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pythonic way to create xml/(x)html files. Updated version with fixes, unicode support and cleaned API.

Project description

XMLBuilder is tiny library build on top of ElementTree.TreeBuilder to
make xml files creation more pythonomic. `XMLBuilder` use `with`
statement and attribute access to define xml document structure.
Only 2.5+ python versions are supported.

from __future__ import with_statement # only for python 2.5
from xmlbuilder import XMLBuilder

x = XMLBuilder('root')
x.some_tag_with_data('text', a='12')

with x.some_tree(a='1'):
for i in range(10):

etree_node = ~x # <= return xml.etree.ElementTree object
print str(x) # <= string object

will result:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<some_tag />
<some_tag_with_data a="12">text</some_tag_with_data>
<some_tree a="1">
<mmm />
<node val="0" />
<node val="1" />
<node val="2" />
<node val="3" />
<node val="4" />
<node val="5" />
<node val="6" />
<node val="7" />
<node val="8" />
<node val="9" />

There some fields, which allow xml output customization:

formatted = produce formatted xml. default = True
tabstep = tab string, used for formatting. default = ' ' * 4
encoding = xml document encoding. default = 'utf-8'
xml_header = add xml header
(<?xml version="1.0" encoding="$DOCUMENT_ENCODING$">)
to begining of the document. default = True
builder = builder class, used for create dcument. Default =

Options can be readed by

x = XMLBuilder('root')
print x[option_name]

and changed by

x[option_name] = new_val

Look at xmlbuilder/ for UT and more examples.
Happy xml'ing.

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