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A fiducial marker system powered by OpenCV - Supports ArUco and April

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A fiducial marker system powered by OpenCV - Supports ArUco and April



pip install zoloto


OpenCV should be installed manually, ideally through your system package manager. This makes it easier to customize your OpenCV installation for your system, or use the optimal settings for your OS / hardware. Note that you may need to install opencv-contrib as well as opencv.

If you'd rather have one installed automatically, install the extra opencv:

pip install zoloto[opencv]

Note that this version lacks hardware acceleration. See the README for more details.

For storage-constrained environments, there's also opencv-contrib-python-headless, which should be installed manually.


from pathlib import Path

from zoloto import MarkerType
from zoloto.cameras import ImageFileCamera

with ImageFileCamera(Path("my-image.png"), marker_type=MarkerType.ARUCO_6X6) as camera:
    camera.save_frame("my-annotated-image.png", annotate=True)
    print("I saved an image with {} markers in.".format(len(camera.get_visible_markers())))

More examples

Zoloto ships with a CLI (aptly named zoloto), which contains some helpful utils for working with Zoloto and fiducial markers.

Development setup

./scripts/ will create a virtual environment, and install all the required development dependencies into it.

Note that this will not install a version of OpenCV for you. For that, run ./scripts/ opencv.

There are some additional useful scripts to assist:

  • ./scripts/ Run the unit tests and linters
  • ./scripts/ Automatically fix issues from black and isort
  • ./scripts/ Run benchmarks (these can take a couple minutes depending on your hardware)

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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