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Tools for performing batch imports into Vertica

Project description

This package contains tools for performing batch imports to the Vertica database.

Provided modules


Module which contains logic for connection to a Vertica DB.


High speed loader for Vertica.


Base-class for writing Vertica batch importers.


Module managing export from one Vertica cluster to another.

Provided scripts


Command-line interface for the pyvertica.batch module.


Command-line interface for the pyvertica.migrate module.


pyvertica can be installed by executing pip install pyvertica.



  • UPDATE TaskThread requred version to 1.3 or greater.


  • FEATURE VerticaBatch will not open a new thread or fifo each time a new batch is started if multi_batch is set to True. This will reduce the overhead each time the batch is committed, provided the user wants to call commit more than once on a single batch.


  • ADD: insert_lists method to VerticaBatch. This method takes multiple lists, converts them to rows, and invokes a single insert rather than one insert per row.


  • ADD: connection paratmeter to VerticaBatch to allow usage of an existing connection.


  • Use latest pyodbc version.


  • ADD: rolllback method to VerticaBatch object.

  • ADD: REJECTMAX option.

  • CHANGE: VerticaBatch.get_errors now returns the number of errors instead of a bool indicating if there are errors.

  • CHANGE: REJECTEDFILE option is now set to __debug__.


  • CHANGE: Make it possible to pass host, and credentials to the vertica_migrate tool by using an config file (to not expose credentials on the command-line).


  • CHANGE: Make it more easy to pass more arguments to get_connection through BaseImporter and VerticaBatch. Note that this is a backwards incompatible change as the arguments for BaseImporter, VerticaBatch and get_connection have changed.


  • FEATURE: Add a migration module pyvertica.migrate``and script ``vertica_migrate, to move data between clusters.

  • CHANGE: Make the reconnect optional in VerticaBatch.get_connection


  • CHANGE: Make the execution of ANALYZE_CONSTRAINTS optional (executed when getting the errors).


  • FIX: Handle exceptions raised inside the QueryThread so that the semaphore always gets released.


  • FIX: Line-endings in file-object returned by get_errors. All is now \n.


  • CHANGE: The Batch-history table is now configurable in BaseImporter.

  • CHANGE: get_connection selects a random node from the cluster and returns a connection to that node.

  • FIX: Cleanup fifo + temporary directory.


  • CHANGE: Change the way in how we detect if the FIFO object is consumed by the QueryThread. By opening the FIFO object (for writing) in 'w' mode after the QueryThread was created, it will block until the COPY SQL statement is started.


  • Public release!

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