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A scalable build tool for large, complex, heterogeneous repos.

Project description

Pants is an Apache2 licensed build tool written in Python.

The latest documentation can be found at pantsbuild <>_.

2.6.x Stable Releases

2.6.1 (Sep 15, 2021)

The second stable release of the 2.6.x series, with no changes since the previous rc!

2.6.1rc3 (Sep 05, 2021)

Bug fixes

  • Fix UI rendering when a workunit has completed children but no running children (cherrypick of #12748) (#12752)

  • Include .gitignore in default pantsd_invalidation_globs (#12711) (#12730)


  • Fix Toolchain plugin being included in generated reference docs (Cherry-pick of #12642) (#12647)

2.6.1rc2 (Aug 24, 2021)

New Features

  • Default to my-dep-stubs and stubs-my-dep being third-party type stubs (Cherry-pick of #12598) (#12600)

Bug fixes

  • Fix FindBinary when which is discoverable on $PATH on macOS (Cherry-pick of #12581) (#12631)

  • pyenv should fall back to $HOME/.pyenv (Cherry-pick of #12527) (#12628)


  • Embrace that help strings are markdown. (#12606) (#12608)

2.6.1rc1 (Aug 16, 2021)

Bug fixes

  • Fix shlexing of passthrough args. (#12547) (#12551)


  • Stream files into the local store while capturing them (cherrypick of #12563) (#12572)

2.6.1rc0 (Aug 06, 2021)

New Features

  • Add skip_tests field to python_tests to facilitate incremental migrations (Cherry-pick of #12510) (#12511)

  • Adds support for Poetry group dependencies (Cherry-pick of #12492) (#12497)

User API Changes

  • Add to default module mapping: Django extensions, Google Cloud, Pillow, and python-dotenv (Cherry-pick of #12506) (#12507)

Bug fixes

  • Make the pantsd crash error message more precise. (#12512) (#12513)

  • Resolve plugins using the PEX --python option. (cherrypick of #12500) (#12504)

  • Shield isolated-Sessions / StreamingWorkunitHandlers from Ctrl+C. (cherrypick of #12483) (#12485)


  • Don't resolve constraints file / lockfile if no 3rd-party requirements used (Cherry-pick of #12488) (#12490)

2.6.0 (Jul 30, 2021)

The first stable release of the 2.6.x series, with no changes since the previous rc!

2.6.0rc4 (Jul 27, 2021)

New Features

  • Add option for async completion of StreamingWorkunitHandlers, disable by default in containers (Cherry-pick of #12392) (#12399)


  • Skip preparation of workunit log messages which will never be rendered. (Cherry-pick of #12396) (#12400)

  • Do not upload Action inputs for remote cache writes. (Cherry-pick of #12443) (#12444)


  • Clarify when we are subsetting the lockfile for 3rdparty dependencies (Cherry-pick of #12435) (#12439)

  • Fix the content type for Pants' wheel long_descriptions. (Cherry-pick of #12391) (#12402)

2.6.0rc3 (Jul 20, 2021)

User API Changes

  • Add [python-setup].interpreter_versions_universe to ensure Pants works robustly with future Python interpreters (Cherry-pick of #12379) (#12383)

Bug fixes

  • More robust support for Poetry dependency attributes (markers andextras) (Cherry-pick of #12323) (#12385)

  • Mark workunits blocked, and skip rendering completed workunits (#12369) (#12376)

  • Fix anonymous telemetry logging. (#12344)


  • Reduce # of resolves when packaging pex_binary and python_awslambda targets (Cherry-pick of #12343) (#12350)

2.6.0rc2 (Jul 08, 2021)

Bug fixes

  • Set up pants to use the latest version of humbug (#12303)

2.6.0rc1 (Jul 7, 2021)

New Features

  • Add support for MyPy report files (Cherry-pick of #12271) (#12289)

Bug fixes

  • Hotfix poetry_requirements not being recognized as a macro in BUILD files (Cherry-pick of #12263) (#12264)

  • Do not use [python-setup].resolve_all_constraints when using platforms (Cherry-pick of #12268) (#12269)

  • Fix poetry_requirements: ignore internal projects. (Cherry-pick of #12280) (#12296)

  • Fix poetry_requirements handling of python. (#12278) (#12282)

  • Include experimental Go backends in pantsbuild.pants (Cherry-pick of #12290) (#12291)


  • Change how we embed docsite links in help text (Cherry-pick of #12261) (#12266)

2.6.0rc0 (Jun 30, 2021)

New Features

  • Add dependency inference for Python third-party type stubs (#12248)

  • Add poetry_requirements macro for Poetry support (#12174)

User API Changes

  • Update default MyPy to 0.910 (#12249)

  • Update linter versions for pylint, black, bandit (#12135)

  • Upgrade Go distribution to v1.16.5 (#12247)

Plugin API Changes

  • Set default user-agent header on gRPC requests with Pants version (#12241)

  • Increment counter on missing file digests (#12235)

Bug fixes

  • Add support for multiple requirements for a single package name in the python_requirements macro (#12232)

  • Fix dependency inference to be ambiguous when >1 type stub for same module (#12244)

  • Hash the repo_id in the tag. (#12151)

  • Fix skip_tool not working with ./pants fmt if all files are skipped (#12230)

2.6.0.dev2 (Jun 16, 2021)

New Features

  • Adds --[no-]watch-filesystem switch (#12210)

User API Changes

  • Deprecate unused interpreter_constraints field for python_awslambda (#12208)

Plugin API Changes

  • Rename remote cache write start and finished metrics (#12202)

  • Support for custom target types in tailor. (#12156)

Bug fixes

  • Fallback to [python-setup].interpreter_constraints for python_distribution targets with no first-party dependencies (#12207)

  • Fix remote cache write attempts metric to record even if write does not finish (#12204)

  • Fix Process output capture re: working_directory. (#12197)

  • Fix Key interning race. (#12152)


  • Fix relocated files help display. (#12185)

  • Suggest -ldebug and --no-process-execution-local-cleanup in exception messages (#12180)

2.6.0.dev1 (May 29, 2021)

New Features

  • Allow setting --pantsd-max-memory-usage with GiB, MiB, and KiB units (#12123)

  • Register strip_pex_env field with pex_binary. (#12147)

User API Changes

  • Fix [python-setup].resolver_jobs default value to better recognize containers (#12139)

  • Deprecate broken [lint].reports_dir and make mechanism more flexible (#12122)

  • Change Docformatter to not try to use Python 2 and Python 3.5 by default (#12099)

Plugin API Changes

  • Allow overriding option default help display. (#12128)

  • Rename ProcessCacheScope.NEVER to ProcessCacheScope.PER_SESSION (#12100)

  • Replace ProcessCacheScope.PER_RESTART with ProcessCacheScope.PER_RESTART_ALWAYS and ProcessCacheScope.PER_RESTART_SUCCESSFUL (#12094)


  • add retries for reads and writes from remote CAS (#12132)

  • Fix --coverage-py-global-report for >9 test files. (#12144)


  • Clarify the default values for parallelism options (#12119)

  • Make timeouts in tests less confusing (#12120)

  • Rewrite error message when Pantsd is shut down during run (#12107)

  • Fix scheduler initialization log (#12105)

2.6.0.dev0 (May 19, 2021)

New Features

  • Add support for global coverage reports. (#12080)

  • Add extra_env_vars capability to python_tests() (#12022)

  • Add pex_binary support for --no-strip-pex-env. (#12061)

User API Changes

  • Remove deprecated [pytest].config in favor of [pytest].config_discovery (#12033)

  • Remove deprecated ignore_pants_warnings in favor of ignore_warnings (#12032)

  • Enforce [python-setup].resolve_all_constraints being a bool option (#12034)

  • Remove experimental and unused [python-setup].requirement_constraints_target option and _python_constraints target (#11998)

Plugin API Changes

  • Rename PexInterpreterConstraints to InterpreterConstraints and move to dedicated file (#12021)

  • Add plugin hook for setting up Pytest context (#12091)

  • Auth plugins can inspect the prior result, set an expiration, and override --remote-{store,execution}-address (#12029)

Bug fixes

  • Fix --remote-auth-plugin and --remote-oauth-bearer-token-path to execute every run with Pantsd (#12020)

  • Fix module_mapping to work regardless of capitalization and - vs _ (#12068)

  • Fix PEX_ROOT leak with run and repl goals. (#12066)

  • Fix constraints resolves to pass additional args. (#12076)

  • Fix skip_tool fields not working with ./pants fmt (#12073)

  • Fix Python run for apps that re-exec themselves. (#12060)

  • Fix remote cache writes memory exhaustion. (#12087)

  • Halve memory usage for remote cache writes. (#12083)

  • Fix Shell dependency inference not caching (#12052)

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