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Various tools for theoretical and experimental dynamics.

Project description

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This is a collection of Python modules which contain tools that are helpful for a dynamicist. Right now it is basically a place I place general tools that don’t necessarily need a distribution of their own.



Generic tools for basic bicycle dynamics analysis.


Various functions for calculating and manipulating inertial quantities.


Various tools for common signal processing tasks.


You will need Python 2.7 or 3.3+ and setuptools to install the packages. Its best to install the dependencies first (NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib, Pandas). The SciPy Stack instructions are helpful for this:

We recommend installing with conda so that dependency installation is not an issue:

$ conda install -c moorepants dynamicisttoolkit

You can install using pip. Pip will theoretically [1] get the dependencies for you (or at least check if you have them):

$ pip install DynamicistToolKit

Or download the source with your preferred method and install manually.

Using Git:

$ git clone
$ cd DynamicistToolKit

Or wget:

$ wget
$ unzip
$ cd DynamicistToolKit-master

Then for basic installation:

$ python install

Or install for development purposes:

$ python develop


Run the tests with nose:

$ nosetests


A vagrant file and provisioning script are included to test the code on an Ubuntu 13.10 box. To load the box and run the tests simply type:

$ vagrant up

See and VagrantFile to see what’s going on.


The documentation is hosted at ReadTheDocs:

You can build the documentation (currently sparse) if you have Sphinx and numpydoc:

$ cd docs
$ make html
$ firefox _build/html/index.html

Release Notes


  • Added the license and readme to the source distriubtion.


  • Screwed up pypi upload on 0.5.1, so bumping one more time.


  • Import nanmean from numpy instead of scipy and fix float slices. [PR #34]


  • functions now output numpy arrays instead of matrices.

  • Support for Python 3 [PR #30 and #32].


  • Made the numerical derivative function more robust and featureful. [PR #27]

  • butterworth now uses a corrected cutoff frequency to adjust for the double filtering. [PR #28]


  • Fixed bug in coefficient_of_determination. [PR #23]


  • Fixed bug in normalized cutoff frequency calculation. [PR #21]


  • Fixed bug in butterworth function and added tests.


  • Fixed butterworth to work with SciPy 0.9.0. [PR #18]


  • Removed pandas dependency.

  • Improved time vector function.

  • Removed gait analysis code (, now at

  • TravisCI tests now run, added image to readme.

  • Added documentation at ReadTheDocs.


  • Addition of walking dynamics module.


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