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Read, validate, anonymize, and extract images from a DICOM file using GDCM

Project description


A light-weight python package that validates, reads, and extracts images from a DICOM file.





Quick How To

import mudicom
mu = mudicom.load("mudicom/tests/dicoms/ex1.dcm")

# returns array of data elements as dicts

# returns dict of errors and warnings for DICOM

# basic anonymization
# save anonymization

# creates image object
img = mu.image # before v0.1.0 this was mu.image()
# returns numpy array
img.numpy # before v0.1.0 this was mu.numpy()

# using Pillow, saves DICOM image
# using matplotlib, saves DICOM image


Full documentation is available at


  • Extract multiple images from one single DICOM file

  • Detect corrupted DICOM files

  • Ability to anonymize DICOM file

  • Ability to set data elements


Written by Eric Bower

Special thanks to Mathieu Malaterre (primary developer for GDCM), of whom without this package would not be possible.

Change Log

v0.1.1, 05-07-2015

  • Support for animations as 3-D pixel arrays

v0.1.0, 1-11-2015

  • Re-organized package modules

  • Added __version__ variable

  • Added and updated unit tests

  • mudicom.load() now accepts kwargs

  • Dicom() has new method: validate()

  • Dicom() has new attributes: errors, warnings, image

  • mudicom.base.Dicom.image is now an attribute, breaks backwards compat

  • mudicom.image.Image.numpy is now an attribute, breaks backwards compat

  • Added mudicom.exceptions module with InvalidDicom exception

v0.0.9, 10-19-2014

  • Added basic profile DICOM anonymization

  • Added ability to save changes to DICOM file, “save as”

v0.0.8, 10-17-2014

  • Fixed another python 3 issue with unit tests

  • Added guide on basic usage

  • Added str and repr properties to primary classes

  • Ramped up documentation at

v0.0.7, 10-16-2014

  • Fixed python 3 issue with GDCM image encoding

v0.0.6, 09-08-2014

  • Updated README for clarity

  • Created bried roadmap

v0.0.5, 08-14-2014

  • Updated to include .rst, I’m a dumbass

v0.0.4, 08-14-2014

  • Removed LICENSE.rst from

v0.0.3, 08-14-2014

  • PIP cannot read LICENSE.rst for some reason

v0.0.3, 08-14-2014

  • Weird permission issues with the egg

v0.0.2, 08-14-2014

  • Updated packaging description

v0.0.1, 04-04-2014

  • Initial release.

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