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HARFANG 3D is a game/visualization library for Python. It includes a comprehensive set of Scene, Physics, Rendering pipeline, Audio and Virtual Reality APIs. It is written in C++ and supports DirectX 11, OpenGL and OpenGL ES.

Project description

Harfang for Python

3D real time visualization framework

Harfang is a 3D real time visualization framework for the industry, the education and for scientists. It grants developpers the ability to create applications ranging from data visualization to games.

See for licensing terms.

Quickstart, command line method (Windows/Linux)
  1. Clone the tutorials’ repository:
    • git clone

  2. Enter the repository:
    • cd tutorials-hg2

  3. Compile the tutorial resources:
    • python3 -m harfang.bin assetc resources

    • After the compilation process finishes, you should see a resources_compiled folder next to the resources folder.

  4. Run the tutorials:
    • D:\tutorials-hg2>python3

Quickstart, drag & drop method (Windows)
  1. Download the tutorials and unzip them to your computer (eg. d:/tutorials-hg2).

  2. To compile the tutorial resources, download assetc for your platform:

  3. Drag and drop the tutorial resources folder on the `assetc executable -OR- execute assetc passing it the path to the tutorial resources folder (eg. assetc d:/tutorials-hg2/resources).

After the compilation process finishes, you should see a resources_compiled folder next to the resources folder. You can now execute the tutorials from the folder you unzipped them to.


Alternatively you can open the tutorial folder and run the provided debug targets using Visual Studio Code


The following screenshots were captured on a 2060RTX in 1080P running at 60FPS, GI is performed using screen space raytracing and does not require RTX capable hardware.

The NVIDIA USD Attic using the AAA renderer (Courtesy of NVIDIA)

Marine Melodies (interactive musical experience)

Cyber City (CyberPunk City, CyberPunk Girl and Robot R32 by art-equilibrium, ILranch and ZeroArt3d)

Sun Temple (Sun Temple, courtesy of the Open Research Content Archive)

Cafe Exterior (Bistro, courtesy of the Open Research Content Archive)

Sponza Atrium (Sponza Atrium GLTF, courtesy of Crytek/Themaister)

Scene API
  • Node & component based

  • Performance oriented

Rendering pipeline
  • Low-spec PBR rendering pipeline

  • High-spec ‘AAA’ rendering pipeline (screen space GI & reflection)

  • Support of user pipeline shaders

  • VR support via OpenVR/SteamVR with Eye tracking

  • Compatible with the HTC Vive/Vive Pro, Valve Index, Lenovo Explorer, Oculus Rift S

Physics API
  • Rigid bodies, collisions, mechanical constraints

  • Ray casting

  • Fast & accurate

Audio API
  • Play/stream WAV/OGG formats

  • 3D audio spatialization

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