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Python Sdk for Milvus

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Milvus Python SDK

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Python SDK for Milvus. To contribute code to this project, please read our contribution guidelines first. If you have some ideas or encounter a problem, you can find us in the Slack channel #py-milvus.


The following collection shows Milvus versions and recommended PyMilvus versions:

Milvus version Recommended PyMilvus version
1.0.* 1.0.1
1.1.* 1.1.2
2.0.* 2.0.2
2.1.* 2.1.3
2.2.* 2.2.15
2.3.* 2.3.7


You can install PyMilvus via pip or pip3 for Python 3.8+:

$ pip3 install pymilvus

You can install a specific version of PyMilvus by:

$ pip3 install pymilvus==2.3.7

You can upgrade PyMilvus to the latest version by:

$ pip3 install --upgrade pymilvus


Q1. How to get submodules?

A1. The following command will get the protos matching to the generated files, for protos of certain version, see milvus-proto for details.

$ git submodule update --init

Q2. How to generate python files from milvus-proto?

Before generating python files, please install requirements in requirements.txt


$ make gen_proto

Q3. How to use the local PyMilvus repository for Milvus server?


$ make install

Q4. How to check coding styles?


make lint

Q5. How to fix the coding styles?


make format


Documentation is available online:

Developing package releases

The commits on the development branch of each version will be packaged and uploaded to Test PyPI.

The package name generated by the development branch is x.y.z.rc, where is the number of commits that differ from the most recent release.

  • For example, after the release of 2.3.4, two commits were submitted on the 2.3 branch. The version number of the latest commit of 2.3 branch is 2.3.5.rc2.

  • For example, after the release of 2.3.4, 10 commits were submitted on the master branch. The version number of the latest commit of master branch is 2.4.0.rc10.

To install the package on Test PyPi, you need to append --extra-index-url after pip, for example:

$ python3 -m pip install --extra-index-url pymilvus==2.1.0.dev66


Apache License 2.0

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