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Metagenomics toolkit.

Project description

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Metagenomics toolkit enables scientists to download all of the sample metadata for a given study or sequence to a single csv file.

Install metagenomics toolkit

Through pip

pip install -U mg-toolkit

Or using conda

conda install -c bioconda mg-toolkit


$ mg-toolkit -h
usage: mg-toolkit [-h] [-V] [-d]
                  {original_metadata,sequence_search,bulk_download} ...

Metagenomics toolkit

positional arguments:
    original_metadata   Download original metadata.
    sequence_search     Search non-redundant protein database using HMMER
    bulk_download       Download result files in bulks for an entire study.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -V, --version         print version information
  -d, --debug           print debugging information


Download metadata:

$ mg-toolkit original_metadata -a ERP001736

Search non-redundant protein database using HMMER and fetch metadata:

$ mg-toolkit sequence_search -seq test.fasta -out test.csv -db full evalue -incE 0.02

- full - Full length sequences (default)
- all - All sequences
- partial - Partial sequences

How to bulk download result files for an entire study?

usage: mg-toolkit bulk_download [-h] -a ACCESSION [-o OUTPUT_PATH]
                                [-p {1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0,4.1,5.0}]
                                [-g {statistics,sequence_data,functional_analysis,taxonomic_analysis,taxonomic_analysis_ssu_rrna,taxonomic_analysis_lsu_rrna,non-coding_rnas,taxonomic_analysis_itsonedb,taxonomic_analysis_unite,taxonomic_analysis_motupathways_and_systems}]

optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Provide the study/project accession of your interest, e.g. ERP001736, SRP000319. The study must be publicly available in MGnify.
-o OUTPUT_PATH, --output_path OUTPUT_PATH
                        Location of the output directory, where the downloadable files are written to.
                        DEFAULT: CWD
-p {1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0,4.1,5.0}, --pipeline {1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0,4.1,5.0}
                        Specify the version of the pipeline you are interested in.
                        Lets say your study of interest has been analysed with
                        multiple version, but you are only interested in a particular
                        version then used this option to filter down the results by
                        the version you interested in.
                        DEFAULT: Downloads all versions
-g {statistics,sequence_data,functional_analysis,taxonomic_analysis,taxonomic_analysis_ssu_rrna,taxonomic_analysis_lsu_rrna,non-coding_rnas,taxonomic_analysis_itsonedb,taxonomic_analysis_unite,taxonomic_analysis_motupathways_and_systems}, --result_group {statistics,sequence_data,functional_analysis,taxonomic_analysis,taxonomic_analysis_ssu_rrna,taxonomic_analysis_lsu_rrna,non-coding_rnas,taxonomic_analysis_itsonedb,taxonomic_analysis_unite,taxonomic_analysis_motupathways_and_systems}
                        Provide a single result group if needed.
                        Supported result groups are:
                        - statistics
                        - sequence_data (all versions)
                        - functional_analysis (all versions)
                        - taxonomic_analysis (1.0-3.0)
                        - taxonomic_analysis_ssu_rrna (>=4.0)
                        - taxonomic_analysis_lsu_rrna (>=4.0)
                        - non-coding_rnas (>=4.0)
                        - taxonomic_analysis_itsonedb (>= 5.0)
                        - taxonomic_analysis_unite (>= 5.0)
                        - taxonomic_analysis_motu  (>= 5.0)
                        - pathways_and_systems (>= 5.0)
                        DEFAULT: Downloads all result groups if not provided.
                        (default: None).

How to download all files for a given study accession?

$ mg-toolkit -d bulk_download -a ERP009703

How to download results of a specific version for given study accession?

$ mg-toolkit -d bulk_download -a ERP009703 -v 4.0

How to download specific result file groups (e.g. functional analysis only) for given study accession?

$ mg-toolkit -d bulk_download -a ERP009703 -g functional_analysis

The bulk uploader will store a .tsv file with all the metadata for each downloaded file.

Usage as a python package

⚠️ Liable to change ⚠️

Whilst mg_toolkit is designed as a command-line tool, it is a set of python modules with helper classes that could be useful in your own python scripts. These internal APIs and call signatures may change over time. See main() for default arguments.


from mg_toolkit.metadata import OriginalMetadata
erp001736 = OriginalMetadata('ERP001736')


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Ola Tarkowska


Maxim Scheremetjew


Martin Beracochea


Emil Hägglund


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


If the documentation do not answer your questions, please contact us.

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