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Library for creating system tray applications, based on Moses Palmér's 'pystray' library

Project description


based on Moses Palmér's pystray library!

Simple library for creating system tray applications.

PyPI version MIT License


with TrayApp(name='Test',  # the little tooltip, seen when hovering over the icon
             icon_path=Path('../path/to/the/image.png'),  # anything that can be transformed into a PIL.Image
             icon_size=(256, 256,)  # size to create the thumbnail
             ) as app:

    # create the menu shown when icon gets right-clicked here

    app.add_button(text='hello world',
                   action=print,  # method to call when clicked
                   args=('hello world',),  # arguments, optional, in a tuple
                   # determines wheter the function gets called when the icon is left-clicked
                   # optional, default to False, can be obviously only used once per app

    app.add_separator()  # well...

    with app.add_submenu(text='SubMenu') as submenu:  # submenues can be created by using a context manager within

        with submenu.add_submenu(text='first subsub') as first_sub_sub:  # and recursivly as well
            first_sub_sub.add_button(text='1.1', action=print, args=('1.1',))
            first_sub_sub.add_button(text='1.2', action=print, args=('1.2',))

        with submenu.add_submenu(text='second susub') as second_sub_sub:
            second_sub_sub.add_button(text='2.1', action=print, args=('2.1',))
            second_sub_sub.add_button(text='2.2', action=print, args=('2.2',))

        # any add_button(), add_separator(), add_submenu(), add_radiobuttongroup() can be used here
        # just remember to add them to the right submenu        


    # a RadioButtonGroup is a group of buttons which can be used to select something
    # trying it out might be the best way to understand it
    with app.add_radiobuttongroup() as rbg:  # used with a contextmanager as well
        rbg.add(text='world', selected=True)  # selected determines the item which is selected on creation

RadioButtonGroup example:

items = (

# you NEED to provide the group itself since just state would be by value
def print_selected(rbg): print(items[rbg.state])

selected_item = 3  # saved outside and updated when the app is closed

with TrayApp(name='Test',
             icon_size=(256, 256,)) as app:

    with app.add_radiobuttongroup() as rbg:
        for index, item in enumerate(items):
            rbg.add(text=item, selected=index == selected_item)

    # to check if it works
    app.add_button(text='print the selected', action=print_selected, args=(rbg,), default=False)


MIT, see the LICENSE file

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