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Pythonic way to create xml files

Project description

Example of usage:

from __future__ import with_statement
from xmlbuilder import XMLBuilder
x = XMLBuilder(format=True)
with x.root(a = 1):
[x << ('node',{'val':i}) for i in range(10)]

print str(x)

will print

<root a="1">
<node val="0" />
<node val="1" />
<node val="2" />
<node val="3" />
<node val="4" />
<node val="5" />
<node val="6" />
<node val="7" />
<node val="8" />
<node val="9" />

Mercurial repo:

`XMLBuilder` is simple library build on top of `ElementTree.TreeBuilder` to
simplify xml files creation as much as possible. Althow it can produce
structured result with identated child tags. `XMLBuilder` use python `with`
statement to define xml tag levels and `<<` operator for simple cases -
text and tag without childs.

First we need to create xmlbuilder

from xmlbuilder import XMLBuilder
# params - encoding = 'utf8',
# builder = None, - ElementTree.TreeBuilder
# tab_level = None, - current tab l;evel - for formatted output only
# format = False, - create formatted output
# tab_step = " " * 4 - indentation step
xml = XMLBuilder()

Use `with` statement to make document structure
#create and open tag 'root_tag' with text 'text' and attributes
with xml.root_tag(text,attr1=val1,attr2=val2):
#create and open tag 'sub_tag'
with xml.sub_tag(text,attr3=val3):
#create tag which are not valid python identificator
with xml('one-more-sub-tag',attr7=val37):
xml << "Some textual data"
#here tag 'one-more-sub-tag' are closed
#Tags without children can be created using `<<` operator
for val in range(15):
xml << ('message',"python rocks!"[:i])
#create 15 child tag like <message> python r</message>
#all tags closed
node = ~x # get etree.ElementTree object
xml_data = str(x)
unicode_xml_data = unicode(x)

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