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An easily customizable theme for Plone 4

Project description


Plone Basic is a theme for Plone 4. This theme works well on its own, but is meant to be used as a base for heavily-customized sites.

plonetheme.basic is similar to plonetheme.sunburst – styles were copied from Sunburst, and modified as outlined below. Appearances are very similar, but this theme has been set up to be more easily customizable.

  • Uses base_properties, and custom .props with some variables added for quick color customizations.

  • Uses Plone Default’s table-based main_template.

  • CSS does not use !important, except for padding on content icons

  • Cleaned up CSS selectors for efficiency (


Chrissy Wainwright Six Feet Up, Inc.


0.6 (Aug-13-2012)

  • use #content-core selector instead of #parent-fieldname-text, since it was changed in Plone 4.1.3 ( [cwainwright]

  • make <li>s display as list-item by default, instead of inline [cwainwright]

  • changed commentBody border to a simple border [cwainwright]

0.5 (Jun-29-2011)

  • made all list items in #content inline-block again.

  • removed searchSection label hover style

  • removed special styling on keywords, so they are normal links

  • removed browser and skins/templates folders (not used) [cwainwright]

0.4 (May-25-2011)

  • Fixed content area styles to display in TinyMCE [cwainwright]

  • Fixed display of configlets list in Site Setup [cwainwright]

0.3 (Apr-07-2011)

  • Display an arrow for the user menu in IE6/7 [cwainwright]

  • For elements entered in the visual editor - moved the styles to a separate stylesheet and made the selectors more specific. This way, clearing the styles is easier, and they won’t conflict with styles for elements in custom templates. [cwainwright]

  • fixed some default styles to work with webcouturier.dropdownmenu [cwainwright]

  • increased z-indexes to avoid conflicts with add-on products like webcouturier.dropdownmenu and collective.easyslideshow [cwainwright]

  • moved extra dtml variables to a new properties file, so that themes without all the variables won’t error out [cwainwright]

  • Fix up the restructured text [claytron]

  • set #portal-columns borders to collapse, to remove little bits of space [cwainwright]

0.2 (Nov-22-2010)

  • fixed styles on livesearch
    • increased z-index for compatibility with webcouturier.dropdownmenu

    • removed white space from top for IE7

    • increased font size to base font

  • moved the padding on personal tools to just the header, so if the login link is hidden, there won’t still be a grey box [cwainwright]

  • Added an uninstall profile [cwainwright]

0.1 (Aug-18-2010)

  • Initial release/creation of Plone Basic [cwainwright]

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