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Housekeeper takes care of files

Project description


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Store, tag, fetch, and archive files with ease 🗃

Housekeeper is a tool that aims to provide:

  • a backend for storing versioned bundles of files
  • different interfaces (Python, CLI, REST) for fetching files based on tags
  • a way to backup and retrieve bundles from long-term storage


  • re-implement the archive/encryption interface [@ingkebil]
  • handle clean up of expired bundles [@robinandeer]
  • expand the CLI with get command etc. [@robinandeer]


Housekeeper written in Python 3.6+ and is available on the Python Package Index (PyPI).

pip install housekeeper

If you would like to install the latest development version:

git clone
cd housekeeper
pip install --editable .


Housekeeper is using github flow branching model as described in our development manual.


Command line interface

Config file

Housekeeper supports a very simple YAML config. The following options are supported:

database: mysql+pymysql://
root: /path/to/root/dir

The root option is used to store files within the Housekeeper context.

Command: init

Setup (or reset) the database. It will simply setup all the tables in the database. You can reset an existing database by using the --reset option.

housekeeper --database "sqlite:///hk.sqlite3" init
Success! New tables: bundle, file, file_tag_link, tag, version

Command: include

Include (hard-link) all files of an existing bundle version into Housekeeper and the root path.

housekeeper myBundle

This will only work if the bundle only has a single version which can be "imported". If you want to import a specific version of a bundle you can use the --version option.

Command: delete files

Delete files that are not on disk anymore like his: housekeeper delete files --tag fastq --notondisk

Remove all bam files before a certain date: housekeeper delete files --tag bam --before 2017-06-15

Remove fastq files from a flowcell: housekeeper delete files --tag fastq --tag H0HKKALXX

It'll always ask for confirmation, unless you add --yes: housekeeper delete files --bundle sillyfish --yes

If you do not provide a --tag or --bundle, essentially deleting everything, the function will not let you do that.

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