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An accelerating proxy for web map services

Project description

MapProxy is an open source proxy for geospatial data. It caches, accelerates and transforms data from existing map services and serves any desktop or web GIS client.

MapProxy is a tile cache, but also offers many new and innovative features like full support for WMS clients.

MapProxy is actively developed and supported by Omniscale, it is released under the Apache Software License 2.0, runs on Unix/Linux and Windows and is easy to install and to configure.

Go to for more information.

The documentation is available at:


1.5.0 2012-12-05


  • read remove_before/refresh_before timestamp from file
  • add –concurrency option to mapproxy-utils export


  • fixed where option for coverages (renamed from ogr_where)
  • only write seed progess with –continue or –progress-file option


  • add EPSG:3857 to WMS default SRSs and remove UTM/GK
  • remove import error warning for shapely
  • create metadata table in MBTiles caches

1.5.0rc1 2012-11-19


  • clipping of tile request to polygon geometries in security API
  • WMTS support in security API
  • mixed_image mode that automatically chooses between PNG/JPEG
  • use caches as source for other caches
  • mapproxy-util grids tool to analyze grid configurations
  • mapproxy-util wms-capabilities tool
  • mapproxy-util export tool
  • use_grid_names option to access Tiles/TMS/KML layers by grid name instead of EPSGXXXX
  • origin option for TMS to change default origin of the /tiles service
  • continue stopped/interrupted seed processes
  • support min_res/max_res for tile sources


  • do not show layers with incompatible grids in WMTS/TMS demo
  • make 0/0/0.kml optional for the initial KML file
  • use BBOX of coverage for capabilities in seed_only layers
  • ignore debug layer when loading tile layers
  • simplified coverage configuration
  • add reloader option to make_wsgi_app()
  • add MetadataURL to WMS 1.1.1 capabilities
  • improved WMTS services with custom grids (origin)
  • use in_image exceptions in WMS demo client
  • larger map in demo client
  • always request with transparent=true in WMS demo client
  • use in_image exceptions in WMS demo client


  • fixed reloading of multiapps in threaded servers
  • fixed BBOX check for single tile requests
  • fixed TMS for caches with watermarks
  • fixed limited_to clipping for single layer requests with service-wide clipping geometries
  • fixed WMTS RESTful template


  • deprecated origin option for tile sources was removed
  • empty tiles are now returned as PNG even if requested as .jpeg

1.4.0 2012-05-15


  • fix TypeError exception when auth callback returns {authorized:’full’}
  • use MAPPROXY_LIB_PATH on platforms other that win32 and darwin
  • raise config error for mapnik sources when mapnik could not be imported

1.4.0rc1 2012-05-02


  • support clipping of requests to polygon geometries in security API
  • support for WMS 1.3.0 extended layer capabilities
  • on_error handling for tile sources. fallback to empty/transparent tiles when the source returns HTTP codes like 404 or 204
  • add HTTP Cache-Control header to WMS-C responses


  • WMS source requests and requests to cached tiles are now clipped to the extent. this should prevent projection errors when requesting large bbox (e.g. over 180/90 in EPSG:4326)
  • improved lock timeouts in mapproxy-seed
  • the debug source does not overwrite the layer extent anymore. makes it more usable in demo/wms clients
  • support for multiple files and recursion in base option
  • mapproxy-seed ETA output is now more responsive to changes in seed speed
  • improved demo service - choose different SRS for WMS layers - support for WMTS


  • support loading of WKT polygon files with UTF8 encoding and BOM header
  • upgraded dictspec module with fix for some nested configuration specs. a bug prevented checking of the layers configuration


  • the documentation now contains a tutorial
  • old layer configuration syntax is now deprecated
  • EPSG:4326/900913/3857 are now always initialized with the +over proj4 option to prevent distortions at the dateline see:

1.3.0 2012-01-13

No changes since 1.3.0b1

1.3.0b1 2012-01-03


  • support for RESTful WMTS requests with custom URL templates
  • support for CouchDB as tile backend
  • support for Mapnik 2 sources
  • limit maximum WMS response size with max_output_pixels
  • new color option for watermarks
  • new mapproxy-util serve-multiapp-develop command
  • new wms.bbox_srs option for bounding boxes in multiple SRS in WMS capabilities


  • log exceptions when returning internal errors (500)


  • fix BBOX in WMS-C capabilities
  • prevent exception for WMS requests with unsupported image formats with mime-type options (like ‘image/png; mode=24bit’)
  • fixed blank image results for servers that call .close() on the response (like gunicorn)


  • origin option for tile sources is deprecated. use a custom grid with the appropriate origin.

1.2.1 2011-09-01


  • fixed configuration of watermarks
  • support for unicode title in old-style layer configuration

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