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Zope Configuration Markup Language (ZCML)

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The Zope configuration system provides an extensible system for supporting various kinds of configurations.

It is based on the idea of configuration directives. Users of the configuration system provide configuration directives in some language that express configuration choices. The intent is that the language be pluggable. An XML language is provided by default.

Please see for the documentation.


5.0.1 (2024-02-12)

  • Fix tests when running from a distribution.

5.0 (2023-05-04)

  • Drop support for Python 2.7, 3.5, 3.6.

  • Add support for Python 3.11.

4.4.1 (2022-04-07)

  • Avoid creating reference cycles through tracebacks in reraise (change imported from six).

  • Add support for Python 3.9, 3.10.

4.4.0 (2020-03-22)

  • Ensure a consistent interface resolution order for all objects. See issue 49.

  • Drop support for Python 3.4.

  • Add support for Python 3.8.

4.3.1 (2019-02-12)

  • Do not break when running the tests from a wheel.

4.3.0 (2018-10-01)

  • Simplify exception chaining and nested exception error messages. See issue 43.

4.2.2 (2018-09-27)

  • Fix GlobalObject (and GlobalInterface) no longer allowing multiple leading dots. See issue 41.

  • Add __all__ to all modules listing the documented members of the module. Note that this is currently a broad list and may be reduced in the future.

4.2.1 (2018-09-26)

  • Fix GlobalObject (and GlobalInterface) no longer allowing just a single ‘.’. See issue 35.

4.2.0 (2018-09-26)

  • Reach 100% automated test coverage.

  • Add support for Python 3.7.

  • Drop support for Python 3.3 and remove internal compatibility functions needed to support it. See issue 20 and issue 26.

  • Drop support for python test.

  • Make zope.configuration.fields.Path and zope.configuration.config.ConfigurationContext expand environment variables and expand user home directories in paths. See issue 3.

  • Fix resolving names from a Python 2 package whose has unicode elements in __all__.

  • Make GroupingContextDecorator stop shadowing builtins in its __getattr__. These were not intended as arguments to be used by subclasses, and the signature caused confusion.

  • Fix the doctests with zope.schema 4.7 and above, and run the doctests on both Python 2 and Python 3. See issue 21.

  • Fix GlobalObject and GlobalInterface fields to only accept dotted names instead of names with /. Previously, slash delimited names could result in incorrect imports. See issue 6.

  • Fix the schema fields to include the value and field values on exceptions they raise.

  • Make zope.configuration.fields.PythonIdentifier subclass PythonIdentifier from zope.schema. It now implements fromBytes, always produces a native string, and validates the value in fromUnicode. See issue 28.

  • Add ConfigurationMachine.pass_through_exceptions to allow customizing the exceptions that ConfigurationMachine.execute_actions wraps in a ConfigurationExecutionError. See issue 10.

  • Stop catching BaseException and wrapping it in either ConfigurationExecutionError or ZopeXMLConfigurationError. SystemExit and KeyboardInterrupt were always allowed to propagate; now GeneratorExit and custom subclasses of BaseException are also allowed te propagate.

4.1.0 (2017-04-26)

  • Drop support for Python 2.6 and 3.2.

  • Add support for Python 3.5 and 3.6.

  • Fix the domain of MessageID fields to be a native string. Previously on Python 3 they were bytes, which meant that they couldn’t be used to find translation utilities registered by zope.i18n. See issue 17.

4.0.3 (2014-03-19)

  • Add explicit support for Python 3.4.

4.0.2 (2012-12-31)

  • Flesh out PyPI Trove classifiers.

  • Remove spurious declaration of ‘test’ dependency on zope.testing.

4.0.1 (2012-11-21)

4.0.0 (2012-05-16)

  • Bring unit test coverage to 100%.

  • Automate build of Sphinx HTML docs and running doctest snippets via tox.

  • Drop hard testing dependency on zope.testing.

  • Add explicit support for PyPy.

  • Add explicit support for Python 3.2.

  • Drop explicit support for Python 2.4 / 2.5.

  • Add support for continuous integration using tox and jenkins.

  • Add Sphinx documentation.

  • Add docs alias (installs Sphinx and dependencies).

  • Add dev alias (runs develop plus installs nose and coverage).

3.8.1 (2012-05-05)

  • Fix Python 2.4 backwards incompat (itemgetter used with multiple args); Python 2.4 now works (at least if you use zope.schema == 3.8.1). This is the last release which will support Python 2.4 or 2.5.

3.8.0 (2011-12-06)

  • Change action structures from tuples to dictionaries to allow for action structure extensibility (merged chrism-dictactions branch).

3.7.4 (2011-04-03)

  • Apply test fixes for Windows.

3.7.3 (2011-03-11)

  • Correctly locate packages with a __path__ attribute but no __file__ attribute (such as namespace packages installed with install –single-version-externally-managed).

  • Allow “info” and “includepath” to be passed optionally to context.action.

3.7.2 (2010-04-30)

  • Prefer the standard libraries doctest module over zope.testing.doctest.

3.7.1 (2010-01-05)

  • Jython support: use __builtin__ module import rather than assuming __builtins__ is available.

  • Jython support: deal with the fact that the Jython SAX parser returns attribute sets that have an empty string indicating no namespace instead of None.

  • Allow test to run at least a subset of the tests that would be run when using the zope testrunner: test runs 53 tests, while bin/test runs 156.

3.7.0 (2009-12-22)

  • Adjust testing output to newer zope.schema.

  • Prefer zope.testing.doctest over doctestunit.

3.6.0 (2009-04-01)

  • Removed dependency of zope.deprecation package.

  • Don’t suppress deprecation warnings any more in ‘zope.configuration’ package level. This makes it more likely other packages will generate deprecation warnings now, which will allow us to remove more outdated ones.

  • Don’t fail when zope.testing is not installed.

  • Added missing processFile method to IConfigurationContext. It is already implemented in the mix-in class, zope.configuration.config.ConfigurationContext, and used by implementations of include and exclude directives.

3.5.0 (2009-02-26)

  • Added the exclude directive to standard directives. It was previously available via zc.configuration package and now it’s merged into zope.configuration.

  • Changed package’s mailing list address to zope-dev at, change “cheeseshop” to “pypi” in the package’s url.

3.4.1 (2008-12-11)

  • Use built-in ‘set’ type, rather than importin the ‘sets’ module, which is deprecated in Python 2.6.

  • Added support to bootstrap on Jython.

3.4.0 (2007-10-02)

  • Initial release as a standalone package.

Before 3.4.0

This package was part of the Zope 3 distribution and did not have its own CHANGES.txt. For earlier changes please refer to either our subversion log or the CHANGES.txt of earlier Zope 3 releases.

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