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Neural building blocks for speaker diarization

Project description

Using open-source toolkit in production? Make the most of it thanks to our consulting services. speaker diarization toolkit is an open-source toolkit written in Python for speaker diarization. Based on PyTorch machine learning framework, it comes with state-of-the-art pretrained models and pipelines, that can be further finetuned to your own data for even better performance.


  1. Install with pip install
  2. Accept pyannote/segmentation-3.0 user conditions
  3. Accept pyannote/speaker-diarization-3.1 user conditions
  4. Create access token at
from import Pipeline
pipeline = Pipeline.from_pretrained(

# send pipeline to GPU (when available)
import torch"cuda"))

# apply pretrained pipeline
diarization = pipeline("audio.wav")

# print the result
for turn, _, speaker in diarization.itertracks(yield_label=True):
    print(f"start={turn.start:.1f}s stop={turn.end:.1f}s speaker_{speaker}")
# start=0.2s stop=1.5s speaker_0
# start=1.8s stop=3.9s speaker_1
# start=4.2s stop=5.7s speaker_0
# ...




Out of the box, speaker diarization pipeline v3.1 is expected to be much better (and faster) than v2.x. Those numbers are diarization error rates (in %):

Benchmark v2.1 v3.1 Premium
AISHELL-4 14.1 12.3 11.9
AliMeeting (channel 1) 27.4 24.5 22.5
AMI (IHM) 18.9 18.8 16.6
AMI (SDM) 27.1 22.6 20.9
AVA-AVD 66.3 50.0 39.8
CALLHOME (part 2) 31.6 28.4 22.2
DIHARD 3 (full) 26.9 21.4 17.2
Ego4D (dev.) 61.5 51.2 43.8
MSDWild 32.8 25.4 19.8
REPERE (phase2) 8.2 7.8 7.6
VoxConverse (v0.3) 11.2 11.2 9.4

Diarization error rate (in %)


If you use please use the following citations:

  author={Alexis Plaquet and Hervé Bredin},
  title={{Powerset multi-class cross entropy loss for neural speaker diarization}},
  booktitle={Proc. INTERSPEECH 2023},
  author={Hervé Bredin},
  title={{ 2.1 speaker diarization pipeline: principle, benchmark, and recipe}},
  booktitle={Proc. INTERSPEECH 2023},


The commands below will setup pre-commit hooks and packages needed for developing the library.

pip install -e .[dev,testing]
pre-commit install



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