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Coaster for Flask

Project description

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Coaster contains functions and db models for recurring patterns in Flask apps. Documentation at

Coaster is compatible with Python versions 2.7 and 3.6. Earlier 3.x versions are not supported due to obsolete SQLite drivers missing some functionality. If you need to use an earlier 3.x version (3.3-3.5) and don’t use SQLite, you may still be in luck.

Run tests

Testing requires SQLite and PostgreSQL for the coaster.sqlalchemy module. Create a test database in PostgreSQL:

$ createuser `whoami`
$ createdb -O `whoami` coaster_test

Testing also requires additional dependencies. Install them with:

$ pip install -r test_requirements.txt

On Python 2.7, an additional package is required, to replace the obsolete SQLite driver shipped with 2.7:

$ pip install PySqlite

To run a single test:

$ nosetests tests.<test_filename>
$ # Example: nosetests tests.test_render_with

To run all tests in one go:

$ ./

Some tests are in the form of doctests within each function, and only accessible by running all tests via


  • Renamed coaster.roles.set_roles to with_roles and added support for wrapping declared_attr and column properties

  • Restructured roles to match current understanding of principals, actors and anchors

  • Added SQLAlchemy column annotations

  • Reorganised coaster.utils and coaster.sqlalchemy into sub-packages

  • LabeledEnum now supports grouped values if declared as a set

  • New: coaster.sqlalchemy.StateManager adds state management to models

  • Discontinued: coaster.utils.* is no longer available directly as coaster.*

  • Discontinued: coaster.views.load_models no longer accepts the workflow parameter

  • New: requestquery and requestform to complement coaster.views.requestargs

  • New: coaster.auth module with a current_auth proxy that provides a standardised API for login managers to use

  • New: is_collection util for testing if an item is a collection data type

  • New: coaster.views.requires_permission decorator

  • New: coaster.views.classview provides a new take on organising views into a class

  • New: coaster.utils.classmethodproperty: like a property, but for class methods

  • New: coaster.views.endpoint_for: discover an endpoint given a URL

  • Changed: UuidMixin no longer provides url_id

  • New: coaster.sqlalchemy.UrlForMixin now provides an absolute_url property

  • Changed: coaster.sqlalchemy.UrlForMixin now recognises that the project may have multiple apps with distinct URLs for the same content

  • New: coaster.sqlalchemy.registry provides two registries for forms and views associated with models

  • New: coaster.views.requires_roles decorator for ModelView, with is_available test

  • New: UrlForMixin now provides view_for and classview_for

  • Changed: TimestampMixin optionally uses timestamptz columns. A future release may make this the default

  • Changed: Markdown parser has moved to coaster.utils.markdown and is no longer a hack to be embarrassed by

  • New: Unicode whitespace strippers, ulstrip, urstrip and ustrip

  • Added lazy role grant evaluation and declarative role grants

  • New: nary_op decorator to turn a binary operator into a chained n-ary operator

  • Added datasets for limited enumeration in role access, as a stopgap until migration to GraphQL

  • Removed ShortUUID in favour of the more stable Base58

  • MarkdownColumn now supports a custom markdown processor and options

  • New: Support for secret key rotation in Flask apps

  • Last version to support Python 2.7; Coaster 0.7 will be Py 3.6+ only


  • Removed deprecated

  • now takes an optional environment, reading from the FLASK_ENV environment variable and defaulting to DEVELOPMENT. This reverses the change introduced in version 0.3.2

  • coaster.manage no longer accepts environment or calls init_for. Apps must do this themselves

  • coaster.manage now exposes Alembic migrations via Flask-Migrate instead of Flask-Alembic

  • When using UUID primary keys in IdMixin, a UUID is automatically generated the first time the id column is accessed, without the need to commit to the database

  • The underlying implementaiton, auto_init_default, is also available for use on other models

  • The url_id property is now part of IdMixin and supports SQL queries as well. This makes it compatible with the support for url_name in load_models

  • New: shortuuid module exposed via the utils module, with suuid, suuid2uuid and uuid2suuid functions

  • buid reverts to using UUID4 instead of UUID1mc

  • The deprecated newid alias for buid has now been removed

  • New: UuidMixin that adds a UUID secondary key and complements IdMixin

  • BaseIdNameMixin now implements url_id_name (previously url_name) as a hybrid property and has an additional url_name_suuid property. BaseScopedIdNameMixin has an upgraded url_id_name as well

  • load_models no longer hardcodes for url_name, instead accepting an optional urlcheck list parameter

  • Added Python 3.6 compatibility

  • Removed the unused nullstr and renamed nullunicode to nullstr

  • New: add_primary_relationship to define a primary child on parent models

  • Added NoIdMixin that is BaseMixin minus the id column

  • New: require_one_of util for functions that require any one of many parameters


  • Removed add_and_commit and associated tests

  • failsafe_add now takes filters optionally, failing silently in case of error

  • Added Slack error logging and better throttling for Slack and SMS

  • New util: isoweek_datetime for week-based datetimes in reports

  • New util: midnight_to_utc for midnight in any timezone converted to UTC


  • New util: uuid1mc generates a UUID1 with a random multicast MAC id

  • New util: uuid1mc_from_datetime generates a UUID1 with a specific timestamp

  • IdMixin now supports UUID primary keys

  • Deprecated add_and_commit in favour of failsafe_add

  • New utils: uuid2buid and buid2uuid

  • Removed timestamp_columns (was deprecated in 0.4.3)

  • Replaced py-bcrypt dependency with bcrypt

  • buid now uses UUID1 with random multicast MAC addresses instead of UUID4

  • New util: unicode_http_header converts ASCII HTTP header strings to Unicode

  • Error traceback in coaster.logging now includes request context and session cookie

  • New: func.utcnow for reliable UTC timestamps generated in the database

  • TimestampMixin now uses func.utcnow to move datetime generation server-side


  • Base(Scoped)?(Id)?NameMixin now disallows blank names by default. Bumped version number since this is a non-breaking incompatible change

  • JsonDict now uses JSONB on PostgreSQL 9.4

  • New CoordinatesMixin adds latitude and longitude columns

  • Rudimentary NLP methods

  • LabeledEnum now has keys() and values() methods as well

  • Move the query class to IdMixin and TimestampMixin as they are used independently of BaseMixin

  • LabeledEnum now takes an __order__ specification

  • New word_count util returns word count for HTML documents

  • New for_tsquery formats text queries to PostgreSQL to_tsquery parameters

  • New get and upsert methods in Base(Scoped)NameMixin

  • render_with no longer enables JSON handler by default; now gracefully handles */* requests

  •’s shell now allows additional context to be made available in locals()

  • coaster.db now provides a custom SQLAlchemy session with additional helper methods, starting with one: add_and_commit, which rolls back if the commit fails

  • Removed one_or_none in favor of SQLAlchemy’s implementation of the same in 1.0.9

  • New is_url_for decorator in UrlForMixin


  • Initial work on Fluentd logging

  • New util: base_domain_matches compares if two domains have the same base domain

  • utils.make_name now returns ASCII slugs instead of Unicode slugs

  • New: domain_namespace_match function

  • coaster.gfm.markdown now supports optional HTML markup

  • Deprecated sqlalchemy.timestamp_columns, introducing make_timestamp_columns

  • sorted_timezones now includes both country name and timezone name

  • Base query now has a notempty() method that is more efficient than bool(count())

  • New util: deobfuscate_email deobfuscates common email obfuscation patterns


  • NameTitle namedtuple and support in LabeledEnum for (value, name, title)

  • Provide UglifyJS minifier to webassets via the UglipyJS wrapper

  • BaseScopedNameMixin’s make_title now uses short_title as source


  • views.get_next_url now considers subdomains as non-external

  • sqlalchemy.BaseMixin now provides a new query class with one_or_none

  • Coaster now requires all dependencies used by submodules. They are no longer optional

  • LabeledEnums now have a get() method to emulate dictionaries


  • Moved utility functions into coaster.utils

  • Bugfix: make get_email_domain somewhat more reliable

  • Switched to using coaster.db in tests

  • New: MarkdownColumn composite column for Markdown content

  • Changed: JsonDict column will use PostgreSQL’s native JSON type if the server is PostgreSQL >= 9.2

  • TimestampMixin now uses datetime.utcnow instead of because the now() function in PostgreSQL returns local time with timezone, not UTC time, and discards the timezone component if the column doesn’t store them. This made timestamps local, not in UTC unless the server was also in UTC

  • Database tests are now run against both SQLite3 and PostgreSQL

  • Bugfix: PermissionMixin was mutating inherited permissions

  • Bugfix: render_with no longer attempts to render pre-rendered responses

  • utils.make_name now takes caller-specified counter numbers

  • sqlalchemy.BaseNameMixin and BaseScopedNameMixin.make_name now take a reserved names list

  • New: utils.nullint, nullstr and nullunicode for returning int(v), str(v) and unicode(v) if v isn’t false


  • short_title method in BaseScopedNameMixin

  • assets.require now raises AssetNotFound on missing assets

  • New: coaster.db.db is an instance of Flask-SQLAlchemy


  • Bugfix: Support single-char usernames

  • New feature: Labeled enumerations

  • Enhancement: load_models allows choice of permissions and takes additional permissions

  • Rewrote requestargs view decorator for efficiency and ease of use

  • New render_with view decorator

  • New gfm module for GitHub Flavoured Markdown

  • load_models now supports “redirect” models

  • Logging now looks for MAIL_DEFAULT_SENDER before DEFAULT_MAIL_SENDER

  • Compatibility with Flask 0.10 for SandboxedFlask


  • Bugfix: PermissionMixin.permissions() now checks if parent is not None


  • New sorted_timezones function


  • New module for asset management, with testcases and documentation.

  • coaster.logging.configure is now init_app in keeping with convention


  • Updated documentation

  • New SQLAlchemy column types and helpers

  • Use SQL expressions to set url_id in scoped id classes


  • Don’t use declared_attr for the id, created_at and updated_at columns

  • Rename newid to buid but retain old name for compatibility

  • New requestargs view wrapper to make working with request.args easier


  • New SandboxedFlask in that uses Jinja’s SandboxedEnvironment


  • load_models now caches data to flask.g

  • SQLAlchemy models now use declared_attr for all columns to work around a column duplication bug with joined table inheritance in SQLAlchemy < 0.8

  • Misc fixes


  • get_next_url now takes a default parameter. Pass default=None to return None if no suitable next URL can be found

  • get_next_url no longer looks in the session by default. Pass session=True to look in the session. This was added since popping next from session modifies the session, which shouldn’t happen in a get function

  • load_models accepts g.<name> notation for parameters to indicate that the parameter should be available as g.<name>. The view function will get called with just <name> as usual

  • If the view requires permissions, load_models caches available

  • permissions as g.permissions


  • coaster.views.get_next_url now looks in the session for the next URL


  • New function moves away from passing configuration status in environment variables


  • SQLAlchemy models now have a permissions method that load_models looks up


  • Added logging module


  • First version

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