	FFmpeg
    Pid:	4096
    Pcr Pid:	256
		Pid: 256[0x100]	Type: 0x1b AVC Video
		Pid: 257[0x101]	Type: 0xf AAC Audio
		Pid: 258[0x102]	Type: 0x6 PES Packets/Private Data
		Pid: 259[0x103]	Type: 0x6 PES Packets/Private Data
		Pid: 260[0x104]	Type: 0x15 ID3 Timed Meta Data
  • pts
a@fu:~$ threefive pts f10.ts
1-> 1.466667
1-> 1.6
1-> 1.533333
1-> 1.533333
1-> 1.533333
1-> 1.5
1-> 1.566667
1-> 1.733333
1-> 1.733333
threefive is now addressable TV compatible
           "tag": 2,
          "descriptor_length": 31,
          "name": "Segmentation Descriptor",
          "identifier": "CUEI",
          "components": [],
          "segmentation_event_id": "0x065eff",
          "segmentation_event_cancel_indicator": false,
          "segmentation_event_id_compliance_indicator": true,
          "program_segmentation_flag": true,
          "segmentation_duration_flag": false,
          "delivery_not_restricted_flag": true,
          "segmentation_message": "Call Ad Server",   < --- Boom
          "segmentation_upid_type": 12,
          "segmentation_upid_type_name": "MPU",
          "segmentation_upid_length": 16,
          "segmentation_upid": {
              "format_identifier": "ADFR",	<--- Boom
              "private_data": "0x0133f10134b04f065e060220",
              "version": 1,                            <---- Boom
              "channel_identifier": "0x33f1",                  <---- Boom
              "date": 20230223,                         <---- Boom
              "break_code": 1630,                       <---- Boom
              "duration": "0x602"                <---- Boom
          "segmentation_type_id": 2,         <----  Boom
          "segment_num": 0,
          "segments_expected": 0
Custom charsets for UPIDS aka upids.charset

Specify a charset for Upid data by setting threefive.upids.charset issue #55

  • default charset is ascii
  • python charsets info Here
  • setting charset to None will return raw bytes.

Example Usage:

>>> from threefive import Cue,upids

>>> upids.charset
>>> cue=Cue(i)
>>> cue.decode()
>>> cue.descriptors[0].segmentation_upid

>>> upids.charset="utf16"
>>> cue.decode()
>>> cue.descriptors[0].segmentation_upid
Custom Private Splice Descriptors ( new! )

threefive now supports custom private splice descriptors, right out the box.

  • The first byte of the descriptor is read as an int for the Descriptor tag
  • The second byte is read as an int for the desciptor length
  • The next four bytes are read as ASCII for the Identifier
  • remanining bytes are returned as private data
from threefive import Cue, TimeSignal
from threefive.descriptors import SpliceDescriptor
  • make a Cue
c = Cue()
  • add a Time Signal
c.command = TimeSignal()
  • add Splice Descriptor
sd = SpliceDescriptor()
sd.tag = 47
sd.identifier ='fufu'
sd.private_data = b'threefive kicks ass'
  • encode
  • show
    "info_section": {
        "table_id": "0xfc",
        "section_syntax_indicator": false,
        "private": false,
        "sap_type": "0x03",
        "sap_details": "No Sap Type",
        "section_length": 47,
        "protocol_version": 0,
        "encrypted_packet": false,
        "encryption_algorithm": 0,
        "pts_adjustment_ticks": 0,
        "cw_index": "0x0",
        "tier": "0xfff",
        "splice_command_length": 5,
        "splice_command_type": 6,
        "descriptor_loop_length": 25,
        "crc": "0x59be12c5"
    "command": {
        "command_length": 5,
        "command_type": 6,
        "name": "Time Signal",
        "time_specified_flag": true,
        "pts_time": 1234.56789,
        "pts_time_ticks": 111111110
    "descriptors": [
            "tag": 47,
            "descriptor_length": 23,
            "identifier": "fufu",
            "private_data": [
  • the custom Splice Descriptor

{'tag': 47, 'descriptor_length': 23, 'name': None, 'identifier': 'fufu', 'bites': None, 'provider_avail_id': None, 'components': None, 'private_data': b'threefive kicks ass'}
  • Cool dictionaary comprehension to print the Splice Descriptor with only relevant values
{print(f'{k} = {v}') for k,v in vars(c.descriptors[0]).items() if v is not None}

tag = 47
descriptor_length = 23
identifier = fufu
private_data = b'threefive kicks ass'

Powered by threefive

sideways inject SCTE-35 into HLS via maanifest manipulation.
adbreak2 a cli tool that quickly and easily generates SCTE-35 Cues for HLS and stuff.
Ultra Mega Zoom Zoom ABR HLS segmenter and SCTE-35 inserter.
POIS Server is Super Cool.
bpkio-cli: A command line interface to the APIs.
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amt-play uses x9k3.
m3ufu: SCTE-35 m3u8 Parser.
six2scte35: ffmpeg changes SCTE-35 stream type to 0x06 bin data, six2scte35 changes it back.
SuperKabuki: SCTE-35 Packet Injection.
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threefive online SCTE-35 Encoder
threefive online SCTE-35 parser

threefive | more

Diagram of a threefive SCTE-35 Cue.
ffmpeg and threefive and SCTE35 and Stream Type 0x6 bin data.
Issues and Bugs and Feature Requests are no longer being accepted.


this might be wild baseless speculation.

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